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Dr Leo Roy was the first holistic medical doctor in Canada. He passed away suddenly on March 3, 2001. Born on the Canadian prairies, Roy devoted 35 years of his life to the practice of total person health care, research, education, lecturing and writing. He spent seven years as a country and family doctor, then branched out from established medicine into holistic natural healing.

Dr Roy spent over 25 years learning about herbal remedies from Renee Caisse (who developed the herbal formula known as Essiac). He then made up his mind to search for cancer answers and not stop until he found them, rejecting those remedies that would harm his patients. It was this search that lead him to the biggest fight of his life.

In 1962, after many years of speaking out against conventional medical treatment and the fluoridation of water. Dr Roy was a marked man. He was brought before the Toronto Medical Board and charged with treating a cancer patient who had already refused conventional treatment. Because of her emotional and physical state the woman was unable to adhere to his therapies and she died. For his refusal to pressure her onto an operating table, Dr Roy permanently lost his license.

After losing his license he co-founded the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, where he later assumed professorship in the faculties of nutrition, physiology and diagnostics.

Despite this setback, Dr Roy continued to care for patients in Toronto, wishing to educate the public on the value of natural and holistic healing. He retired in 1990 and moved to British Columbia where he dreamed of setting up a health resort. This was put on hold while he completed a series of 130 booklets for patient education. At the time of his death, Dr Roy was in the final stages of developing a computerized system of precision diagnostic evaluation of disease causes and health care for the total person. In a medical world that seems to have lost (or never discovered) the art of healing. Dr Roy was an artist.


According to the way our minds have been conditioned, we believe there's nothing that can be done for cancer except to kill the cancer cells and tumors.

You have been taught to see cancer as a formidable, mysterious, insidious disease -- a diabolical enemy. You have been taught to accept that cancer is a force that has no face other than a tumor; that your body is ignorant and helpless; that there is nothing you as a patient can do, that your body has no wisdom of its own in guiding you back to health.
You have been given a message: "Don't think for yourself. Be a gentle and compliant soul. Whatever can be done, must be done for you by doctors and hospitals. Go along with every treatment that your sincere, good-hearted family physician, aided by the brilliant oncologist, has to offer."

Even if it kills you. (And it might!)

Medical Misguidance

Western medicine has maintained that cancer is an invasion of the body from inside by cells that have gone wild. Cancer cells are formed throughout life, but are normally detected and routinely destroyed by the immune system. Cancer will develop when this system fails. Treatment consists of efforts to remove or destroy cancerous cells through surgery, radiation or drugs.

Such ideas do not come from medical science or knowledge, but from ignorance.

I no longer believe in the helplessness and inadequacy the medical profession offers to its cancer patients. There are answers to your fears, anxieties, frustration and suffering. Just understanding the nature of cancer, and understanding why and how it developed within your body, will lift the emotional burden from your life and make the months ahead much easier to face.

There are six positive principles that form a basic starting point. Read them carefully. Digest them. Learn to appreciate them. Keep these principles foremost in your beliefs. Then use them. They are powerful weapons of healing.

- Cancer does not mean you have to die. It means you have to take your life in your own hands and care for it.
- It is not possible for disease and health to coexist in a body. If your total health is restored, your disease must disappear.

- Your body knows infinitely more about healing itself than any scientist, doctor or healing professional. Only your body knows what it needs for healing. For the secret remedy, look to your body -- not to the ignorance of the past, not to books, not to someone else's body or to remedies that were beneficial to, and effective for, somebody else. Don't succumb to treatment which destroys tumors, but does nothing to get rid of the causes, rebuild resistance, healing and health.

- Your body alone has the capacity to heal. Doctors don't. Find out which of your body's healing mechanisms have been compromised. What nutrients, enzymes, proteins, minerals, vitamins, oils and life-forces are missing? Provide your body with everything it needs. It is also essential to break down and eliminate any barriers to healing. Believe in your body's ability to replace sick and dying cells with healthy cells. This is healing.

- Free will is integral to human nature. Nothing can interfere or override this prerogative. If we don't want to take hold of our lives, no one can make us. Of course, when what is required for health and joy in life is depleted, destroyed or blocked we may not want to live. That is the problem.

