DRAINAGE: The Three Most Important Factors in Detoxification

DRAINAGE: The Three Most Important Factors in Detoxification

The goal of detoxification is to free our patients of the many substances which threaten their health and well-being. A toxic patient has no energy or enthusiasm, suffers from fatigue, chronic ailments that don't seem to respond to treatment, and begins to lose faith in your ability to supply lasting relief.

Unfortunately, many detox treatments don't seem to do the job...temporary symptom relief is followed by the appearance of new symptoms, or recurrence of the old ones. This is because detox remedies only do part of the job; they dislodge toxins from their binding sites in cells, tissues, and organs flooding the bloodstream and lymphatics and other filtering organs with newly released poisons. A healthy system would automatically excrete these substances, or break them down into less toxic forms. But the patient's system isn't functioning optimally; that's why they came to you in the first place. Consequently, released toxins are not completely excreted, and they have nowhere to go but to resettle in the tissues. This is sometimes referred to as the "toxic ping-pong effect".

The solution? Drainage: the tissues and organs of excretion, the lungs, colon, kidneys, and skin must be stimulated to filter toxins out of the blood and send them out of the body once and for all. Drainage remedies prevent the toxic ping-pong effect by stimulating these tissues to eliminate toxins that were set free by the detoxification process. This one-two punch of release and eliminate, detoxify and drain, minimizes the discomfort and inconvenience of elimination reactions, while ridding the body of troublesome toxins.

The question is, what is the best method of drainage? With two centuries of experience to document its effectiveness, homeopathy has proven to be the safest and most effective means of stimulating the body to both detoxify and drain itself; especially when used holistically in combination with improved diet, exercise, and emotional therapy.

Homeopathy works more efficiently because the body does not need to break down homeopathic ingredients before utilizing them as it must do with nutritional and herbal supplements. Homeopathy also acts on a deeper level due to its unique bioenergetic nature.

Dr. Roy Martina, a world renowned European homeopathic physician has developed a unique line of organ drainage formulas to enhance, prepare, and compliment the body before, during, and after detoxification.

Apex Energetics, Inc. in California is currently marketing these advanced therapeutic formulas as well as a comprehensive Toxic Load Reduction program, incorporating Modern Homeopathic principles for more effectiveness.

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