Dr William F. Koch

Dr.Koch’s main research area seems to have been in the oxidization process of the body.He hypothezied that the poor oxidization in the body was the cause of illness.He developped a way to increase this process. And here we are today.A re discovery ,in mind , of what he did. He was of course prosecuted heavily,by the PTB ,and his discovery was buried,just like many others that dared to introduce healing methods that could jeopardize the money greased wheels of BigPharma. www.williamfkoch.com/web/version2/default.php

The Koch Treatment

Congressional Record
Proceedings and debates of the 80th Congress, second session.

Monday, June 7, 1948

Mr. Langer. Mr. President. I hold in my hand an article which appears in the current issue of a Lutheran magazine
called the Eleventh Hour, published by the Lutheran Research Society of Detroit, Michigan. This article bears the title
The Koch Treatment.”

It describes the science developed by Dr. William
Frederick Koch, of Detroit, Mich., for the treatment of
prevailing diseases to which our twentieth-century civilization
is heir.

I have personally watched the progress of this system of
treatment over a period of years. I feel that it is deserving
of the attention of everyone who is interested in the health of
the American people.

I therefore ask unanimous consent to have this
illuminating document printed in the Record at this point as a
part of my remarks.

There being no objection, the article was ordered to be
printed in the Record, as follows:


Fortunately for Canadian farmers in the Province of
British Columbia, the Minister of the Department of Agriculture
possessed an open mind.

This fact is saving cattle raisers into the millions of
dollars annually. It is assuring them of better cows, steers,
and beef than previously known.

Such ailments as Bang’s disease, Johne’s disease, and
other fatal diseases that customarily make devastating demands
upon dairy herds are no longer fatal in British Columbia.
Thanks to the integrity and foresight of Canadian physicians,
veterinarians, and Government experts who recently completed a
series of successful experiments with the Koch system for
treating virulent diseases. More about these investigations a
little later.

But, be it known as a further warning against trying to
suppress truth, that farmers in various parts of the United
States are rising up in indignation, demanding the right to
enjoy the same advantages as their Canadian brethren. Cattle
raisers in South American countries, notably Brazil, have for
years demonstrated the validity of the Koch treatment.

As an index to the stir now being created by American men
of the soil, your editor has before him a document which may
well become one of historical importance. It is a petition,
drawn up by a group of Michigan farmers and submitted for
signature to members of State legislature for their respective
districts. It is dated April 1948, and says:

“We the undersigned members of the Michigan State
legislature respectfully petition the Congress of the United
States, through an appropriate committee to investigate the
injunction imposed by a Federal court on William Frederick
Koch, Ph. D. M.D., a pioneer in the field of research and
treatment of cancer, inasmuch as recently discovered methods of
treatment confirm the research of Dr. Koch, with the end in
view of requesting the Attorney General of the United States to
have said injunction dismissed, so that Dr. Koch can continue
further research and practice in his field without

The document bears the signature of 25 legislators.

More about Dr. Koch’s persecution a little later. * * *

Suffice to say that Michigan farmers are not letting their
herds die while waiting for bureaucrats to lift an injunction
that should never have been imposed. They are using Koch
therapy anyway, thereby saving themselves and the public
substantial sums of money in terms of cattle, beef, and dairy

Injustice temporarily denies the learned physician the
right of recommending his treatment. But men living close to
nature, who know values when they see them, are using the
discovery just the same.

This reminds us of the man of old who insisted the world
was round and that it moved on its axis. In stocks, suffering
excruciating pain, he cried out that his tormentors were right
the earth was flat and stationary. But when given this
freedom, he confided to a friend that the earth had been moving
all the time.

Denial of the earth’s rotundity did not cause the solar
system’s wheels to stop.

Dr. Albert L. Wahl, a New York physician of enviable
attainments says in his book. A Least Common Denominator in
Antibiotics: “In the philosophy of medicine, the last word has
not been said. Nor of course, is it presumed that the present
writing; encompasses the final dictum. But in the words of
the Old Testament, `God has worked a new thing, and this new
thing ( the Koch treatment ) is substantiated by extensive
clinical observation. And the facts press hard upon our
present concepts, not only of clinical pathology, but of the
chemistry of immunity, and clamour for a revision of our
philosophy of medicine.”

