Why do the stars love Chinese herbs? And why do so many keep quiet about it? Princess Diana saw a Chinese herbalist and Mel Gibson is reported to pay as much as $1,000 a week for special formulas. But Mel is not the only star using the dynamic potions. Mick Jagger and John McEnroe are also reputed to swear by Chinese herbs. Is it all just a fad?

Spring is coming and detoxification the Chinese herb way is hitting the Canadian market in the form of Green Medicine's Clear and Cleanse Detox and Fat Burning Combination. Columnist Dianah Wells seems to like the Chinese herb way, as she wrote about it last month.

I talked to Dr Daniel Weber, master herbalist, and asked him if Chinese medicine could give the fabulous detoxification results that people claim. I also asked him to explain how it works.

Detoxification in Chinese Medicine terms means the removing of "devil toxins," which include heat, cold, parasite, damp, fire and food toxins, explained Weber.

A good Chinese formula therefore will include herbs that address a little of all of this.

"Modern research has proven that certain Chinese herbs do in fact create a suppleness, a youthfulness and a glow in the skin," says Weber. "Some of these ingredients are called `adaptogens.' Others are recognized as having very complex molecules of therapeutic affect; on liver enzyme, on micro-circulation and on the immune system."

Chinese herb detoxification formulas act to move qi (or energy) stagnation, which is often experienced as depression or feelings of being overwhelmed. Herbs have a direct affect on the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the liver. These herbs burn fats by strengthening the metabolic rate and regulating digestion by increasing absorption of micro-nutrients.

Once the metabolic rate is functioning properly and the assimilation of nutrients is more effective, the digestion and excretions return to normal. A new and fresh energy then becomes available and the emotions can move freely again.

As well as cleaning up and detoxifying the digestive system, a good Chinese detoxification formula will provide enormous changes in the energy system. Incidentally, Chinese medicine theory suggests there are a number of different toxin patterns, phlegm, damp liver, qi stagnation or even blood stagnation.

"...My practical experience in 30 years of busy clinical practice is that these theories are extremely astute, precise and reliable," says Weber.

So, according to Dr Weber, the "Chinese herb way" is not a fad, nor is it complicated because of its easy to use capsules. It won't cost you $1,000 a week, either.

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By Wilhemina Hoedeman

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