The Complete Guide to Clearing Your Body of Toxins: The Whole Way to Natural Detoxification

Most of us now recognize that our planet is increasingly polluted, but many people may not realize that many of the toxic substances to which they are exposed, remain in the body, causing everything from asthma to cancer and immune dysfunction. Since the Industrial Revolution, our exposure to harmful substances in the environment has multiplied many-fold, and some scientists now believe that it is the major health problem facing the world.

While industry and technology have made our lives more comfortable, we have paid a price for it. Air, water, soil, and food are now contaminated with a variety of toxic substances, from chemicals and toxic metals to radiation and electromagnetic fields. Even though our bodies are endowed with a complex detoxifying system, the burden of toxic substances in today's population has become a serious threat to health.

Very little modern research has been done on detoxification of the body; conventional medicine relies solely on drugs and surgery. However, Naturopaths have always claimed that all disease arises from the accumulation of poisons in the body, and that "disease is Nature's way of eliminating toxins from the body." Although Dr. Jacqueline Krohn is a conventionally-trained physician, she has specialized in pediatrics, and environnental medicine. Her many years of experience in treating allergies (her excellent book The Whole Way to Allergy Relief & Prevention was reviewed in TLfD June, 1992 now updated in a 2nd edition) led her away from allopathic drug-oriented treatment, and to the importance of detoxifying the body, not only for allergies, but she found, for almost any illness.

In this book, Dr. Krohn has compiled a wealth of information outlining the many sources of toxins, how these toxic substances injure the body, and most importantly, how we can eliminate these toxic threats to health. There are substantial chapters on natural systems of healing used in detoxifying, such as naturopathy, homeopathy, and chiropractic, as well as clear explanations of the detoxification mechanisms and pathways, including the organs involved.

In Types & Sources of Toxins, 50 pages are given over to a detailed examination of pollution of the major sources of toxins: food, water and air. After each section is an extensive listing of"Cleansing, Balancing, & Preventive Techniques," including diet. A chapter on Chemicals & Metals is most important, covering pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and many more of the ubiquitous chemicals in our everyday environment. Many people still do not read labels, especially on cleaning products, and are not aware of how much exposure they get; Natural Detoxification will educate them.

External toxins such as molds, parasites, fungi, are discussed, as well as radiation and electromagnetic fields. When one reads such a thorough compilation as this, it is no surprise that our bodies are having difficulty in functioning. Allergies are increasing every year, as is asthma, and immune-related illnesses. Important chapters on Toxins in the Workplace and School, examine the occupational hazards and poor ventilation in offices and schools, and the increased use of chemicals in furnishings and building materials, resulting in the "toxic building syndrome."

Toxins in the Home is an eye-opening chapter, citing the incredible array of chemicals in cleaning and other home products, electromagnetic fields from dozens of electronic gadgets, radon and carbon monoxide, molds, pets and dust. In our tightly sealed modern houses, the indoor air pollution from all these sources now make our homes more polluted than the outdoor air.

Besides the specific "Cleansing, Balancing, and Preventive Techniques" listed at the end of each chapter, the second haft of the book is given over to Ways of Detoxification. This includes sections on: detoxification baths, saunas, and hydrotherapy; diet and nutrition, including nutritional therapy; allergy extracts, herbs, and chelation; exercise and bodywork. Other ways of detoxification include packs such as Cayce's castor oil pack, charcoal therapy, oxygen, H20, and ozone therapies; and organ cleansing such as the liver flush and coffee enemas. There is even a section on Toxins and Cleansing in Children.

The "Chemical Revolution" that occurred since WWII and the increasing industrialization in the rest of the world, has multiplied our exposures to harmful substances to a level previously unknown in human history. Today, the health of everyone on the planet is affected adversely every day.A highly nutritious whole foods diet and supplementation will keep the detoxification pathways working efficiently, but it is getting harder to avoid many of the environmental poisons, especially the chemicals, now estimated to be in the range of 80,000 to 100,000 in our everyday environment. The burden of toxic substances may prove too much even for a well-nourished individual.

In a toxic world, knowledge is our first line of defense, and The Whole Way to Natural Detoxification provides indispensable information for holistic practitioners and their environmentally ill patients.

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By Irene Alleger

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