Court Rules Boy Can Decide on Cancer Treatment

Court Rules Boy Can Decide on Treatment

A County Circuit Court judge in Virginia has ruled that a 16-year-old boy with Hodgkin's disease will not have to continue conventional cancer treatment while another court hears his case.

A lower court had ruled that the parents of the boy, Abraham Cherrix, were required to take their son for treatment and to consent to whatever therapy the hospital considered to be necessary.

The legal battle started when the patient chose to seek an alternative cancer treatment called the Hoxsey method, which involves herbal supplements and a diet consisting of organic foods.

Representatives from the Department of Social Services had asked to have the court return Abraham to his sessions of chemotherapy and radiation for his own safety.

Abraham's cancer was said to be highly treatable in its early stages. The court ordered that x-rays be taken at the Children's Hospital in June 2006, around the same time the patient scheduled a follow-up treatment at the Biomedical Center in Mexico, where he is receiving the Hoxsey treatment. The two separate examinations showed that Abraham's tumors had grown.

The lawyer for Abraham's parents claimed that the lawsuit was not about which treatment would work best; rather, it was about who gets to decide which treatment is used.

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