Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil Packs

"A double-blind study, described by Harvey Grady in a report entitled Immunomodulation through Castor Oil Packs published in a recent issue of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, examined lymphocyte values of 36 healthy subjects before and after topical castor oil application. This study identified castor oil as an anti-toxin, and as having impact on the lymphatic system, enhancing immunological function. The study found that castor oil pack therapy of a minimal two-hour duration produced an increase in the number of T-11 cells within a 24-hour period following treatment, with a concomitant increase in the number of total lymphocytes. This T-11 cell increase represents a general boost in the body's specific defense status, since lymphocytes actively defend the health of the body by forming antibodies against pathogens and their toxins. T-cells identify and kill viruses, fungi, bacteria, and cancer cells."

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There is so much power, so much joy, so much ability and creativity locked inside ourselves that we find it hard to believe we are so unique. I've seen cancers simply go away, disappear, when it is believed within that human being that it can happen. Did faith do it? Or was it a power of electricity generated from within restructuring the lung or the ovary? We don't know, of course, but we all have ideas about it.

A man in Israel wrote to me many years ago about how he and his rabbi used a castor oil pack on the head of a member of the rabbi's congregation. He had a cancer of the brain. I was told that the cancer was gone several weeks after the start of the therapy. Why would they think of doing such a thing as applying castor oil to the head? Cayce never suggested that. But the man was healed.

We got a letter some time ago from Gunhilda Jakobsen in Denmark. She has had psoriasis since she was 9 years of age. Many foods gave her troubles and caused the psoriasis to flare up, but shell fish was probably the worst..She reported that she had been using castor oil packs all summer long, but it got too hot because of the heating pad.
She had this flash of inspiration (she may not call it that, but I do!) that she could perhaps use the castor oil in a solution jar with her impedance device. Didn't make much logical sense, but she began anyway.

These are her words: "It was a good idea. My psoriasis slowly faded - and is still fading. I just have a few small spots on my legs left to go. In addition, tiny small hairs are coming in on my scalp all the time. One more plus - my meditations are deeper than before with more light."

Maybe we have underestimated ourselves. Perhaps we are truly more magnificent than in our wildest dreams. We are in contact with God always, for it is his Spirit, His life that gives us life. And we were meant to be whole. Maybe we don't expect God to be loving to us - for we are not really worthy? Let's remember that expectancy must be kept on the part of every desire to be healed. A healing attitude is as necessary as any application that may be made. Well, let's be good to ourselves and look at this reading:

For, all healing of every nature is the ATTUNING of the body to the Creative Forces of the divine within, by whatever means may be used to coordinate physical, mental and spiritual 2348-3
Let's appreciate ourselves, and let the healing begin.
Article copyright William A. McGarey.
By William A. McGarey


It was the usual day at the A.R.E. Clinic until the woman who had come in for a complete physical exam told me about her experience with a tumor of the breast. She had felt a lump there six months before and had at once consulted her doctor, who sent her to an oncologist. A mammogram was performed and the story came out gradually that she had a suspicious mass and the doctors felt it should be biopsied, for there was the possibility of cancer.

Retreating to her home in Louisiana, she said to herself, "This cannot be!" She knew about the Cayce work with the castor oil packs, so she fashioned one that would fit on her breast and wore it every night for four months. She went back finally to the doctors who had taken the earlier mammogram, and had the test repeated. The mass was gone! She was really proud of her accomplishment and showed her joy in telling me the story.

The human body indeed is a wonderful creation fashioned in mystery -- else how could a castor oil pack heal a breast tumor? I've often thought that the body and its mystery is like space and its vastness, like the atom and its minuteness, for we understand none of these with our finite minds -- even as we understand God only partially and our own spiritual nature with dimness of vision.

But it is our challenge to charge ahead and try to understand as we go about our daily tasks in life -- and I'm still excited that my tasks have moved me toward that mystery we call the human body, with its illness and its need to be healed and made whole.

Recently I had the opportunity to see a patient in the Clinic who had been through the Temple Beautiful program more than five years ago. He looked a bit older, and like he had been through a lot of life's experiences. He was in his fifties and he unfolded for me how the last five years had been more eventful and stressful than any similar period in his entire life. His arthritis was still disabling him; and instead of it being less of a problem, he was obviously a bit worse despite having experienced the Temple Beautiful program and being given a therapy plan to follow when he returned home. So I inquired further to discover why he did not improve.

The castor oil packs we gave him were only occasionally used. He took his Atomidine for two weeks and then forgot to take it, except once in a while. He could not take the Epsom salts hot baths because it was difficult to get into his small bathtub. His massages were sporadic; and the violet ray treatments he was supposed to be getting were virtually nonexistent.

Besides, he worried constantly about the problems he still had resulting from his divorce some six years prior to his first visit to the Clinic.

He sheepishly admitted that he had not been consistent with his therapy, he was not persistent, and he certainly was not patient with his body and the way it responded. It reminded me of one of Edgar Cayce's remarks about these qualities:
Do as we have given, and we will bring the near normal conditions for this body. Be persistent, but be consistent with the applications -- also, don't expect the results in one treatment! For it's been many seasons coming on! 5503-1
So, how is it that we are healed? What is the magic formula? Do we need to look at our past life experiences to gain insight into the cause? Is that a requirement? Perhaps the answer is much more simple than we would think. Possibly the acknowledgment of what we really are is the very first step. We were created in the image of God. God is love, and as we manifest love in our relationships with others that we meet day by day, we are one with love, thus one with God. And healing comes.

The problem is that the very nature of love is consistency, persistence, and patience. In our earth dimension where time is a factor, we have the opportunity to do all of these as a living experiment, and this, in turn makes of these activities a habit pattern in our lives and moves us closer to our destiny, a true eternal oneness with the Creative Forces of the Universe.

So, doing is not a problem -- only knowing and not doing becomes the mystery. For indeed it must be a mystery, since the Bible has been dealing with that particular subject for two thousand years. James said it this way: "Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin." (James 4:17) A simple statement, to be sure, but yet it has the essence of what Cayce was talking about when he said that the elements of healing of any nature involved patience, persistence, and consistency.

For healing always comes about within the individual as an awakening of the consciousness -- it probably could not be better said than the advice given in the readings to a woman who was faced with the condition called scleroderma:
Do these, as we have indicated...Not as rote, but knowing that within self must be found that which may be awakened to the building of that necessary for the body, mentally and physically and spiritually, to carry its part in this experience. For the application of any influence must have that which is of the divine awakening of the forces in every atom, every cell of a living body.

Article copyright William A. McGarey.
By William A. McGarey