Dr. William J. Hale of the Dow Chemical Co. says: “Dr.
William Frederick Koch is the modern Pasteur.”

Prof. Joseph Maisin of Louvain University, Beigium, stated
to the Canadian Cancer Commission in 1940: “The Koch formula
should not be called MERELY a cancer cure. It is a very
important step in medicine and is apt to change the whole
picture of medicine and pathology. Dr. Koch is doing wonderful

It is an interesting story how Koch therapy began to be
applied in animals:

Dr. D. H. Arnott, of London, Ontario, first applied the
system in the cure of human diseases in 1926. Other physicians
and scientists became deeply interested in the cures effected.
While convinced that Dr. Koch had discovered new and useful
therapeutic chemicals, the kind of data customarily accumulated
by animal experiments was lacking. This led to the amazing
results that farmers are now enjoying.

The Honorable K. C. MacDonald, Minister of Agriculture of
British Columbia, called a group of experts together at
Vancouver on October 4, 1944. It was agreed that the Koch
method of treating diseases which were then ravaging fine dairy
herds, should be carefully studied.

Two divergent views were expressed at this meeting:
(1). Educational, scientific, and administrative
authorities present, took the position that reports
of cures were fantastic and too good to be true.

(2). Practical men, farmers who had seen the
demonstrations with their own eyes, testified that
results were being realized exactly as claimed.

On page 16 of his 1944 report, the Minister stated: “There
were many dairymen present who made astounding claims for the
Koch treatment. In practically all cases the dairy claimed
that their cows responded almost immediately. These cattle
owners were emphatic in their request that no action be taken
which would prevent their obtaining Koch treatments when

One leading breeder told how the Koch treatment had saved
an especially good cow given up to die. He explained that it
developed mastitus during lactation. A veterinary surgeon
advised him to have the animal removed from the herd and
slaughtered. There was danger of the infection spreading.

Instead, the Koch treatment was applied. The action
consisted of one dose of the therapeutic reagent being
administered by hypodermic syringe under the skin of the neck.
Recovery was instantaneous and within a week the cow’s milk was
being sold to the creamery.

Other breeders relate similar experiences. Thereupon it
was unanimously agreed that the Department of Agriculture
should investigate the merits of the system. The official
declaration appears on page 16 of the agricultural department’s
1944 report: “The Minister stated that it was his desire to
form an opinion based upon accurate investigations and he named
a committee to under take this investigation.”

Mr. MacDonald’s words of instruction were: “I am Minister,
and gentleman, I am determined to get at the truth.”

Two veterinarians were appointed by members of the
committee to work together. Animals were to be examined and
their diseases classified. It was agreed that no clinical
problem would be rejected because of the severity of the
disease. The joint opinion of the owner and the two
veterinarians was to be accepted as final. Field work was
begun in November 1944 and completed in September 1945. A
Government laboratory and a private laboratory duplicated each
other’s work and checked up on the bacteriology and other
analyses required for the test.

The results were nothing short of astounding to members of
the committee. Everything that the Koch Laboratories, located
at 8181 East Jefferson Avenue, in Detroit, anticipated, came to
pass. It was fitting that the final report published by the
Government of British Columbia should have contained a
statement by Dr. Arnott. He summed up the Koch theory of
treatment as follows:

“Life is promoted, sustained, and reproduced by the use of
food. For good health the supply must be adequate in
amount and in variety. For the best normal results it is
necessary that the food be well digested and also that
the potential energy contained therein be transferred
into living energy throughout the body at a vigorous
rate, burning the food properly in each individual cell
where it unites with oxygen for this purpose.

“This living chemical reaction is spoken of by medical
science as internal respiration, and it must take place
continuously because nature has not provided any
reservoir wherein oxygen may be stored, to be drawn upon
at will or in time of need. It is upon the degree
approaching perfection with which food is thus turned
into living energy consistently that conditions requisite
for good health are best maintained, that diseases are
best resisted, that life is best reproduced.”

“It is Dr. Koch’s belief that a normal supply of these
essential carbon compounds often can be renewed by the
hypodermic administration of the reagents which he

The committee adopted a closing resolution which contained
the following commendatory clause:

“That the observations justify a recognition of the
working hypothesis of biological oxidation of the Koch
treatment, meriting its further use in veterinary

And so, our Canadian friends are profiting from the
wonderful achievements of the Koch science.

