Doctors don't follow the same advice they give their cancer patients

The problem with drugs is not new. An article in the Vancouver Sun (August 31, 1998) stated, "Napoleon may have been killed inadvertently by a British doctor who prescribed a fatal dose of a useless drug, according to the most thorough investigation yet into the emperor's death."

Will doctors follow the same advice they give their patients? An article in the Alternative Medicine Digest (September 1997) shed some light on this question. Dr Kenneth Forror was a surgeon who worked with cancer patients. He had made a career of routinely recommending chemotherapy to other cancer patients, yet on being diagnosed with cancer, he refused to follow his own advice! His wife asked him why.

"Because I'm the patient now and I don't have to follow that routine. It never did that much good. I had to keep prescribing it to keep my hospital privileges."

Is this prescription necessary, Doc?
Gale, Ron
Alive: Canadian Journal of Health & Nutrition; Nov98 Issue 193, p62, 2p

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