Nature's Immune Booster and pH Balancer

There appears to be a confusion regarding the role of the immune system and the importance of our pH levels. Let me clarify:

It is well known that the body's ability to fight illness, including cancer, is determined by the strength of the immune system. In order for this to occur, it's important to provide the body with a unique combination of natural, nutritional and chemical components.

The immune system is those intelligent, highly-trained biological defenders that are inherently set to identify, attack and destroy disease-causing enemies. This system contains a built-in cellular memory that rarely forgets an enemy, even if somewhat disguised to evade detection.

Let's say you are immunized against a specific disease like tuberculosis. The introduction of the tuberculosis germ into the body is not recognized by the immune system, therefore, its surveillance system identifies it as an invader or antigen. Antigens are foreign substances that trigger the body's army with a call to "war," with specific orders to "destroy" by producing substances called antibodies--meaning "against foreign or unrecognizable bodies." The antibodies produced by the body are specific only to that antigen. Therefore, if exposed to tuberculosis again, the body will immediately recognize it as an enemy, build its resistance army of invaders and destroy it.

If the immune system is destroyed or weakened by, let's say, drugs, excessive stress, chemotherapy or a disorder of autointoxication, it loses its ability to fully protect us against invading enemies.

Likewise, if our army gets paranoid and overzealous during their surveillance, they can target healthy cells for destruction--thus the birth of autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities and scleroderma, to mention a few.

In this age of high toxic exposures affecting our liver, lungs and metabolic functions, it is literally a matter of "life or death," directly proportionate to the ability of our immune system to protect us.

Contaminants are everywhere, in our air, food, water and even medications--prescription and over-the-counter. We cannot totally avoid exposures in today's modern world, however, if the body is given what it needs to detoxify, rebuild and repair, most forms of illnesses can be reversed or prevented naturally.

It is important to create an intestinal ecosystem unfriendly to uninvited organisms by maintaining an alkaline environment to assist in maintaining a neutral pH of between 7.0 and 7.2 to discourage parasites, yeast, bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses--pH values are vital in maintaining a strong immune system because these organisms thrive in an acid environment.

Nations spend trillions of dollars each year preparing their defense systems against unfriendly foreign invaders--just as important is building our body's defense system.

The most powerful drugs cannot totally destroy diseased cells; the body must have the ability to replace diseased cells with healthy ones. The job of the immune system is as a life-giving system.

According to Dr. G. H. Earp Thomas, a soil and plant scientist, wheatgrass contains vital nutrients which he feels could serve as regenerative and protective mechanisms for human health. His findings concluded that fresh wheatgrass juice was theoretically capable of sustaining human life for weeks and even months at a time.

According to famed nutritionist Ann Wigmore, "Wheatgrass juice is perhaps the most powerful and safest healing aid there is. Not because it can attack and destroy bacteria or malignant cells (like some drugs, only without the side-effects) but because it has the ability to strengthen the whole body by bolstering its immune system." This ability is attributed to a unique combination of nutritional and chemical values contained in wheatgrass juice.

Experience and research taught me, a doctor and recovered victim of a life-threatening immune system disorder, that the secret to rebuilding the immune system was hidden in tiny blades of grass containing high chlorophyll content--assisting the blood to detoxify and rebuild.

The sidebar (at right) lists some of the benefits of wheatgrass as documented by internationally respected health professionals such as nutritionist Ann Wigmore, soil and plant scientist Dr. Thomas, medical researcher Dr. Charles Schnabel, and my book, Invisible Illnesses.

Until recently, those choosing to take full advantage of the benefits of wheatgrass had only one choice--to juice fresh wheatgrass. Juicing every day is not something I personally enjoyed, although I did so during my illness and recovery until a client introduced me to Sweet Wheat® (as discussed in detail in my book, Invisible Illnesses).

Finally, there was a convenient option. One teaspoon of Sweet Wheat powder mixed with one ounce of water is a premier shot of wheatgrass juice. It is also available in capsules--two capsules are equivalent to one teaspoon of powder.