Dr. Koch began the treatment of cancer in 1918 and other
diseases later.

He soon discovered interests existing in the United States
that did not welcome recoveries from these deadly enemies of
society to reach the public. Since that time he has had to
constantly beat down the opposition in order to continue his
work for the relief of suffering humanity.

The fundamentals of the Koch science may be succinctly
stated as follows:

1. That the chemistry of natural immunity in the body is
able to destroy the toxicity of germs.

2. When the body is invaded by toxic bacteria so full of
poison that they spill over into the system, the
oxidation mechanism must burn off these poisons or
the person becomes ill.

3. The less able the system is to burn, or oxidize, the
poisons, the weaker the person becomes. When the
oxidation mechanism fails to burn off any poison, the
victim dies.

4. The Koch Laboratories have developed synthetic
antitoxins which act as a catalyst in helping the
body build up its oxidation mechanism equal to the
task of destroying these toxins. When natural
immunity is restored the person recovers.

5. Cancer behavior is a protective response to a toxic
product generated within the body. Dr. Koch
summarized the matter many years ago in a scientific
paper form which the following sentences are

“Clinical observation discloses the persistence of toxemia
over a period even as long as 20 years previous to the
advent of the growth. After the growth has come these
toxic manifestations disappear, or nearly so. After
surgical removal of the growth they return and with
recurrence of the growth again disappear. We designate
these symptoms as the pro growth symptoms, for they
differ from those consequent to the activity of the
growth itself.”

“The strongest and the sufficient proof that cancer is a
response of protection against a definite toxin, however,
rests with the fact that removal of the toxin and
destruction of the toxin source is followed by complete
involution of all cancer tissue, complete healing of the
regions involved, return to health with absence of growth
and pro growth symptoms, and the absence of recurrence.”

6. Diet occupies a prominent place in the practical
application of the system.

Testimonials like the following by Dr. Wahl could be
multiplied to fill several large volumes:

“Over a year ago, my sister was dying of lymphosarcoma, a
disease which the profession regards as invariably fatal.
The diagnosis was made by Dr. H. H. Permar, of Mercy
Hospital Pittsburgh, Pa. on the basis of biopsy study No.
1171, May 1, 1946. The medical staff of Mercy Hospital
had perviously made a diagnosis of lymphosarcoma or
Hodgkin’s disease.

“The case was far advanced at the time, my sister having
been practically bedridden for 6 months because of
weakness and recurrent infections. The masses of lymphoid
tissue did not have to be palpated; they stood out on the
sides of her neck and in her axillae and groins like
bunches of grapes mixed with walnuts.

“When the diagnosis of lymphosarcoma had been made, and I
had received written commiseration from a top-ranking
staff member of Mercy Hospital, it never occurred to me
to do other than offer my sister the straw hope of deep
X-ray therapy. Everyone who examined her thought she
would be dead within a few weeks.

“I refused to listen to my father’s recommendations that
my sister be treated with a substance built up from the
conjugated systems of carbonyl and ethylene linkages.
Because of American Medical Association propaganda, I
believed that the results previously reported with this
therapy approached the acme of quackery.”

“However, my father did have my sister treated, since he
personally knew of cases of cancer which were cured and
remained cured after its use. This type of cancer is
fatal in 3 to 6 months, as a rule.

“My sister was in the last stages and was said to have
only a few weeks to live, according to the best knowledge
on the subject. She recovered after one dose in
characteristic fashion.”

“Then and there, I decided to undertake an independent
investigation of the treatment. I have been irrevocably
convinced of the great value of this treatment.”

“The American Medical Association is not yet convinced
after 25 years. But that is an old story.”

William Frederick Koch was graduated bachelor of arts at
the University of Michigan in 1909 and later received the
degrees of master of arts (1910), and doctor of philosophy
(1917). He received his medical degree at the Detroit College
of Medicine.

