DETOXIFICATION: Empowering Ourselves Through Change

DETOXIFICATION: Empowering Ourselves Through Change

We've become a society of people who do not trust or even believe in our own experiences. We have to have them reconfirmed by an authority figure. But as we empower ourselves to make decisions that we know are in our best interests, we need no longer automatically assume that we have no insight or knowledge, therefore relying exclusively on outside so-called expert opinion. Our culture, however, encourages us to rely on the doctors, who are in charge of maintaining the medical paradigm to keep that system going. We have great acute medical care in this country. Yet we do not have great chronic health care: we have sickness maintenance. Our current medical paradigm does not take into account things that are significant outside of pharmacology and its single cause, single cure, single effect. It does not look at the multifactorial approach to disease and it fails to honor the body's natural innate healing capacity. It treats the patient and the patient's body as simply broken-down parts to which the doctor provides the only legitimate repair, and most people have accepted that. As a result, we have a nation that's extraordinarily toxic.

The first three levels of medical intervention involve (we're talking about three doctors): an orthodox doctor who gives you a drug to treat symptoms, but nothing happens to change the cause; a second doctor who specializes in cause and effect and will tell you this is the cause, so eliminate it -- and as a result your symptoms clear up; and a third who says that because you've been weakened over a period of years by constant bombardment to your body and your immune system of toxins and neglect, you're functioning at a much lower than optimal level. This person gives you various herbs and botanicals, vitamins and minerals which bring your level of nutrients up to a better or optimal level, improving not only your symptoms but your overall health status as well. That's still not enough!

It's the truly holistic doctor who looks at everything, who will take into account your mind, your behavior, your attitude, your belief systems, your perceptions. Does your belief system allow you to be adaptable? Do you reason, or do you react? How do you deal with anger? Do you internalize it, which depresses the immune system and overstimulates adrenaline, in effect, killing you slowly? Or do you have constructive ways of internalizing so that you are not eaten alive by stress?

Then this person helps you to identify anything in your relationships, home environment and general environment that is affecting your moods. Now you can begin to put all the pieces together. Your aches and pains, your high cholesterol are not due just to having eaten too much dairy. It is synergistic; it is a combination. We are not rats living in an isolated, purified environment drinking the same distilled water, eating the same rat chow, and having the same consistent full-spectrum light. We are dynamically integrated beings, sharing thousands of chemical, bioelectrical, emotional energy exchanges every single moment. As a result, nothing in life is constant -- there is no constancy ever. We are never as young today as we were yesterday. And as a result, we must change, we must be adaptable.

Your Total Being

What's most important is that we begin to detoxify. You cannot detoxify if you don't know what you're detoxifying from and how all things are interconnected. Detoxing for one person might mean taking some enemas for a week. But that's not a detox. A detox is the process of constructively disengaging from habits and patterns of behavior and lifestyle that precipitate disease processes. Therefore, to properly detox you must identify any pattern of behavior or lifestyle that has contributed to a negative input and consequent negative result.

If you have a habit of always reacting with anger, the anger pattern would have to be released. You must change it. Here's an example: A lot of things make me angry. But instead of getting angry and going out and hurting myself or yelling at someone, I take my anger and ask myself: What am I angry about? How can I best release these feelings? Then I act in a constructive way that might change the situation I am angry about. You should not allow a sense of helplessness or hopelessness to make you a victim. It's the person who feels out of control and helpless who does nothing for themselves. And that is the person who then starts to overeat. That's the person who walks around all day drinking coffee, who ends up taking the aspirin and gets colitis, who gets constipated, who gets diseases in their intestine.

Take It Slow

Detoxing can't be speeded up. In our society we want instantaneous results. It's not possible. You have to honor the body's natural rejuvenative capabilities. For instance, it takes about ten months to grow a whole new skin. It takes about a year to completely cleanse and rebalance the body's internal milieu, the body's chemistry. You have to eliminate all bad foods, bad water, air. Then the cleansing action of the juices is the first step. Distilled water is fine, as long as you are not also drinking the chlorine and fluoride in tap water; tap water has parasites coming through that are not filterable. You have to have vegetable juice -- fresh-squeezed juices only -- preferably six a day.

