Boosting the Immune System

Every year emphasis is placed on "losing weight" before the summer. Looking good on the outside is the main focus in staying fit. What about the immune system? Without a healthy immune system, achieving external physical success wouldn't be possible. Why?

The immune system is the main line of defense when combating viruses, bacteria and pollutants. It works in conjunction with other protective body systems. For example, the respiratory system utilizes cilia and mucus to eliminate microbes and pollutants that are inhaled. Skin is a physical barrier against foreign materials. Acid in the stomach and enzymes in the pancreas and intestine destroy many microorganisms. When pollutants, viruses and bacteria overcome the body's protective system, the immune system begins operating. This system is composed of lymph nodes, blood proteins (immunoglobulins) and specialized white blood cells known as lymphocytes. When unwanted substances get past the protective defense, the body produces a reaction such as fever, inflammation, sneezing and other reactions designed to destroy unwanted substances.

When the body is deprived of certain minerals and vitamins, it is more likely to retain pollutants. The immune system needs to be fed and cleansed continuously, just like our body, to stay fit. Stressful living, chemicals and natural body processes take away the nutrients the immune system needs to take care of you. Emphasis may need to be placed on vitamins and minerals that would boost and cleanse the immune system. Vitamin A, C, E and minerals selenium and zinc have a great effect on protecting cells from being damaged by oxidation. A combination of minerals, herbs and vitamins which targets the immune system can help counter the effects of poor food, pollution and other harmful substances.

Herbs designed for ongoing support of the body's natural cleansing process assist in providing maximum nutrition for the body systems. Remember, providing this ongoing support to the immune system and keeping it clean will help you to stay fit inside and out. Your body will take care of you only if you take care of it. Naturally!

Article copyright The Holistic Health Network.


By Andrew Anderson

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