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The Cure For All Cancers is a striking and controversially titled book. But, it is far more than a cure for cancers and has a much more universal appeal than just to cancer patients and their families.

Author Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D, N.D., has a strong background in biology, biophysics, and cell physiology. She left her career in government funded research in 1979 and began private consulting. After years of practice, she began to observe patterns and similarities between various cancer patients. The similarities involved the organ location of present internal parasites and chemical toxins.

Dr. Clark observed over 100 patients in approximately two years and these case histories are the body and backup in her book, The Cure For All Cancers. She also observed similarilites in AIDS/HIV patients and presented these in The Cure For HIV/AIDS.

I had the privilege of talking with Dr. Clark about these and her upcoming book, The Cure For All Diseases. Dr. Clark is dedicated to her work and beliefs, but didn't set out to prove any theory or persuade everyone she was right. The "theory", as we call it, although Dr. Clark hesitates at the use of the word, was developed after she began observing and chronicling client cases.

"I had cured a number of cases and thought it was time to begin a statistical selection of cases so that people can judge for themselves," commented Dr. Clark. Addressing the case histories presented in the book, Dr. Clark remarked, "This is a consecutive series which makes it more powerful than having chosen cases."

To make her observations and theory available to the public now, instead of spending years involved in red tape and additional research, Dr. Clark choose the road of publishing her findings in book format. This way she feels that each individual has the opportunity to read, evaluate, and test for themselves the ideas presented.

Dr. Clark utilized a relatively simple electronic device to test for toxins in the body and in products. She includes detailed instructions on how to assemble the same device and encourages everyone to take charge of their health and test for themselves. Personally, I have limited understanding of electronics, and have not yet built the device. After reviewing her book, I did start to read labels and found some frightening things. For example, my former hair shampoo listed formaldehyde as one of its ingredients. What's listed, explained Dr. Clark, is often only what ingredients\materials the manufacturer started with. It doesn't accurately represent what the consumer gets in the finished product. In today's market place she continued, "Everything is purchased. Each component is purchased separately. No one can trace the source of every component. There are at least three to four tiers of activity going into processed products."

It is in the processing that many of our products are contaminated with these deadly toxins. The toxins leach from containers, pipes, residues of cleaning and sanitation procedures.

Dr. Clark would like to see "Truth in Manufacturing" and the disclosures on the final product. "Statements like 100% pure or organically grown are meaningless."

Eliminating toxins in our environment is a big job. They lurk in even the most unsuspecting places. Dr. Clark lists many, many of the most common sources of toxins, including your hair dryer or clothes dryer belt which, unless made in the USA, contains asbestos. The sources are, in themselves fascinating. Personally, I was intrigued by Dr. Clark's findings, or lack of, regarding high mercury levels in seafood. She admits high levels have been found in seafood, but she could not find any evidence of this transferring to us. However, she explained, "This is a molehill compared to the mountain (of mercury) in your teeth if you have amalgam fillings."

The removal of fillings is one of the first things Dr. Clark often recommended to her clients. This removal often brought about the elimination of many toxins in their bodies.

The various toxins are what promotes the parasites. Dr. Clark observed that by ridding the body of toxins, particularly propyl alcohol, the parasites causing cancer would not flourish. "We are fertile ground for parasites," she commented. Chemicals which weaken our organs provide the fertile ground for the parasites to flourish, and this leads to cancer development.

Dr. Clark's program for the removal of the parasites themselves is an herbal program utilizing Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood, and common Cloves, The program is laid out in the book and has been featured in other publications such as Alternative Medicine Digest. This combination and procedure was developed to kill the parasites at all stages of development -- egg, larva, and adult.

Her second step is to stop propyl alcohol from entering your body. This requires changes in diet, personal care products, and your environment. The third step is to flush out the metals and common toxins that are already in your body. Making the outlined lifestyle changes can be challenging, but the rewards great -- curing cancer.

Dr. Clark's protocol was developed to cure the malignancy. She pointed out that the tumor will remain and that benign tumors can grow and spread. "This is an unresolved area, why some people make tumors and others do not." She has observed that in either case, benign or malignant, copper is present in each.

