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The Dr Breuss Cancer Cure

According to Dr Rudolf Breuss, solid foods are what nourish cancer cells. He concludes that if a person with cancer lives on juice and tea for a period of time, the cancer growth will die, but the person will be able to live. Followers of the Breuss cancer cure must fast for 42 days, drinking only vegetable juices and compatible teas. Juice is permitted to satisfy hunger cravings, as long as it doesn't exceed half a litre per day. The less juice the patient drinks, the better. Dr Breuss suggests medical supervision during the cure. You must wait at least two to five months after an operation before beginning the cure. During the waiting period, drink 60 to 125 mL (1/4 to 1/2 cup) of juice per day, but also eat food such as gruel or vegetable soup and vegetables.

To prepare the Breuss vegetable juice mix, use three parts beets, one part carrots, one part celery root and then add a little black radish and one egg-sized potato. For example: 300 grams (9.6 oz) beet root, 100 g (3.2 oz) carrots, 100 g (3.2 oz) celery root, 30 g (1.06 oz) black radish juice, 1 potato, the size of an egg. It is not crucial to add the potato juice, except for cancer of the liver where it is absolutely necessary. Instead of adding the potato to the juice mixture, you can drink a cup of potato peel tea each day.

It's useful to prepare by drinking about a cup of juice per day with your usual food for a few days before starting the total cure. Once on the cure, you need to drink at least one-third of a litre of juice. (You may lose five to 15 kg (11 to 33 lbs) on this program.) You should take tiny, slow sips, not fast gulps, letting the juice remain in your mouth for a few moments. Once in a while it's good to add some sauerkraut juice.

What to Do

Slowly drink half a cup of cold kidney tea (15 grams horsetail, 10 g stinging nettle, 8 g knotgrass and 6 g St. John's wort) first thing in the morning. Thirty to 60 minutes later drink one to two cups of warm sage tea with St. John's wort, peppermint and balm (Melissa officinalis) After another 30 to 60 minutes drink a small amount of vegetable juice. After 15 to 30 more minutes drink some more juice, according how hungry you feel. During the morning you can take the juice approximately 10 to 1.5 times -- but only if you crave it. In between, drink sage tea, which can be taken cold and in any desired quantity. Never add sugar during the juice treatment!

Drink another quarter cup (60 mL) of kidney tea at noon and again before going to sleep. Remember to drink the kidney tea only during the first three treatment weeks! In the afternoon you'll frequently need a mouthful of the juice. The vegetable juice must be taken as specified and in conjunction with the teas. Don't drink the vegetable juice alone. Whether or not you have received radiation treatment, drink one half-cup of cold cranesbill tea (herb Robert) per day, sipping slowly. Cranesbill tea contains a small amount of radium.

During the treatment it's better to do a little work to take your mind off both eating and illness rather than rest in bed most of the time. Check the The Breuss Cancer Cure, available from alive books, for special teas that may be required for cancer in different areas of the body.

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The Complete Cancer Cure

Cancer can only live on the protein of solid food. Therefore, if you drink nothing but vegetable juices and teas for 42 days the cancerous tumor dies off while the body continues to do well. One's sense of well-being is not affected by weight loss of five to 15 kilograms. At no time have I ever been as active as during this therapy, which called for a 42 day fast during which only vegetable juices and teas should be taken, but not more than half a litre per day. This therapy may be carried out with either home-made juices or with the fermented vegetable juices available at health food stores.

My juice cocktail recipe is beets, carrots, celery root, black radishes and potato. For example, take 300 grams of red beets, 100 grams carrot, 100 grams celery root and approximately 30 grams black radish. The potato is optional except for liver cancer where it plays an important part. Instead of adding potato to the juice one may also drink a cup of cold potato skin tea per day. Prepare this tea by boiling a handful of raw potato skins in two cups of water for two to four minutes. If you don't like the taste that means your liver does not need it!

Pass all these vegetables through the juicer then through a tea strainer to get rid of any sediment. Remember, any solids may provide a breeding ground for cancer. In order to get used to this juice I suggest taking approximately one quarter litre of juice per day with normal meals before starting the Complete Cure. The recommended daily allowance would be one eighth to one quarter litres with a maximum of half a litre. Take it by the spoonful. Don't swallow right away and salivate it well. You may also drink a little sauerkraut juice occasionally.

If you follow my directions carefully you will not lose too much weight. My instructions are to take one half cup of cold kidney tea first thing in the morning. Then 30 to 60 minutes later take two cups warm herb tea made from St John's wort, peppermint and lemon balm. After another 30 to 60 minutes take a little vegetable juice and salivate well before swallowing. Fifteen to 30 minutes later take another sip of vegetable juice.

You should take some juice 10 to 15 times throughout the morning but only when you feel like it. In between, drink warm or cold sage tea without sugar, as much as you like. At noon take one half cup of kidney tea and again before retiring at night. In the afternoon take a few sips of tea. Any liquid should be sipped and well salivated.

Kidney tea should be taken only during the first three weeks of the cure. Along with this and throughout the entire time of therapy drink one cup of cold cranesbill tea (geranium robertianum) per day. Cranesbill contains a little radium. Sipping small quantities of tea and juice stimulates the flow of saliva and reduces the workload of the intestines. It is also recommended to work rather than stay in bed during the therapy in order to keep the mind off food and worries.


Make an enema of camomile tea or drink a light laxative tea. You can also insert solid butter into the rectum. Juice fasting stimulates the portal vein circulation in such a way that much of what would otherwise be used up by the intestine is directly absorbed by the body. Therefore one may be constipated for a few days without feeling ill at all.

Cancer of the Breast, Ovaries and Uterus

Drink a daily cup of cold tea of lady's mantle (alchemilla vulgaris), five finger grass (potentilla reptans), yellow or white deadnettle (lamium) prepared in equal amounts and allowed to steep for 10 minutes in hot water.

Cancer of the Bones and Lungs

Prepare a tea of plantain (plantago major), Icelandic moss, lungwort (pulmonaria officinalis), ground ivy (glechoma hederacea) and mullein (verbascum thapsus). It does not matter if you can't get them all. Steep for 10 minutes and drink as much of this tea as you like, the more the better. In the case of tuberculosis you should also take one teaspoon of plantain seed (if you can get it) along with a little water or tea.

During the Complete Cancer Cure you should not take any food other than the vegetable juice mixture. A little lemon juice is fine and freshly pressed apple juice may be taken occasionally but never mixed with other juices. Sage tea mixed with St John's wort, peppermint and lemon balm is safe in any quantity.

About 20,000 people suffering from cancer, along with numerous seemingly incurable cases have been healed through this juice cure. Unfortunately those who took cell-destroying medication or injections along with the juice did not live. Cell-destroying drugs do not only kill cancerous cells. They destroy many healthy cells. I believe that cancerous cells are not just sick, they are alien to the body and they only live on the roughage that we take in with the food we eat. Cancerous cells cannot live on vegetables juices alone.

Remember that a cancerous tumor is an independent growth, producing cells of its own. The tumor causes a state of disease by pressing on the cells, therefore all it takes to destroy the cancerous cells is to cut off their source of food by juice fasting. A tumor grows slowly in the beginning and very fast towards the end. This is because of multiplication: one cells turn to two and keeps doubling. By the time you have 10,000 cancer cells it will double to 20,000 -- but even then there is hope with the Complete Cancer Cure!

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By Rudolf Breuss

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