During 1910-13 he was instructor in histology and
embryology at the University of Michigan, and for 5 years,
1914-19, professor of physiology in the Detroit Medical

Comparisons are odious, but Dr. Koch has been described by
authorities as “the world’s greatest living chemist”; “the
discoverer of a new science which charts the future course of
the medical profession”; “one who cannot be bought, coerced, or
intimidated”; “a Christian gentleman of courage and distinctive
attainments”; and “a man of amazing capacities.”

No one who knows him well and understands the humanitarian
spirit that animates his every deed will deny that the
foregoing descriptions apply.


Re-Examing the Work of Johanna Budwig

A correspondent recently wrote that it would be helpful if Dr. Johanna Budwig's works were rendered in English. I have that capability and will bring forth her major points in this article. In contrast to her efforts in English seen in this publication to defend her work (which needs no defense), her command of scientific German-is profound. So is her knowledge of Quantum Physics, Biochemistry and finally Cookery. What she has demonstrated to my initial disbelief but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: cancer is easily curable, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate; the cancer cell is weak and vulnerable; the precise biochemical breakdown point was identified by her in 1951 and is specifically correctable, in vitro as well as in vivo; any interested physician can set up this test in his office laboratory to screen for this cancer defect and monitor progress, humans are plugged into the sun electronically (we are all heliotropes) and when this sun connection of electron flow is severed, cancer is soon to follow; human tissue is unique in nature for its awesome ability to absorb the sun's electrons and release them upon need. Human life span could reach 1000 years (if not 10 times that) based on our hitherto unrecognized electron energy flow that is independent of, senior to, and guiding of, the Krebs cycle of biochemical (as opposed to biophysical) energy production.

I will draw together Budwig's work with that of William Frederick Koch, Wilhelm Reich, Darius Dinshah (of color therapy) and my own work and show these nondestructive modalities are all of a piece - all rely on the healing effect of the only counter-entropic particle discovered in this universe, the biological electron, which I have abridged and christened the "biotron" for better identification. Budwig found it in the sun, Koch knew it skittered along his ethylenic carbonyl sequence, C=C-C=0, as a "smokeless flame," Reich trapped it in his Orgone Box but mistakenly concluded it was not an electron. This left his energy in the realm of the spooky and occult; Dinshah's color therapy is, by test, a weak biotron generator (the biotron has infinite variations according to the color of the photons it accompanies and easily penetrates the body whereas light cannot); finally I long since have proved Reich's "specific biologic energy" was an electron while I was on the way to producing it in quantity at will, electrically with "on-off convenience" in the Bio-Tron Projector[Trademark] (BP).

As we cover Budwig's work I will draw attention to the strange research behavior of two Nobel Laureates, Otto Warburg and Albert Szent-Gyorgi, both of whom almost certainly saw how to re-start oxidation in the cancer cell and yet backed off. Why? I have correspondence with one of them that is over 20 years old that sheds light on this aversion to success. Its significance has only very recently fallen into place for me.

Budwig: sunlight is indispensable for human life, our living tissue absorbs electrons (biotrons) via Resonance Absorption. This means our tissues must oscillate in the same bands (or harmonics thereof) as those of the incoming electrons of the sun's rays - the analogy of tuning an old-fashioned TV set is precise here. Certain seed oils - notably Flax (linseed) with the unsaturated linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids are necessary for this because, in our bodies these form a specific sulfhydryl-containing lipoprotein whose dipolarity and inherent resonance uniquely permits the necessary exquisite sun-human body synchrony to permit reception, storage (and later release) of the sun's incoming electrons. With this "molecule of life" hosting the ever-swarming, oscillating electrons in our bodies, all bodily functions are governed; particularly pH regulation, protein synthesis, how strong our biologic battery's potential really is - i.e. redox.

Fertilization itself is achieved by the formation of a lipoprotein via the reaction of the pseudo-acid, R-SH, contained in the sperm with the polyene linkages in the ovum which act as proton acceptors (pseudo-bases). This was discovered by none other than Otto Warburg in a biological research station in Italy on the Adriatic in the late 20's with the observation (using sea urchin eggs) that in 24 hours after this union, a 2200% increase in oxygen consumption took place. Let us now look very closely at Otto Warburg.