The strict protocol may be difficult for some, almost overwhelming for the very ill. Dr. Clark stressed the need for family support and friends who are willing to help and listen. She remarked that she has heard of support groups for people who are working her program.

"You will be successful," commented Dr. Clark. "But, if you think that going half way will do it, that is very wrong." She continued, "That's a big mistake. We are accustomed to thinking that. You can take half your pills and get somewhere. You can do things generally halfway and still make some progress. But, with the cancer story, it isn't a half-way situation. You must do everything. This is and takes a definite commitment to improving your health."

Dr. Clark would like to see society teaching wellness, prevention and good health, which we take for granted. "This is a difficult dilemma," she observed. "How do we make young healthy people interested in their health? People don't want to be more observant when there is nothing yet to see." She continued, "A young person who has never been sick isn't going to look at themselves for what they can do about their health."

Dr. Clark's next book, The Cure For All Diseases, will have a wider appeal and may make more people aware of what they can do to improve and take control of their own health. It will cover a wide range of diseases including multiple sclerosis and thyroid diseases.

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By Marian Brown

Charges against Dr Hulda Regehr Clark were recently dismissed, as happy supporters prepared to continue the battle. Attorney Steve Dillon's office gave notice that the judge granted the defence Motion to Dismiss.

Clark was charged with practicing medicine without a license in Indiana. The charges were dismissed because of extreme time delay. They were originally filed in June of 1993, but Clark was only arrested in September, 1999, after a marathon cross-country police transport.

The 71-year-old Clark, author of such books as The Cure For All Diseases, was investigated because of her research work with HIV patients (see alive #210). Extensive testing and case studies led her to the theory that diseases develop because the body's natural immune system is unable to deal with them; people need to be dewormed in much the same way their pets are, she says. Toxins, parasites, viruses and harmful bacteria need to be cleansed from the body and kept out so the body's immune system can do its work.

Her legal victory sets a progressive tone and hopefully an appreciation of the skills of alternative practitioners. But Tim Bolen, a supporter of leading-edge practitioners, expects the attacks to continue.

He says that the best defence is a powerful offence. In May of 1999, charges were filed in California by attorney Christopher Grell against Clark, her son Jeff Clark and 20 others all over the world. Bolen believes it is a frivolous suit designed to disrupt, discredit and hamper her research, brought about by so-called “quackbusters,” In response, a counter-suit is in progress, naming attorney Grell, Steven Barrett (a “quack-buster” who has used Grell to sue others) and possibly many more.

There have been no apologies and no compensation so far for Clark's ordeal. She has been continuing her research at her clinic in Mexico and in May completed a series of interviews with Tony Brown for his show on PBS, She has plans to lecture in both Canada and the USA in the future.

Kipling Court Martial Dismissed
Canadian Forces Sergeant Mike Kipling will not be subjected to a court martial, according to the ruling of Colonel Guy Brais, Canada's chief military judge.

Kipling had been brought to trial by the military last year because of his refusal to take the anthrax vaccine. Brais ruled that not only did the court martial violate Kipling's rights under the Charter, but that he had a reasonable excuse to refuse the vaccine under section 126, because the anthrax vaccine was unsafe.

Expert witness for the defence, Dr Meryl Nass, a Maine, USA physician, testified that the particular batch of vaccine in question was up to nine years old and may have contained foreign material and inaccurate doses. However, prosecutor Del Fullerton said the decision could be seen narrowly and would not affect the way the military orders soldiers to take other vaccines.

The Eagle Foundation of Canada, a group that actively opposes vaccination, had pledged to foot the bill for the defence. The foundation was established in 1995 in order to support the families of two Winnipeg children damaged by vaccines. The group recognizes that financial difficulties are one of the ways families are injured through vaccination, so they jumped to aid Mike Kipling with financial support.

“Canadians are very generous,” says Dr Gerry Bohemier, president of the foundation. The cost totalled $30,000 and only $10,000 has been raised so far. The foundation is appealing to the military to help with some of the legal fees.

Those wishing to contribute can contact the Eagle Foundation through their website at www.eaglefoundation.org.

