Colon Hydrotherapy: An Essential Part of Any Detoxification Program

In the world of naturopathic medicine, the term "detoxification" is used frequently, with a different connotation than the one employed by conventional physicians. Medical Doctors (M.D.'s) would include "detoxing" as part and parcel of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Naturopathic Doctors(N.D.'s) would also do this, but they might talk about "detox" programs to treat other conditions as well.

Detox protocols are useful in helping individuals who are overwhelming the body's capacity to work at its most efficient because of:

- Lifestyle habits such as increased caffeine use, smoking, poor diet, stress, etc., or

- Environmental hazards including processing of foods with agricultural chemicals, air and water pollution, industrial, commercial and household chemical use, electromagnetic pollution from x-rays, microwaves and U-V radiation, radiation from ozone depletion, etc.

Specifically, the liver (the body's #1 filtering organ) can become "congested" and "sluggish", leading to a decrease in working capacity and the gut can become less efficient at absorbing nutrients.

The idea behind detox programs is to:

- Increase the eliminative functioning of the body by increasing sweating through exercise, saunas, etc., drinking plenty of good, safe water and promoting healthy bowel elimination. (Anything less than one per day IS constipation whether you consider yourself constipated or not! Some people think you should have 2-3 bowel movements per day.)

- Support the gut and liver, thereby enhancing digestion and filtration.

- Promote a healthy, whole foods, live, organic diet. Some people like to fast during a detox using just water or juices. Fasting should be done under a physician's care. ONLY healthy people can tolerate water-only fasts because the liver starts to dump toxins; if your liver is not very healthy, you will feel nauseous. Less-than-healthy individuals can fast if they gently ease into one. Individualized herbs, fiber and supplements would be an integral part of the detox protocol.

Detox programs should be supervised by a naturopathic physician - the doctor best trained in preventive/wellness medicine.

Colon hydrotherapy has a long history of use in the treatment of detoxification programs. The therapeutic goals are to rebalance body chemistry, eliminate waste and restore proper tissue and organ function.

Colon hydrotherapy (differs from enemas in its thoroughness. Enemas cleanse the sigmoid colon only (the most distal part of the large intestine). Colonies cleanse the entire large intestine from the cecum to the sigmoid colon - all 6 feet of it! Another difference is that enemas can be self- administered at home while colonies are performed by a trained therapist.

At The Evergreen Colon Hydrotherapy Center, disposable equipment is used to insure client safety. State-of-the-art water irrigation is utilized with water pressure tailored to individual comfort, rather than a gravity flow system.

During colon hydrotherapy, the client lies relaxed on a table while the therapist controls water flow and expulsion into and out of the bowel, During colon hydrotherapy, the client lies relaxed on a table while the therapist controls water flow and expulsion into and out of the bowel. The water is filtered four times and a U-V light is used for purification. Separate in and out flow valves assure the client a clean and safe water supply. Gentle abdominal and foot massage and variable water temperatures during the treatment all play a therapeutic role. A digital exam prior to speculum insertion lubricates the rectum and provides valuable diagnostic and therapeutic value. For instance, a bleeding hemorrhoid would contraindicate a session.

Each Evergreen colon hydrotherapy session lasts about an hour and clients are screened prior to their first session to rule out contraindications. The colon therapists make chart notes on each client, which I review in order to make suggestions where appropriate such as increasing water or fiber intake. During the treatment, the client is educated by the therapist concerning diet, exercise, stress and other factors which might be negatively influencing bowel elimination.

After the treatment, the client is instructed to orally replace gut flora with acidophilus to re-establish a proper balance, or I might suggest an acidophilus implant with the last "fill" during the colonic. The client is also instructed to have an electrolyte replacement beverage.

Conditions that I have successfully treated or noted a decrease in symptoms with colonies include: candida, food allergies, parasites, constipation, excessive flatulence, skin disorders, auto-immune diseases (such as Rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus), chronic headaches, etc.

Side effects of colonic irrigation are few, infrequent and short-lived, but may include: nausea and diarrhea due to an increased rate of bile turnover.

Article copyright The Holistic Health Network.


By Bobbi Lutack

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