He tried to apply this phenomenon to rekindle aerobicity in the cancer cell -hardly a surprise in view of his prolonged study of the hopelessly anaerobic metabolism of the cancer cell. But, get this, Warburg tried this using NO polyunsaturated oil, he used two saturates: palmitic and butyric - and he failed. Now biochemical knowledge of the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats was considerable then- much of it German in origin. Budwig necessarily must deal with this but she seems to glide over this and is, in my opinion, much too charitable.

I ask you: How could such a brilliant researcher blunder like that? My answer, after much pondering, is that Warburg did not dare cure cancer. To make matters worse, Warburg even had another chance to cure this disease and again he "walked." William Frederick Koch, the son of German immigrants was in Germany for awhile in the 50's when Warburg was alive, before going on to Brazil. He was proficient in the language. Wistfully, in "Survival Factor..." he writes how if Warburg only knew of his (Koch's) work, all would be well. Are we to believe they never communicated?

No. As researchers of history we have to conclude they talked and talked aplenty! But by their "silence" Warburg was protected, and Koch, not Warburg was reportedly fatally poisoned for his supreme misdeed of curing cancer. So I believe Warburg ducked twice. Budwig did not duck, she succeeded and paid a terrible price in court trials and ostracism which seem to be coming to an end. My patients have trouble thinking Budwig's treatment is not only "modern" but the latest thing since it began in 1951.

The next researcher closest to Koch's work who put on some strange moves was another "Laureate" and survivor: Albert Szent-Gyorgi (S-G). S-G wrote slightingly of Koch's "intuitive" research and complained that Koch left "few records." Baloney. Even this complaint is damning evidence that S-G did know enough of Koch's work. Any Martian would agree that S-G's "electron biology" is heavily in Koch's debt, Koch being the first MD to understand free radical chemistry. Koch was more honest. Lavishly did he acknowledge his debt to pioneer Moses Gomberg, organic chemist, under whom he studied in 1910.

There are two more counts against S-G and one of them will be from me. I hate to give them but if I do not, no generation to come (if not our own) will ever learn how on this bedizened planet, great men living in our midst have been forced to live and work like cringing dogs during this century or be killed for curing cancer. Like Koch. Like Reich.

Thirteen years after Budwig's breakthrough, in 1964, she lectured to a society of "oil chemists" in Chicago. In "Cosmic Forces Against Cancer," one of her untranslated brochures, she records that she told S-G all the details of her therapy then. Did he take up her cause? He did not.

In 1967 and 1970, in total ignorance of any of the above, I wrote S-G about a chemical sequence that interested me: C=C-C=0. (I was to know nothing of Koch until 1988 and was then primarily a Cardiologist-not even "into" cancer then). I pointed out to S-G that his article in Science of 1967 on "retine," a keto-aldehyde, was fascinating to me and that refine could tautomerically exist as C=C-C=0 and surely snap up -SH groups. S-G had been writing that by controlling -SH groups (always necessary for cell division), his natural substance, refine, was a potential if not the active cancer stopper in the body. He thanked me kindly and added he already knew of this tautomer, etc. I have the two letters.

What does this mean? At the minimum, that S-G was working the same side of the street as Koch. At the maximum, and I have to believe this particularly in view of Warburg's own back-off, this great and good biochemist was hoping against hope that if he could only show that the C=C-C=0 mechanism was not merely a very useful drug (Koch) but a natural bodily component for cancer prevention via -SH control, why then he might not be virtually stood up against a wall and shot. Such was his desperation. If he was not desperate, he was a charlatan. I prefer to believe the former. Funding at Woods Hole was not lavish even for S-G. It is also noteworthy that Koch took happy note on page 92 in "Survival Factor..." of the turn of S-G's work towards Koch's own. To me this is an encrypted message "Dr. S-G, I know you fully understand my discovery but you do not dare acknowledge this, its OK." This is typical of a worker in an underground resistance movement!

Budwig: The human body is a living antenna capable of receiving these cancer preventing and healing electrons if provided with the above two constituents. For the sulfhydryl groups, cysteine or methionine in milk products (cottage cheese) are fine. Plenty of linoleic acid is present in margarine but it is in the trans form and electron resonant absorption cannot occur in these "twisted molecules." And people die. The German margarine interests shut down her publications in all the German periodicals when she showed this. We should ask ourselves: What American interests kept her vital information from our shores for so long? Do not underestimate the cancer monopoly.