Hulda Clark on the Recovery Forefront

Dr Hulda Clark takes only "the most terminal of the terminal" cancer patients at her Mexico clinic. So successful are Dr Clark's protocols for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases, she focuses only on the worst cases.

The first time I saw this soft-spoken biophysics specialist from Saskatchewan, she had mesmerized a Toronto audience of over 500 people with her remarkable discoveries about the cause and treatment of killer diseases. What could she know that had clearly changed so many lives and prompted her to write such books as The Cure For All Diseases and The Cure For All Cancers? And why were so many people attending Dr Clark's next morning workshop on how to build and use her electronic "zappers" and "synchrometers?"

The case histories described in Dr Clark's books provide quick insight. Her treatment has caused the reversal of not only these but other serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome. Alzheimer's, infertility and multiple sclerosis in hundreds of patients. The explanations are fascinating, and a critical threat to the medical establishment and chemical industries.

Parasites and Toxins

Dr Clark's primary success stems from her discovery that people today are unnaturally and heavily infested with fluke parasites as a result of solvents and other toxins in food. drink, household products and the environment. These parasites overload our liver function. Toxins and solvents in animal feed form a parasite reservoir in livestock and pets. Each solvent weakens a specific organ, allowing various flukes to complete their life cycles within the human body instead of in nature's original external animal host. This is how the trouble begins.

In the case of cancer, a common flatworm called the human intestinal fluke takes hold in the liver. Adult stages would normally stay in the intestine, causing colitis-type symptoms or no symptoms at all. It would release fluke eggs through the bowels and any reaching the bloodstream would be destroyed by the liver. Today, this often doesn't happen.

When people inadvertently eat too much food mould (especially aflatoxins), the common solvent isopropyl accumulates in the liver, causing it to malfunction. Dr Clark finds all cancer patients to have propyl chemicals in their livers while people without cancer do not. This liver overload allows fluke hatch-lings to grow anywhere in the body. Dr Clark has discovered. They produce growth factors that stimulate cancer and disease in surrounding tissue. In the uterus, she says, young flukes cause endometriosis: in the kidney. Hodgkin's disease: and in the thymus (with excess benzene in the body), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The Herbal Arsenal

Luckily, it's easy to kill these parasites and it's certainly possible to eliminate many solvents, moulds and other toxins. Dr Clark shuns patented antifungal drugs since we each have dozens of the 120 different common human parasites and reactions to these drugs can be severe. Instead, she recommends three herbs that kill over 100 types of parasites without side-effects. These are black walnut hull (green tincture form). wormwood (from the garden-variety Artemesia absynthium, in capsules) and common cloves (fresh ground, in capsules). A treatment takes about three weeks, with occasional follow-ups. Children and pets should also be treated. These and other herbs described for liver and kidney cleanses, as well as the vitamins and other supplements recommended, are available at health food stores.

Cleaning Up

The propyl alcohol family are compounds containing the root word "prop," and are numerous but easily replaced with other products. Banish rubbing alcohol and most hairspray, mouthwash and shaving products, shampoo, mousse and lotions. artificial food colours and flavours. Solvent-filled paints and other chemicals should be kept out of the house. Getting rid of aflatoxins means not eating mouldy food, processed cereals, breads and peanut butter or drinking beer.

Dr Clark lists other common sources, recommending lots of vitamin C. which helps the liver detoxify moulds and can purify rice and pasta. Eating natural foods and avoiding rarely cooked or processed meat are crucial steps. You'll eliminate much benzene poisoning as well.

Like flukes, bacterial parasites also produce growth factors that may stimulate cancer. Clark has found dental bacteria from cavities, root canals and crowns to be major culprits in the disease process that are not effectively killed by the walnut hull. cloves and wormwood. Infected teeth must be removed and cavitations cleaned. Silver amalgam fillings, a source of highly toxic mercury, should be replaced with safer materials.

Other persistent bacteria like salmonella and shigella from past food poisoning (often undiagnosed) can be treated orally with medical iodine. Hydrogen peroxide is used orally for other cases.


