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Jurasunas: 25 years of cancer breakthroughs

PORTUGAL -- Twenty-five years, and 20,000 cancer patients later, Portugal's most innovative "alternative" practitioner has assembled data on long-term recoveries and shorter-term effects in advanced cancer with ever-changing protocols of mostly natural modalities he has researched and applied over the decades.

Dr. Serge Jurasunas, Lisbon, also well known in Europe as a major proponent of organic germanium (as GE-132, bis-carboethyl germanium sesquioxide) in cancer and other conditions, is now lecturing around the world on his optimistic findings, including survival times of up to 15 years in severely advanced malignancies and the likelihood of at least some observable physical improvement within 15 to 60 days in 80 percent of cases.

For the ICHF Newsletter, Dr. Jurasunas stressed "live yeast cell" preparations (Zell-Oxygen), together with germanium, as the "bedrock" of his approach, which includes diet and many other elements.

The cells -- containing protein, Vitamin B complex, all amino acids, nucleic acids, polysaccharides and key antioxidant vitamins and minerals -- were developed as an outgrowth of research by the late Otto Warburg of Germany, whose "active respiratory group" approach to malignancy earlier in this century was a forerunner of today's metabolic therapy.

In early 1998 Dr. Jurasunas reviewed the following cases as part of a presentation made available at meetings in Europe and the Americas (Dr. Jurasunas' words):

PANCREATIC (stage 3) in a 71-year-old male. He first saw me in June 1989 following surgery the month prior. He was weak and had lost 55 kg. Since doctors found him hopeless, his family refused even palliative chemotherapy. He began the protocol, including 300 mg daily of germanium. In a month's time he had regained six pounds and felt much stronger. He continued treatment with nutritional support, including raw vegetable juices, until April 1990, consistently showing remarkable improvement. He continues to visit me three times a year and has returned to a normal life.

COLON (stage 2) in a 32-year-old male. Suffering as well from liver metastasis and with a very weakened condition and without appetite, he first saw me in 1988 following colon surgery. He began the protocol including 400 mg of germanium. A month later he had gained 8 pounds and his bowel regained normal function. He continued the treatment for six months and gained another 8 pounds. At that point scans showed his liver to be free of metastasis.

LUNG (stage 3) in a 54-year-old male. He was extremely weak following radiation therapy and had lost weight. He decided against continued orthodox treatment and began our protocol, including 400 mg germanium per day and 30 ml of Zell-Oxygen three times per day. The primary tumor disappeared after three months.

BREAST (stage 3) in a 31-year-old female. She had a mastectomy of her left breast in 1988 followed by 50 cobalt treatments. Some three months later she felt pain in her spine, whereupon her medical doctor diagnosed rheumatism. Since pain persisted she underwent further testing in a hospital, where a bone metastasis was discovered. She began our protocol including 300 mg of germanium daily and Zell-Oxygen. At five months she was free of metastasis and continued to take germanium 200 mg per day and Zell-Oxygen for another year. She has a normal life and is cancer-free today.

BRAIN (stage 3) in an 11-year-old male. Surgery was performed in 1988 following diagnosis, with partial ablation noted. Followup radiation was unable to destroy the remaining tumor tissue. Following two or more surgeries the boy's condition was judged desperate. His parents referred him to me Jan. 9, 1989, after learning from medical doctors that he probably did not have another year to live.

His case was considered irreversible and I explained to his parents I might not be able to save him. They persisted, so I decided to experiment a couple of months with germanium (250 mg/day) and capsules of a complex of thymus extract, enzymes and vitamins. After a month there was overall improvement, he had recovered his appetite and had gained weight. I increased the germanium to 400 mg daily for two weeks and then 300 mg daily together with my herbal combination formula Apizellin. Throughout 1989 he followed this protocol, including nutritional support and a raw vegetable diet. MRI scans in 1990 found no trace of tumor. He continued treatments and visits to my office. Today he is 20 years old and studying medicine at Lisbon University.