Colon cleansing, the vegetarian diet are essentially the same as Koch's. But daily administration of Flax Oil in amounts of 250 to 500 grams are not unusual. Also rectal instillation or trans-dermal administration are fine. But she uses spices lavishly and this is based on the swarms of electrons that surround these aromatics! Cinnamon, anise, fenechal, corriander, thyme, orange or lemon peel, vanilla, cacao and cloves plus many other spices are recommended - based on Quantum Physics. (Those swinging electrons).

Adding 0.1 gamma of linoleic acid (in 1951, recall) to a yellow-green "schweif" (tail) in a slow moving lipid fraction (she founded determinative lipid chromatography), this "tail" turned red. Hemoglobin!

What was the yellow-green "tail"? Cytochrome-c - the exact place where aerobic metabolism was stalled. Cytochrome-c is protohemoglobin, she states. This seems to me to be the "Experimentum Crucis" of medical science of all time. Clinically, on the Oil-Protein Diet, the cancer patient's pale-green "schweif" disappears in several months.

In a little over 3 pages in "Die elementäre Funktion der Atmung..." she describes how to set up paper chromotographically the test on a patient's finger stuck drop of blood which will show whether a person has cancer or not. As stated earlier, this can be performed in any interested physician's office to establish the diagnosis and monitor progress. Looking at the test, she writes: "The slower moving lipid fractions with the attached yellow-green fleck (which fluoresces more green than blue) are a pathological sign; in healthy persons they migrate faster and fluoresce more blue. The yellow-green fleck is missing." False positives can be seen in lymphopathia venereum, severe lues, sarcoma, diabetes and the first day of the menses. Clinical differentiation of these is not difficult.

Using phase microscopy, bizarrely shaped RBC's, abnormal crenation tests, strange-looking fibrin strands, all revert to normal almost overnight thanks to the restoration of a higher redox potential. Worm-shaped lifeforms seen under dark field microscopy (also reported by both Koch and Reich) are shown in photos; these too disappear rapidly - redox effect, again. A stronger battery powers the immune system.

What causes failures? Patients lapsing into eating preservatives (Wurst-sausage, even bon-bons can mean bye-bye). These are tissue respiration blockers, or in terms of Quantum Physics "electron robbers." Margarine, animal fats, butter, nitrates (nitro-patches?) silver ions, radiation, chemotherapy - all break up resonance absorption and are "Elektronenräuber." Even too much vitamin E can be too antioxidant! The dose is not given that produces this effect. We are left only to guess.

The closest approximation in the U.S. for the Leionöl-Quark - i.e. Linseed (Flax) Oil - cottage cheese will now be given. (I use Omegaflo ordered from Omega Nutrition, 604-322-8862). We have little quark accessibility (in Florida anyway) as this is made from unpasteurized skim milk. Here is how to make the lipoprotein in vitro (and avoid diarrhea from the large amounts of oil). To 250ml Flax Oil in a mixing bowl, add one pound of 1% cottage cheese, 4 tablespoons of honey (OK for diabetics) and start the mixer. Add just enough water or skim milk to cause the mixture to be uniform and smooth. In 5 minutes of mixing a custardy product will emerge with no oily taste. The lipoprotein thus made leaves no ring around the bowl. I have had one patient who literally lived on this for 7 weeks during total exclusion of her bile and pancreatic juice from the intestine from cancer of the head of the pancreas. The lipoprotein, in short, was absorbed in sufficient amount despite complete absence of these secretions in the intestinal tract! Budwig records that metastases to bone, skin, anywhere, disappear; a primary colon cancer may be "excreted" via the stool.

Being that we are creatures plugged into the sun, and that the sun electron is counter-entropic (acts against "running down" - a term from physics) many if not all diseases will respond to the provision of this sulfhydryl-containing lipoprotein, the "molecule of life." Besides cancer, arteriosclerosis, arthritis (with cartilage regrowth), diabetes, responses occur in all disorders of stasis of flow of secretions ranging from that of the liver and gall bladder, bronchi, sinuses, intestines, vagina-all the way to Sjogren's Syndrome; also infertility, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, skin afflictions. This "molecule of life" probably accounts for Friedrich Dessauer's report in 1954 that human tissue, thanks to its storing/releasing ability of electrons, should support life for a millennium. This reminds one of the Biblical patriarchs and should pique our interest.