By Miriam Hawkins

Pollutants, Parasites & Disease: The Cure for All Diseases


by Huda Regehr Clark, PhD, ND

Twin Press, Inc., Box 26984, West Haven, Connecticut 06516 USA or phone 203-934-6209

Softbound, 596 pp., (C)1995, $21.95

Some years ago, researcher and physiologist Hulda Regehr Clark noticed that specific parasites and pollutants played major roles in disease. Her previous books The Cure for All Cancers and The Cure for HIV and AIDS focused on the human intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buskii and the solvents isopropyl alcohol, which, in combination with the fluke, can bring on cancer, and benzene, which weakens the immune system. In her latest book The Cure for All Diseases, Clark presents her experience with numerous conditions and diseases that she has treated by killing parasites and helping patients clean pollutants and toxins from their systems.

Clark believes that the underlying cause of poor health is pollutants and/or parasites. Solvents, metals, and chemicals from our air, water, food, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, and household products, toxins from molds, fibers from asbestos and fiberglass insulation, and metal, especially mercury, poisoning from dental amalgams build up in the body, despite the liver's and kidneys' efforts to detoxify and eliminate them. Swellings, stones and benign tumors form in the body's effort to render these substances harmless. Deficiencies and disabilities result as body systems weaken from the toxic overload.

Clark considers benzene and propyl alcohol the most harmful pollutants. Benzene is drawn to the thymus and bone marrow and ruins the immune system. A mycotoxin found in popcorn, corn chips, and brown rice called zearalenone prevents the body from detoxifying benzene. Most cooking oils, flavored foods, beverages including bottled water, cold cereal, ice cream and frozen yogurt, plus toothpaste, hand creams, vaseline products, and personal lubricants contain benzene. Clark considers it a primary factor in AIDS. Propyl alcohol, the second most harmful pollutant, targets the liver and, according to Clark, disrupts the natural life cycle of the human intestinal fluke in the body, causing cancer. Propyl alcohol is found in virtually all shampoos, hair sprays, cosmetics, shaving supplies, mouthwash, and in cold cereals, decaffeinated coffee, carbonated beverages, store-bought juices, and white sugar. Avoidance of these solvents allows the body to strengthen so that it can begin to rem ove the poisons and heal.

Parasites are the other part of Clark's picture. She observed that every person with diabetes who came to her for treatment had the pancreatic fluke of cattle in his pancreas. People with asthma tested positive for roundworm in their lungs, and those with cancer had the human intestinal fluke in their livers. Clark developed an inexpensive electronic audio oscillator to test for the presence of viruses, bacteria, parasites, solvents, and toxins in various parts of the body. This Syncrometer(TM) works on the premise that the human body emits electrical frequencies. Clark explains that "[w]hen you combine the audio oscillator circuit with your body and you hear resonance, then you have detected a match! Something in your body matches something in the circuit on the test plate. By putting a laboratory sample of, say, a virus on the test plate, you can determine if your body has that virus by listening for resonance."

To eliminate the parasites she found in her patients, Clark developed an Herbal Parasite Killing Program that uses black walnut hull tincture, wormwood, and cloves, and ornithine to alleviate insomnia that may result during the die-off. Once the parasites have been killed, she recommends a maintenance regimen, using the same herbs twice a week to prevent re-infection. Clark also details a pet parasite program since household pets are often the source of parasites and reinfection.

In 1989, Clark developed an electronic "zapper" that uses frequency to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites. All living organisms transmit frequencies unique to that species. Just as it is possble to "jam" a radio, it is possible to "jam" the living organism by exposing it to the frequencies with which it resonates until they sicken and die. Clark gives detailed instructions for the construction and use of the zapper, but not without reservations. She strongly believes in its potential for benefit to those who are ill, yet she is also aware that if resonant frequencies can kill small lifeforms, they can theoretically cause severe damage or death if used at frequencies found among humans. Our knowledge of bioelectrical energy is still in its infancy.

Clark has applied the pollutant and/or parasite premise to numerous ailments. Over 50 painful conditions, 35 non-painful diseases, and a detailed section on aging are included in The Cure for All Diseases. Bioelectronic diagnosis and "zapping" parasites, bacteria, and viruses are just the first steps to regaining health, according to Clark. Cleaning one's diet, body, home and removing amalgams from one's mouth to lessen stress on the liver and kidneys and flushing these organs so that they can remove toxins more easily all are necessary for the body to heal. With this book, Clark hopes to provide readers with the tools and knowledge to diagnose and treat these conditions themselves.