The ideas I offer come from two sources: research into personal experience, understanding the world of the living cell, and knowing many patients who experienced permanent cures and have subsequently enjoyed years of health, free of disease.

Conquering cancer is achieved through enhancing immunity and resistance to disease while finding and eliminating all possible causes that may have created health problems. I have also seen those less fortunate, who have not been blessed with total cures. Yet none of these people lived out the rest of their days with more than a minimum of distress; almost no pain and none of the tortures usually associated with cancer.
We're Poisoning Ourselves

From our parents and ancestors, and through the life stages -- pregnancy, birth, childhood and adulthood -- we continually allow abnormal influences and forces into our lives and bodies. We pile stone upon stone until we have built our own tombstone. The overload breaks down the body's protective and healing abilities until we finally succumb to the onslaught of disease.

We constantly poison ourselves unconsciously, insidiously and daily. We prolong the stagnation and retention of food, year after year, through constipation and inadequate elimination of body wastes and toxins. The toxic supersaturation of the body increases with each day that we eliminate less than what we have eaten.

Each one of the billions of cells that die every day is a toxin; the equivalent of a microcadaver, a rotting carcass. To some degree, this process involves the poisoning of the body -- every single minute of the day.

Accept that your body, as healthy as it may feel, is continually battling these poisons.

Unless you detoxify and eliminate daily, there is no way that you can escape the effects of toxins. It can take up to two years to detoxify the body, especially under the ecologically dangerous conditions many of us live in.
Every body needs diligent detoxification; every form of detoxification must be given top priority.

Understanding Detoxification

Any good health-restoring regimen will release a flood of toxins into the blood and body fluids. Toxic substances are transported by the blood directly to the liver. The liver is the main detoxifying organ equipped to handle, neutralize and eliminate most body poisons. As long as the liver is healthy and fulfilling its multitude of tasks, healing can progress. Essential in supporting the liver's function are the actions of the other organs of detoxification: colon, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatics.

It is possible to heal too fast -- to eliminate too many body poisons at any one time. Going on prolonged fasts or taking large amounts of detoxifying remedies can free too many stored poisons too quickly. These poisons then overload and swell the liver -- like sewage "plugging up a sponge." They can saturate and exhaust the liver and the organs of detoxification and elimination. This excessive detoxification will leave you feeling as if your treatment is acting adversely. You may fear that your treatment is doing you harm. Not really. Your body is merely ridding itself of toxins at a rate faster than your organs of detoxification and elimination can handle. What you experience at such times is a toxin "hangover." This is a normal process, like the body ridding itself of alcohol after a horrible binge.

At the first sensation of pain, detoxify. Take enemas repeatedly, often enough to completely eliminate the poisons that cause the pain. Keep taking them until the pain is gone. You may need five, 10 or 15 enemas; whatever it takes for relief.

Essential Enzymes

There are over 25 million cells dying every minute -- one and a half billion every hour -- and over 36 billion dead cells to handle every day. The cell cadavers are made up of dead, burned-out, cell biochemicals. The process of cell disintegration is the same as a cadaver rotting. The body must handle and neutralize every cell molecule, flushing them out through its organs of elimination. If not, the cell cadavers will form toxic wastes, an accumulation of harmful substances.

The breaking down of all cell substances is done by enzymes (see Enzymes Control Life, alive #168). There are hundreds of thousands of enzymes in the body, performing an equal number of functions. There are enzymes which digest all cells and foods. They are manufactured in and by the stomach and the pancreas. Enzymes will digest cells everywhere in the body. They attack and destroy all cells that are worn out, dying and abnormal. They destroy every cell that is not a part of our normal body structure; amazingly enough, enzymes "know" to attack only these.
The enzymes are not destroyed in this process. Nor will they touch the healthy cells.

Enzymes are essential in the fight against cancer. Cancer cells are denatured enough that they are no longer recognizable as part of our bodies. They, too, fall under the axe of the digestive enzymes. But not always -- sometimes abnormal cells will accumulate and form tumors. It is this process, manifesting in cancer, that remains unexplained.
Since the body never makes mistakes, the enzymes will normally not eliminate every single abnormal cell. If these deviant cells survive, it can only be because there is a deficiency in enzymes or something has blocked the enzymes from performing their essential roles.

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By Leo Roy

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