Budwig's electrons flow over hydrogen bridges afforded by the highly unsaturated fatty acid adducts as Pauling asserted decades ago in "The Nature of The Chemical Bond." She admires his work. Did he never learn of hers?

She has had 10 year cures walking around since 1966. Over a radio broadcast in Stuttgart in 1967 she stated in reference to the advanced cases that reached her after failed radiation and surgery, "Even in these cases it is possible to restore health in a few months, I can truly say, in 90% of cases." To repeat, she is convinced that the cancer cell is a weakling. It is not robust with its electron flow interrupted and its anoxia. Like Koch, she cures the cancer cell of its cancer (anaerobiosis), it becomes a law-abiding citizen. The tumor sloughs off or is absorbed.

Her sun electron oscillating in fatty acid adducts, and carotenoids, chlorophyll, etc. is, as mentioned above, Koch's electron (biotron) as described on page 35 of "Survival Factor..." with its "smokeless flame" and no intermediates. The 90% response rate is similar in Budwig and Koch. Reich's cancer success rate I cannot find documented. (Perhaps he got smart, finally).

In "Laser Beams Against Cancer" Budwig used non-tissue destructive Laser levels to deliver the biotron. Cancer patients responded at once to this shot of energy. I have checked such Lasers out and indeed their biotron is indistinguishable from that emitted by my Bio-Tron Projector[Trademark] (BP) which costs $200 (versus G.O.K. how many thousands for a Laser) and weighs 61/2 pounds. Aerobic fitness rises sharply in healthy people who sleep under the beam of the BP which is not a medical device. It is simply a lamp that passes light through Lucite with energizing results. It looks like a farmer's mailbox and is 14 inches long, 6 inches in diameter.

A very sophisticated concept is introduced by Budwig, "Quantum Potency." This represents the measure of a given organism's ability to amplify received electron energy into a higher ("pumped up") level of energy via the resonating process. Humans are very good at this. We are back to physicist Dessauer's assertion (cited repeatedly by Budwig) that we should live a millennium based on our unique ability to generate/store/release high energy electron outputs via this amplification-thru-resonance.

I believe there is a legitimate (and now promising) area of research for us all and especially for people sleeping in the beam of the BP. During this time, the feeling of passage of time completely disappears! Is this particle our biologic timer? Has biologic time come to a stop? People start looking younger after 3-4 weeks or so. Free radical wipe-out? Cholesterol drops to about 140. Should we not stop looking at 120 years and stop being mired in the Krebs cycle and look enviously at 1000 based on this now enhanceable biophysical energy flow which by-passes both substrate (food) and oxygen and which we have obviously been built to receive? To me, the answer is yes.

Budwig's showing of Flax Oil to be an electron harvester of epic proportions makes our own plodding research on unsaturates and their production of various sub-groups of prostaglandins look like the work of pygmies. I am happy I never quite got around to memorizing them.

Again, it is the energy from Quantum Physics that we should focus on. It is primal and far senior to the chemical. The chemical should look more and more to us like an after-thought. Koch referred contemptuously of the Krebs cycle as "a decarboxylation process mainly adapted to the lower forms of life" (p. 35, "Survival Factor..."). That book was published in 1961. When will we wake up? We are more "physics" than "chemistry." This opens up vistas yet undreamed of in longevity. And gene repair.

I sent some of Budwig's work in a roundabout way to a cancer researcher I have never met. He commented the work is "dated," I hear. Poor guy, he was dated. He was, "pre-1951" if he was unaware of her work! (Worse still, he is closer to having to learn how to earn an honest living than he realizes).

The victory over cancer is close at hand and is just as unforeseen as was the end of the cold war. A disease that responds 90% of the time to proper treatment is hardly incurable.

Budwig, to her eternal credit, won the war in the two ways that were requisite: scientifically and by communicating. By deed and by writing. By persisting in the face of adversity. She is of stern stuff. And a darn good cook to boot.


Dan C. Roehm, MD, FACP

Roehm Medical Centre 3450 Park Central Blvd. North

Pompano Beach, FL 33064


By Dan C. Roehm

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