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By Jule Klotter


Hulda Regehr Clark, ND, PhD, born and raised near Rosthern, Saskatchewan, and now a world-famous, controversial 71-year old medical researcher, was arrested in her bathrobe last September. Held for 16 days in a holding cell in San Diego, California, she was given prison garb during her stay. She was then shipped -- now in her bathrobe again -- by two male deputies non-stop to Indiana in the back seat of an Indiana Brown County police car which drove 3,542 kilometres (2,200miles) in 37 and a half hours.

Her crime? Seven years ago, after retiring as a medical researcher at the University of Indiana, Dr Clark conducted her own HIV/AIDS research to see whether her protocol would help HIV patients. It did. She became the subject of an inquiry by two undercover Indiana State investigators. In disgust, she moved her research project to California and Mexico.

Nothing ever came of the investigation until September 20, 1999. The FBI, acting on a fugitive warrant issued shortly before by recently newly elected Brown County Indiana Prosecutor James Oliver, arrested Dr Clark at her San Diego home. Oliver had recently married one of the original investigators involved in the old case. Two earlier prosecutors had declined to prosecute Dr Clark after the investigation.

Family and friends obtained her release on bail and she awaits trial.

Dr Clark is the controversial author of top selling books such as The Cure For All Cancers, The Cure For All Diseases, The Cure For HIV/AIDS and The Cure For Advanced Cancers.

Dr Clark had been in university medical research since she received her Master's Degree from the University of Minnesota at the age of 20. As an award winning research scientist, Dr Clark, through extensive testing and case studies, has found the markers and methods to get rid of the causes of diseases such as cancer, HIV and other diseases.

Conventional medicine, with its billion-dollar-a-year cancer industry, is threatened by scientific methods that are non-invasive, do not include a vast pharmaceutical expenditure and, most importantly, often work. One can see how that would make her a dangerous offender.

People all over the world are raising funds for this Canadian woman who lives in California and practices medicine across the border in Mexico. (In Mexico, it is legal to heal people without a license or the health police bearing down on you with arrest warrants.)

Her brother, Leo Regehr, who now lives in Edmonton, Alberta, said his family was raised in Rosthern, Saskatchewan and all, including Hulda, attended the Rosthern Junior College. She got her Master's in biology from the University of Saskatchewan in nearby Saskatoon and then spent two years studying genetics, electronics and biochemistry at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. As Dr Clark was telling me her story, from the clinic where she practices in Mexico, the line was disconnected and we were unable to re-connect.

There are Hulda Regehr Clark supporters all over the world, with a campaign in full swing. It is no longer just a defense fund (her first hearing was supposed to be in February but the new prosecutor said he needed time to investigate her wrong-doings), but it has become a public awareness campaign. It is a full-fledged offense campaign. Dr Clark supporters are actively searching out the people they believe are behind the attack on Dr Clark and gathering information for the prosecutor's office.

Tim Bolen of California said Dr Clark supporters believe that what is being done to Hulda Clark has happened time and time again to alternative health care practitioners in North America. He said this attack is just one more effort to discredit and discourage non-conventional health practitioners who disdain the use of drugs and surgery for more natural remedies.

Why are Hulda Regehr Clark's theories considered so dangerous? They are based on common sense. Her primary thesis is that all diseases rampant in the human body flourish because the natural immune system is incapable of dealing with them due to factors that can and should be changed and controlled.

Simply, she says we need to get rid of parasites, toxins, viruses and harmful bacteria in the body and keep it out on a daily basis.

Dr Clark says the medical establishment tells North Americans that parasites in their bodies are of no concern.

I think most of us would beg to differ.

The Dr Clark Defence Fund is located at 1055 Bay Boulevard, Chula Vista, California 91911-1628.

By all means, let us do all we can to support Dr Jozef Krop in his fight for our right to health freedom choices in Canada, but let us remember there are other doctors trying to keep our rights alive too. Another Canadian, in this case.

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By Gwynn Alcorn

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