The role of antioxidants in cancer prevention

The role of antioxidants in cancer prevention

When our diets are out of balance, two big problems commonly arise. First, we may produce too many free radicals. For example, certain foods (such as meats that contribute nitrates) feed free radical formation, as do cigarette smoke and alcohol. Second, we may not eat enough antioxidant-rich plant foods to keep free radicals in check.

Although free radicals can easily start the cancer process by attacking your DNA, a diet with enough protective compounds can quickly halt the damage, stopping cancer in its tracks.

Antioxidants are the heroes that protect DNA against carcinogens. they put free radicals out of commission. Without continual antioxidant action, we would not survive. And without plenty of antioxidant-rich plant foods, we place tremendous pressure on our cells, some to the point of defeat. Antioxidants also help in the fight against existing cancer. They prevent further injury to DNA, and other parts of cells. Four key antioxidants are vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and selenium.

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