Detoxification therapy

Bernice looked like an energetic, competent secretary. The truth was that she needed pills to sleep, coffee to wake up, and much makeup to cover her sallow complexion. Only her determined will power gave her the umph required to perform her job while every cell of her deteriorating body screamed for help. She managed to smile often and be kind to her coworkers, but as soon as she drove in the driveway at home she seemingly would just 'blow up.'

She would be cranky, extremely sensitive, too tired to prepare meals, or enjoy her family. Even the dog hid under a bed or in a corner behind the furniture when she came home. Her family was relieved when she finally went to bed. She made appointments with physicians who could not label her disease, but sent her home with more pills and a ray of hope. Neither pills nor counseling helped. Life had almost lost all meaning for Bernice.

Bernice's husband loved her and intended to stay true to his marriage vows, but he was at his wit's end for his wife's health. His prayers were answered when she was examined, questioned, and tested by a nutrition-minded doctor. He diagnosed her as having sluggish thyroid function, certain allergies, and a toxic body. She had been consuming allergy medication for years which probably added to her toxicity.

This wise doctor had Bernice drink plenty of purified water, fast on fruits and vegetables for two weeks, and cleanse her colon. He also had her take some herbs and nutrient formulas to speed up the detoxification process and do some simple exercises including deep breathing in fresh, country air several times a week. Soon she had a spring in her step, a chuckle with her smile, sparkling eyes, energy to be more productive on her job, and enthusiasm to care for and enjoy her family. Her cure cost little dollarwise.

Your circulating blood is constantly in the process of removing waste and debris from your body's cells, one of its most demanding chores. You have a toxic body when there is more waste and debris in your tissue cells than the bloodstream can seemingly handle. If you have a toxic body, your blood cannot supply your cells with adequate oxygen and nutrients and health problems begin. As in Bernice's case,detoxification is often overlooked as one of the major causes of underlying disease.

It's amazing how the human body battles abuses from air pollution, food additives, and contaminated water daily. Many people believe that Americans yearly consume and average of 8 to 15 pounds of chemicals that contribute nothing to the growth or maintenance of body cells. There are over 10,000 additives allowed by the FDA to make a food more attractive, satisfy taste buds, or increase the grocery shelf life. Some of the harmful additives are BHA and BHT, sodium nitrite, benzoate, sodium, over 600 synthetic flavorings, MSG, harmful red, yellow and blue dyes, artificial sweeteners, white sugar, excess animal protein, and many chemicals which none of us can spell or pronounce. Also, some believe that the coal tar dyes in butter, cheese, meats, candies, snack foods, and soft drinks are one of the main causes of cancer.

Other causes of toxicity are chemicals in smoggy air, lead in automobile and industrial fumes, hair dyes, cigarette smoke, thousands of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, prescription or street drugs, aluminum in salt, soft drinks and deodorants, mercury in makeup and dental fillings, antacids, aluminum cookware, oral contraceptives, copper plumbing, many foreign elements in tap water, and the list goes on and on.

V.E. Irons, an authority on colon care said, "A healthy colon is the 'secret' to living a healthy life." Old age begins with a toxic colon caused by up to 22 poisons according to Dr. Irons. A healthy colon is our necessary sewage system, but sugary, salty, fried, high-protein, over-cooked foods hinder proper digestion and elimination. The colon can become a cesspool with a mucus coating as hard as plastic where fecal matter can stagnate, decay, and putrefy. It's possible to have daily eliminations and still have a toxic colon.

How can you correct colon problems? First, you must make a commitment to change. Second, you need to cleanse the colon with a good product and colonics or enemas. Health food stores have several excellent herbal formulas. The most popular one is by Dr. John R. Christopher. Several companies have added digestants and other items to the herbs that cause even greater results.

Perfect 7 and other companies have excellent colon cleanse programs that have successfully helped many people regain health.

Drinking plenty of pure water is very important during the cleanse. After the cleanse, it is important to avoid junk foods and to eat a low-protein diet which contains many fruits, vegetables, and grains. Depending on your age and colon condition, you may need to take a daily supplement containing fiber. A good product is called Caretaker and contains psyllium seeds, husks, oat bran, rice bran, herbs, enzymes, alfalfa, barley, and apple pectin. Also, it is important to maintain a proper bacteria balance by daily eating yogurt or by taking bifidus or acidophilus. Your health food store will give you printed information on these valuable strains of friendly bacteria. Some people prefer to make homemade rejuvelac from wheat, barley, or millet to maintain the proper colon bacteria balance.

Fresh vegetable juices such as 5 oz. of carrot and 3 oz. of spinach twice a day will aid colon health. Whole fresh fruit is a daily must. A candy/snack that promotes regularity while supplying your body with many minerals is: One cup each of chopped prunes, figs, and dates plus one cup raisins and one 2 1/2 oz. package powdered senna leaves. Stir together and add just enough purified water to cover. Cook until thick. Store in glass or plastic jars in refrigerator. Start out by eating 1 tablespoon and increase or decrease as needed.

Occasionally it is good to eat steamed beets (not canned) as a late evening snack. Cook the unpeeled beets in a steamer or with very little water. Peel and cut into bite-size pieces to eat while relaxing. You will probably be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Like the colon, the lymphatic system can have stagnant accumulations of old waste matter. Skin brushing is an effective technique for stimulating and expelling hardened mucus matter and for correcting inflammations of the lymph nodes. Use a dry natural bristle, long handled bath brush to stroke over your entire body except the face. Robert Gray writes in The Colon Health Handbook that brushing should be towards the lower abdomen. In less than five minutes, you can brush down the neck and trunk and up the arms, legs, and buttocks. Skin brushing done twice a day is equal to about 30 minutes of lufa or Turkish towel massage in lymph cleansing.