OVARIAN (stage 3) in a 42-year-old female. She had been on chemotherapy and had suffered serious side effects and severe deterioration. We treated her from 1989 to 1992 with a protocol including germanium (300 mg daily), Zell-Oxygen, Squalene, and the Xian-Tian Chinese herbal combination. She discontinued chemotherapy. Despite good and bad periods, by 1993 she was tumor-free and by her 1997 checkup she remained in stable condition.

STOMACH (stage 3) in a 56-year-old female. She underwent a partial gastrostomy on Aug. 23, 1994, followed by chemotherapy. She had a prior history of liver and lung cysts with cancer diagnosed six months later. Suffering severe side effects from chemotherapy, after 36 treatments she discontinued the latter and opted for alternative therapy. She followed a strict diet together with our protocol from 1994 to 1996, seeing some relief from her general physical condition, stomach pain and poor appetite. With care, huge quantities of fresh vegetables and natural foods she overcame her condition. By early 1997 scans detected no sign of tumor activity. By late 1997 she remained stable and tumor-free and continues to take condurango.

BREAST (stage 3) in a 56-year-old female. This was a situation in which the primary tumor could not be removed. She had earlier refused chemotherapy as a treatment for possible tumor reduction prior to surgery. During her first consultation a peripheral blood test revealed a huge, highly inflammatory tumor. We began a protocol including GE 123, Zell-Oxygen, DMSO, Squalene and bamboo extract. After a month the inflammation had lessened and there was less pain. She followed a strict diet including fresh vegetable juices. In 1995 we began "energy-stone" therapy (SGES) together with DMSO, Squalene and Zell-Oxygen. Both the tumor and inflammation continue to diminish. (In July 1997 her sister, who also developed breast carcinoma but followed only orthodox medical protocols, died. This had a negative psychological effect on my patient and she developed severe anemia, which we were able to bring under control. Hospital evaluations continue to show no trace of metastasis to her liver, lungs or bones).

BRAIN (stage 2) in a 19-year-old male. He had undergone two unsuccessful surgeries followed by radiation. He developed hemiplegia, walked with great difficulty and had lost the use of his right hand. We started him on a protocol including 300 mg daily of GE 132. Although he had improved after a month, due to earlier radiation damage we decided to include injectable germanium (3 cc three times per week) along with the 200 mg oral. In two months he had greatly improved his walking capacity and could again use his right hand. There was no further need for corticosteroids.

We decided to experiment with SGES and Zell-Oxygen, but after two months his orthodox medical doctors decided to initiate chemotherapy, with which I disagreed. Three months later he felt so poorly he decided to discontinue chemotherapy; his parents agreed. We continued treatments with Zell-Oxygen and SGES. He began showing significant improvement in 1997 and by the end of the year he was stable. He began swimming to recover his mobility. He continues to take germanium and Zell-Oxygen.


These are only a few samples from thousands of cases treated over the course of 25 years.But from them we may draw some interesting conclusions:

In 80 percent of cases, cancer patients improve their physical condition in 15 and 60 days.

Significant survival rates are achievable even in late-stage cancer. In 30 percent of these there may actually be disease reversal, as in breast or prostate cancer with bone or liver metastases. Some of the late-stage breast amd larynx cancer cases first seen by us in 1982,and some never having ahd surgery, died only recently (1994-1996), demonstrating that survival time extension with good quality of life is always possible.

In breast cancer, these protocols reduce by 80 percent to 100 percent metastases subsequent to surgery in 35 percent of cases, they reduce tumors in 30 percent of caseswithout metastases, and another third who develop metastases consequent to chemotherapy will recover completely.

We can inhibit tumor growth and metastases by increasing each individual's total host defense system or resistance -- meaning the nervous, genetic and immune systems and cellular respiration. There is widespread evidence of the prevention of metastasis, and in so many cases we have found chemotherapy and radiation to be of no benefit. In fact, they may enhance both tumor growth and metastasis.

We can monitor the results of our protocols step by step though peripheral blood tests (detecting morphological changes in red cells, observing immune cell activity, etc.), serum protein profiles and other useful evaluations.

Newsletter of the International Council for Health Freedom.

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