Your Life Force Can Beat Cancer

I have patients whose loved ones call up to request that not use the word "cancer" during the homeopathic consultation, We agree to talk about "immune system dysfunction" and "blood disorders." I don't mind because these terms are more accurate.

The problem is not so much the existence of cancer cells, but the misunderstanding of cancer as a disease process. It is this misunderstanding that causes fear and recourse to treatment that is misdirected and potentially dangerous.

Cancer is taken in allopathic medicine to mean the existence of cancerous cells, usually in the form of a tumor. The disease is taken to be the diseased material substance. It is then assumed that if this material substance is removed, the disease is gone. This is much like the ancient king who shoots the messenger bearing unpleasant news and considers the problem resolved.

Cancer, meaning the appearance of cancerous cells, is the result of a breakdown of the immune system, which can be caused by many factors, both physical and emotional. Cancer cells are a natural byproduct of cellular metabolism because nature occasionally makes a mistake. However, we have a built-in mechanism for hunting down and disposing of these rogue cells. It's when the immune system becomes damaged that it is unable to fulfill this role properly.

Tumors are Toxic Dumps

Your life force (another term for your overall immune system) tries its best to keep you healthy and when it cannot carry out its job properly, it tries to do the next best thing. In this case, the immune system creates a sort of prison or toxic waste dump for the cancerous cells, which we call a tumor.

The tumor is not the disease. It is the result of disease. Cancer as a disease started well before the tumor showed up. It is the systemic breakdown of your natural biological order.

Our organism is much like society. If the society and culture are relatively healthy in all respects, there is little crime and the police easily deal with what crime exists. However, the more a society breaks down under stress, the more crime increases and the larger and more prisons it must build. If there is significant breakdown in the social order, corruption reigns and crime flourishes.

While the arrest and destruction of criminals may be necessary in the short term, it is not the longer-term solution to the problem of crime resulting from social order problems. Only social reform can address the real problem, the real disease.

Dealing With Radiation

A chemical and radiation treatment for cancerous tumors is effective at destroying these rogue elements in our system, but it comes at a high cost to still healthy cells. It also doesn't get at the real disease, which is the systemic immune system breakdown. In fact, such treatment greatly suppresses the immune system.

Homeopathy is designed to treat the underlying causes of immune system breakdown. It uses highly safe substances in minute amounts to remove shocks and traumas that interfere with the immune system. This restores order in the internal system and allows the immune system again effectively to deal with the cancer cells.

Homeopathy can be used to protect the immune system from assaults by drug and radiation treatment. Patients report no or fewer of the usual "side effects" of such treatment when using homeopathy.

Cancer is a serious matter and we need to seek the best help we can. We do have effective options for treatment. The best course is ultimately to restore healthy immune system functioning. In the case of cancer, this requires a professional homeopath with several years training and experience. Unfortunately, there is a lack of such persons because of allopathic medical opposition to homeopathic training in current medical schools. Perhaps this will change if people demand it.

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By Rudi Verspoor

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