Clearing and Cellular Detoxification

Why does the body become toxic?

Under ideal circumstances (perfect health) the body is able to eliminate its toxins in different ways. We often mistake this normal activity with symptoms of `disease.' In our efforts to treat this `disease' we may be doing ourselves a disservice by suppressing these vital eliminative functions. I sense that many auto-immune conditions are the result of retoxification, as toxins that should have been eliminated are reincorporated into new tissues, which are then perceived as foreign by the immune system. An autoimmune condition is the result.

Of course, factors such as life-style, dietary habits, and distress all play a role in affecting the body's ability to eliminate toxins. Constant exposure to toxins, i.e. occupational, should also be considered. However, they can be changed at any time. Corrective measures can work wonders.

Clearing: An initial activation of eliminative organs prepares the body for detoxification. We are "priming the pump" to facilitate cleansing. The homeopathic approach to clearing works energetically. There are also herbal and nutritional formulations that work on a molecular level. The two approaches, homeovitic and molecular, may be synergistic if used together.

Detox: Specific cellular detoxification is started after 12 days of clearing. Homeovitic formulations are available for specific biotoxins.

Support: Biogenic support is recommended during both clearing and specific detox. Homeovitic support will also minimize free radical production that may occur as a result of toxin release during clearing or specific detox.

The rebuilding phase begins after cleansing. Dietary supplementation with nutritionals and herbals is an essential part of the rebuilding of organs/systems. We have created a firm foundation with clearing + detox + support. The body now requires good rebuilding with nutrition. I recommend using foods as "medicine;" good quality, organic, as fresh as possible, and with minimal processing. A homeovitic formulation is also available to complement all herbal and nutritional supplements in specific clinical situations.

What are the most common toxicities?

Based on my 17 years of experience, I have found that chemicals and metals are the two most pervasive and deepest cellular toxicities. My suggestion is to employ specific homeovitic detox formulations, one at a time, after clearing, with homeovitic support. Many clinical problems occur secondarily to these primary toxicities. As an example, chronic candidiasis often results from mercury (amalgam) toxicity due to a constant immune suppression.

Viral toxicity is a close third. However, many viral problems are often secondary to a deeper, chemical and/or metal body burden. Vital particles may result from internal cleansing by the body. Again, the body is always trying to heal itself. Many viral infections may actually be release responses due to normal, periodic detoxification.

Diet during cleansing?

My suggestion is a lighter diet with less meat, more fresh fruit and veggies. It is also very important to keep fluid intake up to promote elimination.

How often should we individual detoxify ourselves?

The major factor in this decision is the source of the toxicity. Has the source of the toxicity been eliminated? Have life-styles changes been made? Has occupational exposure to toxins been minimized? A cleansing program should be at least an annual event with rebuilding after, if necessary. If toxic exposure is still a consideration, then more frequent detoxification will be required. Some practitioners have utilized homeovitic formulations on a preventative basis, i.e. a once-weekly dose, in an effort to minimize toxic buildup.

In conclusion, I invite all health-care practitioners to become more aware of homeovitic detoxification as a first step on a path to improved health. The informed consumer, as a partner in this program, takes more responsibility for their health care. Practitioner supervision is a prerequisite for a successful cleansing and rebuilding program. The utilization of homeovitic formulations to clear + detox + support is a prelude to positive change.

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By Allen M. Kratz

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