Basic Detoxification: EBR Ionic Cellular Cleanse and FAR Infrared Sauna Therapy

at Dr. Lisa's Family Chiropractic & Natural Health Care

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Have you heard of EBR Ionic Cellular Cleanse Therapy in the form of a footbath? How about a FAR Infrared Sauna?

I didn't know much about these two therapeutic treatments as of last December, but, since then, my feet have taken the plunge in this footbath, and I've braved the sweltering conditions of the infrared sauna. Now, thanks to my experiences at Dr. Lisa's, I'm here to give you the scoop on both therapies, as well as consider and answer what questions you might have.

Packing my car for the appointment, I made sure to have everything I'd been told I would need: one towel to sit on, one to wipe off my sweat, and a water bottle to keep hydrated. I also brought a bathing suit to wear during the heat therapy, although you don't have to wear anything if you prefer.

When I arrived at Dr. Lisa's office, I received a 30 minute evaluation with her. She tested my range of motion, and, together, we discovered that my range did not extend as far in my left leg and hip as in the right. Dr. Lisa used an instrument called a percussor- which she said helps break muscle spasm and scar tissue- to make some adjustments. I could see the results immediately, because when she tested the range of motion on my left side again, it had increased.

After talking a bit about health, nutrition, and the therapies I would be experiencing, I got ready for the footbath. I lowered my feet into the warm water, sat back, and put on the headphones I'd been provided with to watch a video about the footbath and how it works. EBR Ionic Cellular Cleanse Therapy's claim to fame is that it's based on "bioenergetics technology" and that it creates an energy field similar to the field created in the human body. According to the literature I reviewed, this field "stimulates cellular energy and enhances the body's ability to internally cleanse itself naturally, at an increased rate, restoring and normalizing the body's correct pH balance and energy levels." A patient simply places their feet in the bioenergetic water to receive the flow of ions which increases cellular function and allows them to detoxify at a higher rate.

This therapy lasted for 30 minutes, and the only thing I felt besides the warm, cozy water was some slight tingling. I enjoyed the experience and found it relaxing.

Next, I headed into the private room where the infrared sauna-heat therapy would take place. The room looked inviting to me: a chair sat next to a table and magazines directly in front of the sauna, and relaxing music traveled throughout the air. While anticipating the onset of profuse sweat, I remembered that she had told me earlier that this therapy would be like a cardiovascular workout. "Good," I thought. "I can skip jogging later, perhaps."

You might wonder how this therapy differs from a traditional sauna. A conventional sauna must rely only on indirect means of heat, and radiant heat therapy heats objects directly through a conversion process, without having to heat the air in between. "Sounds nifty," you say, "but how does that work?" Well, most of the heat will come from inside of you! According to the brochure I received, "in infrared therapy, less than 20% of the infrared energy heats the air, leaving over 80% available to be directly converted to heat within our bodies…The infrared energy applied may induce up to 2-3 times the sweat volume of a traditional hot-air sauna."

I sat down on my towel and relaxed for the 30 minutes. I did sweat much more in the infrared sauna more than I have in a traditional; by the end of the session, the sweat was dripping off my body onto the towel underneath me. Regarding the cardiovascular workout I'd been promised: I checked my pulse half way through, and counted 120 heartbeats per minute. That mirrors the range I normally hit during a brisque walk, jog, bike ride, or yoga class. Of course the benefits extend beyond the popular calorie-burning-craze; you might also increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, pain and joint stiffness. I felt light and clean afterwards, but made a note to bring some deodorant for afterward next time!

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