Meditation Has Great Benefits for Physical, Mental Health

An article by Elinor Straton in the April 13 issue of the Marco Island Eagle examines closely the benefits of meditation, which works to unite the mind and body in achieving a peaceful state of being. Among meditation's many positive effects are a stronger immune system, an easing of emotional problems, and a deepening of one's intuition and self-confidence. The key to a successful meditation practice is consistency, and thus it is best to practice for short time periods in the beginning (5-10minute sessions). As with any habit, the first three weeks are critical to its success. Effects are subtle, but long-lasting and positive.

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In an article in the April 18 Harvard Mental Health Letter, meditation is lauded as the third wave in cognitive behavioral therapy. The psychotherapeutic tradition is beginning to take meditation seriously as a component of successful patient treatment. Dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy have all integrated meditation in different ways. Different types of therapies are borrowing ideas from each other, resulting in broader treatment options. Dr. Michael Miller, editor of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, states, "The introduction of meditation practice into cognitive behavioral therapy may represent a further stage in the historical evolution of psychotherapy."

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