Effective weight-loss programs

WEIGHT loss preparations
DIET therapy
WEIGHT loss -- Endocrine aspects
FIBER in human nutrition

Abstract:The article informs that the real solution to an effective weight-loss program is taking a rational approach to weight loss by utilizing scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of human appetite regulation and metabolism. The centrepiece of any effective weight-loss program is utilizing unique blends of selected, highly viscous soluble (HVS) fibres. When properly combined these natural dietary fibres act synergistically to bind more water and create a greater gel-like mass than any other fibre alone. When used within a framework of proper diet and lifestyle, HVS dietary fibre blends work to promote weight loss because they help achieve five key goals: Effectively promote satiety leading to a reduction of calories consumed; Improve the sensitivity of body cells to the hormone insulin.; Increase metabolism and fat burning without using harsh stimulants; Reset the mechanisms that control fat cell size and body weight; Bind dietary fat and cholesterol within the intestinal tract and escort them from the body.

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