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USA -- Mexico's Grand Old Man of Laetrile brought them to their feet clapping.
"I put love back into medicine," Ernesto Contreras Sr MD adjust told a huge crowd at the 27th annual cancer convention of the Cancer Control Society (CCS) meeting over the Labor Day weekend in Universal City CA.

"I love my patients. More people have been helped by faith, hope and love than by any kind of medicine."
Dr. Contreras, the Mexican Army doctor who pioneered laetrile use in Mexico in the 1960s and whose Oasis Hospital in Tijuana is still a major magnet for laetrile-centered metabolic therapy patients from around the world, was marking several milestones:

-- He was in his 84th year.
-- He was marking 60 years in medicine, 36 of them with "alternative" therapy.
-- He and son Francisco Contreras MD and their staff had treated 100,000 patients (mostly cancer) in all these years.
-- Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of metabolic medicine pioneer Max Gerson MD and head of The Gerson Institute, announced that the Gerson program was now being offered at Oasis.

In an address interrupted several times by applause, Dr. Contreras discussed his long and impressive career. He synthesized much of it with a single thought:

"After 36 years, I can tell you that the art of medicine has saved more people than the science of medicine."
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Presents an obituary for medical practitioner Ernesto Contreras Sr., a healer associated with Gerson Therapy at Gerson Treatment Centre who diet on October 14, 2003.

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