As a doctor and natural health journalist, I'm always skeptical until I thoroughly conduct my research (that's the health detective in me). When I found out Sweet Wheat is grown in "perfect" conditions in climate-controlled greenhouses, I was admittedly excited--but there's still more. It is also grown in organic soil enriched with minerals, irrigated with spring water and plenty of nature's solar energy--sunshine, and... that's still not all. Sweet Wheat is also grown and harvested under strict, 100 percent certified organic and kosher guidelines and nothing is added--no fillers, additives, sweeteners or binders. Finally, it is freeze-dried to maintain the highest possible integrity and then conveniently packaged in either vegetarian capsules or powder--convenient for topical use.

If you're gluten intolerant, don't worry about wheatgrass juice--gluten is contained in the actual wheat grain. However, when the young leaves of the wheat grain are harvested and juiced, that juice does not contain wheat or gluten--it becomes a whole green food, actually a vegetable, with all the health-enhancing benefits intact.

I'm referring to wheatgrass juice, of course. An additional quality of this green nectar is that it also contains folic acid and iron--essential to pregnant women. The benefit of the juice not only supports mother's health but is also transferred to the fetus, including the ability to counteract yeast that may be transferred through the birth canal, and later breast-feeding. It boosts the immune system to support healthy red blood cells to give the baby a strong, healthy foundation on which to build health.

If you're not completely convinced of the health benefits of wheatgrass, or that anything other than fresh wheatgrass juice would be as nutritionally beneficial, allow me to share the study I conducted.

After my life-threatening accident and the subsequent invisible illnesses of leaky gut, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivities, I had a blood test called "live cell microscopy" performed every three to six months--a sort of natural check-up to monitor my healing progress. This laboratory test actually allows the patient and technician to view the blood to observe the health and integrity of the cells (red and white)--as fully described in my first book, I Was Poisoned By My Body.

I consumed fresh wheatgrass juice for 90 days and saw the amazing results as the juice improved the health of my red blood cells, which had been severely compromised from a condition called leaky gut syndrome or autointoxication. Therefore, before starting Sweet Wheat, I had my blood tested to actually have something to compare. I used Sweet Wheat for 90 days and was then re-tested. The cell integrity was the same as when I used fresh juice--the red blood cells continued to improve, they were "free-floating" with increased speed (oxygen) and the cellular membrane was healthy. This testing method allowed me to see "with my own eyes" the benefits of wheatgrass juice while monitoring the progress of my entire therapy and detoxification program for repairing my immune system and overall health.

I can personally attest to the health benefits of "Mother Nature's" naturally condensed "solar energy" in those little blades of wheatgrass.

To locate a retailer of Sweet Wheat call 888-227-9338 or log on to for more information about this and other unique products containing Sweet Wheat.

General Benefits
• Destroys harmful germs and microbes

• Antioxidant for cell strength and preservation

• Stimulant for transport of oxygen to cells

• Neutralizes the toxic effects of fluorine

• Natural immune booster

• Natural blood cleanser

• Detoxifies and regenerates the liver

• Contains chlorophyll to protect from carcinogens

• Chemically neutralizes pollutants

• Neutralizes toxicity of nitrogen compounds found in auto exhaust

• Anti-mutagenic and anti-neoplastic effect (ability to fight tumors)

• Neutralizes toxins in cells

• Neutralizes toxic substances like mercury, strontium, nicotine and polyvinyl chloride by changing them into insoluble salts for easy elimination

• Contains liquid oxygen

• Has a dilating effect on blood vessels (thus improving blood flow)

• Effective for treating anemia

• Acts as a natural body deodorizer against bad breath, perspiration and menstrual odors

• Effective in destroying anaerobic bacteria

• Is a nutritionally complete food

• Effectively improves gingivitis and other gum diseases by killing bacteria

• Restores neutral pH through its alkaline reaction

Nutritional Benefits
• High in enzymes

• Contains amino acids

• Contains bioflavonoids

• Stimulates digestion

• Contains B12, folic acid, iron, copper, potassium and protein--converts to healthy red blood cells

• Contains choline to prevent fat deposits in the liver


By Gloria Gilbere, N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D

Gloria Gilbere is a doctor of naturopathy and natural health, member of The American Academy of Environmental Medicine and The American Naturopathic Medical Association. She is an environmental health consultant, natural health journalist and researcher. She is author of I Was Poisoned By My Body (Lucky Press, 2001), Invisible Illnesses (Freedom Press, 2002) and her latest book, Nature's Prescription Milk (Freedom Press, 2003). Visit her Web site at Listen to her radio show on

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