by Valerie V. Hunt

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After 25 years of laboratory research Valerie Hunt's book Infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibrations was published in 1995, elucidating an energy field that permeates the body. (Extensively reviewed in TL January 1996 #150). Using Kirlian and enhanced computer photography, as well as new instrumentation to record the human energy field as vibrations, Dr. Hunt's work goes well beyond current mind-body theories, and validates the ancient healing systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine which is based on the concept of Qi, the energy which flows through the meridians. As a trained physiologist and physical therapist, her studies were not motivated by metaphysical or mystical beliefs, yet in the end, her scientific conclusions lead to concrete documentation of consciousness as changing energy patterns, which can be accessed and enhanced by meditation practices.

Mind Mastery Meditations is a workbook compiled by Dr. Hunt in her continuing research into consciousness and its possible functions. Although one needs to study the book Infinite Mind for a thorough understanding of the premise of these meditation exercises, the mind mastery meditations can stand on their own. The author explains that the goal is not to give you emotional peace and relaxation, or follow any particular philosophy, but to access the mind field, not the brain, in order to view everyday problems from a higher level of consciousness.

Dr. Hunt writes "How do we know these things? We scientists who have redefined the mind have discovered vibratory frequency patterns that coexist with patterns of consciousness. Here the mind is found to exist in the field rather than in the denser tissue of the brain. It exists in organized energy containing information from the soul's experience in this and other lifehoods. The field permeates all tissue and radiates around the body. We have simply called it the aura. From such ideas we can start directly understanding consciousness."

The Human Energy Field & Consciousness (as documented in the Bioenergy Research Laboratory at UCLA).

The atomic electrical energy of the cells becomes the auric field.
The field is both inside and outside of the body where it colors all sensory information that must pass through the field and skin before it gets to the sensory nerve endings.
Because the field has a corona on the outside of the body it is in direct contact with all the energies of the environment, living, mineral, and celestial. This is the primary way humans interact with the world.
The human field is a dynamic ever-changing series of patterns of frequencies that oscillate up to one million cycles per second making it the fastest and most elaborate of the body's electrical systems.
Each person has a unique signature pattern of frequencies, his base reference, to which he returns when his field is not stimulated. This is a base reference from which his field responds to other fields.
The mind-field is the highest level of memory, containing information about the physical body, thoughts, feeling states and past and present life experiences, particularly if memory is of profound experiences.
Emotions connected with higher states of consciousness organize the mind-field and make it susceptible to new and threatening situations. This level of emotion is the deepest motivation of behavior.
The goal of these meditation exercises is to broaden the consciousness and to learn how to use it, scientifically. This is not a book for the dabbler in metaphysics -- it requires intellectual work and discipline over a period of time. The first chapters outline specific exercises to activate the physical energy field, then Opening Emotions exercises and meditations. Next comes Uncovering Lifehoods with meditations and imagery exercises (this scientist believes she has discovered how all of our soul's experiences are held in the energy field, including other lifetimes -- WOW!).

In the chapter on Healing, the reader finds specific and fascinating exercises/meditations for healing hypo-deficiency states, for instance, "found in fatigue syndromes, endocrine deficiencies, low blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and poor lymphatic circulation." A specific visualization of colors, and sounds from audio tape is breathed through the entire body, stimulating the immune system. A number of imagery scenarios are given (the patient chooses one or several), and they are used for engaging the body's own healing power. In this book, imagery is the vehicle for meditation and it is a powerful tool for healing -- one which may be underutilized by medical practitioners.

It should be emphasized that the exercises/meditations given for specific conditions and purposes in this book are based on the author's many years of research into the body's energy field referred to as the "mind field." Valerie Hunt has extensive documentation of how everything in our environment is shown to first have an effect on the vibratory electromagnetic aura, before being registered physically. This greatly enlarges our concept of the body's "immune system" or self-healing mechanisms.

It may also change the way we view spirituality. The Mind Mastery concepts stress the importance of accessing all levels of consciousness that are available to humans, and the highest is the mystical level or "oneness," described by visionaries over the centuries. The author introduces the chapter on "Discovering Spirituality" thus: "The following meditations focus on releasing and integrating the great emotional life force, the biological level of consciousness, as it moves through the rational, intellectual level into the divine mystical plane, all without breaks in consciousness. Spirituality then is experienced not as a traumatic isolated episode but as the culmination of continuously accessing levels of reality simultaneously without schisms. Then divinity and humanity are not different aspects of life, but rather they are extensions of consciousness along the continuum of reality."

Valerie Hunt's work in exploring our basic life energy is important and exciting new research -- research which scientifically documents the existence of the energy field called aura, Qi, prana in the ancient healing practices, and consistently denied by the medical establishment. This work greatly expands our knowledge of ourselves and of our potential. Using these Mind Mastery concepts may increase our healing powers significantly.

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By Irene Alleger

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