Cansema / Black Salve (Skin Cancer)

Cansema / Black Salve (Skin Cancer)

The elements of this treatment have the longest proven track-record of any cancer treatment. It is so effective the FDA recently shut down the largest seller of this product.

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What is your opinion of beta-glucan and/or Cansema in relation to
the treatment of cancer?

Beta-glucans are complex sugar compounds found in the cell walls of
bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, oats and barley that have documented
immune-boosting and anti-cancer properties.

Animal models and some human trials indicate this substance has the
ability to inhibit the growth of a variety of tumours including
leukaemia, and its application is beneficial when used in conjunction
with chemotherapy.

Cansema is a proprietary name for a product that contains an assortment
of herbs as well as the mineral zinc. Some of the herbs in
this formulation have anti-cancer capabilities; however, the glowing
testimonials recorded on various websites exceed scientific support.

Can you explain candida. What is the best treatment? Also, can you
recommend an alternative specialist in the Cowra area?

The candida syndrome raises lots of controversy, as not all doctors
believe that this condition exists outside of those situations
where the immune system is severely compromised such as in HIV disease.

I have found it useful, however, to embrace the position that it is
real, as I have noted improvements in many folk who have long-standing
health problems including allergies, fatigue, digestive complaints,
headaches and skin disorders to name just a few, once
candida is treated.

Yeast- and sugar-free diets, herbal remedies including such herbs
pau d'arco, olive leaf, grapefruit seed, horopito and barberry and
replacement with beneficial germs found in acidophilus and bifidus
are the cornerstones

of treatment.

Contact 03 95896088 to access the doctor you require in your area.

I am a 75-year-old man wanting advice about lumps and a tender and
swollen area behind my nipples. I survived prostate cancer in 1996,
and had carotid artery clean out in 1999. What would you suggest
for this problem?

I suggest that you have your oestrogen levels measured. This hormone
is traditionally viewed as the female hormone, however men also
produce oestrogen and it is possible that your levels are elevated
leading to the growth of breast tissue. There is some suggestion
that excess oestrogen is associated with prostate cancer and
possibly also heart disease.

There are natural ways to reduce oestrogen production, including weight
loss and the consumption of ground flaxseeds, fish oil and
the nutrients quercetin and chrysin.

I have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Could you advise
me of the best way to proceed?

Unfortunately, the precise cause of irritable bowel syndrome has yet
to be defined, making treatment rather difficult.

There is some evidence that food intolerance is relevant, making it
worthwhile to consider gluten, yeast and dairy as possible offenders.

Abnormal bowel germs and the lack of beneficial probiotics such as
acidophilus and bifidus also needs to be evaluated with supplementation
of these proving to reduce symptoms in certain cases.

A deficiency of digestive juices might also be implicated and this
can be explored with the guidance of your health practitioner.

I suffer with a post-nasal drip and have a pollen allergy. Can you

Nutrient supplements that can help you to deal with allergies include
vitamin C, quercetin, magnesium and zinc. Herbal remedies that
reduce allergic responses, especially with regard to sinus involvement
and mucous production, include thyme, eyebright, boswellia
and ginger. If you have a predilection for Chinese herbal treatments,
then magnolia, scutellaria and wild angelica would be appropriate.
Avoiding dairy and wheat might also limit your symptoms.

Dr Elstein is a GP, alternative specialist

and the author of Eternal Health.

Send questions to What's the Alternative,

PO Box 4245, GPO Sydney, NSW 2001


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A friend saw an article concerning leukemia and a product called Cansema.
I have had chronic lymphatic leukemia for some years and
two years ago began oral chemotherapy. I am really after the Cansema.
Can you tell me where to find it?

Cansema is a formulation that contains a variety of herbs as well
as the mineral zinc. I don't believe that it is available in this
country but there are a number of websites singing its praises so
if you go to or any search engine, you should be
able to locate this product. It does look like you'll have to access

it offshore.

I also uncovered a recent report in a journal called Leukemia Research,
in September 2003, that documented a case of a gentleman who
took a Chinese herbal formula and has been in complete remission
for the past 10 years. The abstract did not mention the contents
of this formula, so if you want further information, the contact
phone number in the US is 617-6324714.

Would you be able to reprint the information on the alternative treatments
for breast cancer sufferers? The preparations were suggested
for an alternative to tamoxifen.

With regard to diet you should avoid red meat, dairy products, refined
sugar and alcohol.

Supplements of flaxseed, vitamins D and E, lycopene, calcium D-glucarate,
and indole-3 carbinol would fortify the body and improve

the prognosis.

The antioxidant coenzyme Q10, at a dose of 390mg per day, has been
used to treat breast cancer successfully.

Quercetin, a vitamin-like substance and red grape extract, otherwise
known as resveratrol, has been found to inhibit the multiplication
of breast cancer cells in a culture medium.

The hormone melatonin has been shown to assist tamoxifen in a similar

Omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, modified citrus pectin, and the herbs
astragalus, maitake-MD fraction and coriolus versicolor have
been associated with positive outcomes.

Why do doctors look at a person's tongue before an operation? Is the
white on the tongue thrush? Can gentian violet be used for thrush
on the tongue? Ifnot, what can?

The doctor looks at your tongue to assess its colour. A pale tongue
indicates you might be anaemic or low in haemoglobin, which carries
oxygen round your body. Vitamin deficiencies and conditions
such as thrush also manifest on the tongue and white patches might
confirm such a problem.

I have not used gentian violet to manage such a condition but would
suggest dietary changes, including the avoidance of products containing
yeast, as well as those foods that have an excessive amount
of sugar. Supplements of acidophilus and bifidus cultures have
the ability to neutralise the yeast overgrowth which leads to thrush
and if necessary, use herbal extracts are incorporated including
pau d'arco, aniseed and horopito.

Thrush can also be treated orally using nystatin drops.