By buying your own juicer and juicing the vegetables yourself, you'll get the value of the enzyme activity, which is missing in bottled vegetable juices because they're already pasteurized. The richness of the chlorophyll, the organic quality of produce free of pesticides -- that's what you need in your body! The enzymes, the chlorophyll, the beta-carotene, the cruciferous vegetable nutrients -- these strengthen your body and help in its cleansing.


You have to be careful about carrot juice, which may have too much sugar. If you're hypoglycemic or diabetic, you have to cut the carrot juice by half. And you don't want more than one ounce of real deep dark green vegetables or wheat grass juice or parsley. You want primarily juices such as celery and cucumber juice; apple is a good cleanser, watermelon is the best. Lemon is good. Use these as stimulants for your body to release or throw the toxins out -- gradually.


We have to cleanse our system to get pesticides out of our fatty tissue. This means an aerobic exercise program that increases your capacity to burn fat and will release toxins if you're taking vitamin C five times a day -- I suggest between 2000 and 10,000 mg a day, depending upon how toxic you are and your tolerance.

Your Level of Toxicity

To know exactly how toxic you are, you have to be tested. You cannot guess at this. To be tested, you can go to any physician and request a viral panel test. You also want a SMACK 24. This is a standard test that will test you for your nutrients, for cholesterol and triglycerides. Once you know your deficiencies, you can bring these levels up. You should also have a heavy metal test, because heavy metal exposure often interferes in biochemical processes and enzyme systems. So even if you're eating the right food, you may not be getting it absorbed and utilized because of heavy metals. You also need to have a digestive test to determine if you have malabsorption syndrome. This means that because of faulty eating habits, eating under stress and eating in a hurry, you have created a reduction in the available nutrients that can go from the intestine into the blood stream to be utilized. And a lot of people simply have such poor digestion that upwards of 60-80% of the nutrients in what they eat just don't get absorbed and utilized.

People today are sometimes reluctant to walk into the office of their MD and ask for tests to determine their toxicity levels. It's important to remember that when you go to a physician, you're hiring that person. You're paying them. You're in charge! If you get a doctor who has an attitude, call Liberty Labs or any blood testing laboratory in the country. There's a blood testing laboratory in every city of the United States. You then go directly to the laboratory. They can draw blood and they can give you the results. We're not talking about anything fancy here, we're talking about basic tests, simple results that you need to know. And it's your right to know, it's your body, it's your blood, it's your life!

Educate Yourself

Once you get the results, you will probably find that you are deficient in certain nutrients. The next step would be to educate yourself. If you can read a blood result -- which is simple -- it will clearly tell you whether you have high cholesterol or high triglycerides. You can learn about certain nutrients and lifestyle changes that will bring these high levels down. You then make the necessary lifestyle changes to get rid of the animal fats, the refined sugars and carbohydrates, and the white flour products. If you eliminate the fried foods, the very salty foods and pesticides, your body chemistry is going to start cleansing, detoxifying, attaining its natural state of strength.

If you see, for example, that you're okay in vitamin A, but you're deficient in zinc, you can turn to a basic nutrition book, like The Complete Guide to Sensible Eating, and note which foods are rich in zinc. Then you simply start eating zinc-rich foods. So much of this you can do on your own. People have, by the millions every year, been able to maintain their health because they are using common sense.

People who want to create health and be in charge of their own bodies become more self-educated. They spend a certain amount of time each week reading that which gives them insight and inspiration. It's nothing you can do overnight; but in time, if you take it into your life as a priority, you'll find yourself reading many different books and periodicals, attending seminars and possibly having some consultations along the way. You'll know what you are eating and drinking. You'll know what kind of nutrients you're absorbing. You'll know the difference between the nutrients sold in drugstores that are made from the cheapest possible ingredients (with highly allergenic binders and fillers and excipients) and those made without those binders, fillers, and excipients.


We've got to take our entire lifestyle into consideration, not just what we eat or don't eat. Most people will tell you they want to be healthy, yet these same people will not do anything to actualize it! We would like to think that we are one way, but what we are is what we live. And what we live is eating fast foods, and engaging in vicarious violence as voracious couch voyeurs to the society on television. One route to a total detox might involve shutting off all our televisions and radios, and reading no newspapers for a period of six months. And you would find that you had missed nothing. You would miss nothing that was constructive to you. Instead of feeling victimized and overwhelmed by what you see as the reality around you, you would have the time and peace of mind to create another reality -- your own.

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By Gary Null

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