"Activity is directly related to health, and inactivity is directly related to death!" says Dr. C. Samuel West. Walking and working are God's original plan for us to have sufficient exercise. But the modern lifestyle of many is to sit all day and endure fatigue all evening. The invention of the rebounder (mini trampoline) has brought health to thousands.

Simply stand on the rebounder and gently bounce while watching TV or or listening to good music which will reduce tension and unlock debris trapped throughout the body. Breathe deeply while bouncing to improve blood circulation and get the necessary oxygen to convert glucose into energy inside every cell. Oxygen is the most important nutrient we need! The cleaner the air you breathe, the healthier your lungs, blood, and cells will be. This is why many people purchase air purifiers for their home, office, and car.

The chief function of your liver is to strain toxins, impurities, and debris from your bloodstream. Other functions are as follows: 1) manufactures bile to digest fats; 2) chemically changes many foods into vitamins and enzymes; 3) converts carbohydrates and proteins into glucose for brain fuel and glycogen for muscular energy; and 4) is a storehouse for nutrients to be secreted as needed by your body to build and maintain cells.

Unless you eat and drink most of your foods as God created them, your liver's filtration ability may be hindered. When this happens, your bile becomes toxic, and if not neutralized by your gallbladder, will probably cause indigestion, flatulence, and the inability to digest butter, cream, salad dressings, and fried foods you eat. Undigested fats and oils tend to deposit a film on other foods so that they, too, are not fully digested. This leads to a host of illnesses and an overweight problem

What do we do about a toxic liver? We fast. Water fast? Not unless under professional supervision! A water fast could cause the liver to dump toxins and salts too fast into the bloodstream. There are many effective juice fasts that will detoxify and flush your liver. During a liver-cleansing fast, relax and sleep as much as possible. Two recommendations are the following recipes for a lemon drink or vegetable broth:

8 oz. purified water (medium hot, warm or cool)
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice (not bottled)
2 tablespoons pure maple syrup (not maple flavored)
dash of cayenne pepper
Approximately every two hours, mix above ingredients and drink slowly. Consume five to eight glasses a day depending on your body weight. Do not substitute any other sweetener. Your health food store will carry the pure maple syrup.

Cook (do not broil) in 1 1/2 quarts of purified water about one pound each of green beans, celery, and zucchini until tender. Add a small bunch of parsley and continue cooking for five minutes. Blend this mixture until liquified. Drink about six ounces of this broth every hour. After a few days, start having fruit for breakfast and adding other vegetables to your diet.

Dr. Beiler's fast will relieve the liver of congestion and restore it to normal function. This is a non-starchy, potassium-rich vegetable broth that is the sole diet for three to five days while bed resting. Avoid exercising during this fast for better liver and pancreas restoration.

If you prefer not to fast, your local health food store has many products that will slowly detoxify your liver. Several reputable companies make formulas that probably contain a mixture of herbs, vitamins A and C, B vitamins, HCL, beet leaf powder, and some amino acids and minerals.

Your kidney's main functions are: 1) filter waste from your blood and from urine to be excreted through your bladder; 2) return water, sugars, salt, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients to the bloodstream; 3) regulate water balance in your body and with the help of a pituitary hormone maintain the acid-alkaline balance of your entire system; 4) produce hormones that regulate various functions including production of red blood cells by the bone marrow, control of blood pressure, and adrenal gland hormone production.

A one-day fast of raw red beet juice will amazingly cleanse your kidneys. This is more interesting if you have a friend join you. Juice enough beets for 8 hours and take only one teaspoon every six minutes while relaxing in a comfortable chair. Set timer for the 6-minute intervals. You can read, watch TV, or listen to inspirational tapes. Avoid hearing anything that is stressful. Beet juice is very high in copper and iron which helps build good blood while cleansing the kidneys. Remember, take only one teaspoon at a time as beet juice is very potent; it may make you sleepy, but you can only sleep for six minutes at a time! Your urine may turn red, and you may pass some gravel-like material and crystals, but this is normal for many people and should not cause concern. Have nothing else to eat on this day, and do not drink any water until after the 8-hour beet juice fast.

If you are allergic to beets, you may try a watermelon fast by having one bite every 3 minutes for 8 hours.

Your health food store will also have available good products of herbal and nutrient formulas for kidney cleansing. Some foods to incorporate in your diet to maintain kidney health are asparagus, pears, lemon, watermelon, parsley, pine nuts, grapes, cranberries, horseradish, and kidney bean pod tea.

We are blessed that several companies now have a complete detox package consisting of 3 or 4 products that will slowly cleanse the colon and all the organs. My suggestion is that when taking one of these detox therapies, you eat only fruits and very little protein such as cottage cheese, one egg, or a soybean powdered drink for breakfast. Have a large vegetable salad with lemon juice and olive oil dressing for lunch, and only steamed vegetables or soup for supper. Snacks should be only fruit or vegetable juice.

Many of us have benefitted from detoxification therapy. I encourage you to join us. Following the cleansing technique you choose, be faithful to eat nourishing meals and snacks to keep healthy and energetic. And, in my opinion, vitamin/mineral/enzyme supplements are a must!

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By Willa Vae Bowles

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