Healing Hodgkin's Disease

Healing Hodgkin's Disease

Recently, a man arrived at our Temple Beautiful Program, diagnosis in hand. It was Hodgkin's disease, stage 4 -- the most serious of the classifications.

Hodgkin's is not a cancer, although at times it acts that way. It does not spread through the lymphatics. In fact, it is a disease of the immune system. It acts much like lymphoma (malignant tumor). It is a malignant, progressive, sometimes fatal disease, cause unknown, producing enlargement of lymph nodes, spleen, and liver with invasion of other tissues.

Our friend had been told that there was really nothing his doctors could do for him. He had already been treated twice with chemotherapy and radiation a year before. He was having fever and night sweats, and his bone marrow was involved. He had an intractable cough, and his right hip had been hurting for three years. Because of the pain and discomfort, he could not sit still for more than an hour. The picture was poor, the prognosis was dismal.

Yet, his diet was excellent, he exercised regularly, and continued working. Willing to do anything reasonable, he promised to follow instructions. That willingness (use of the will in an open manner) became very important. Too, he had a great sense of humor, and laughed a lot. All positive signs for one's consciousness.

I remembered vividly a woman who came to the Clinic with lymphoma, determined that she was going to be healed! She meant it, as did her husband. And she was healed, and still is, after more than 10 years.

Lymphoma is related to Hodgkin's, having to do with the thymus and the immune system. If this lady could overcome lymphoma, why not our present patient? The question was, why did the immune system, protector of the body, fail?

This man's history revealed that his son was killed in an accident many years ago, an emotionally devastating event for him. Then, as he reviewed this over and over again, resenting it the whole time, the body found a new inhabitant -- a massive dangerous thought-form in the adrenal glands, which then constructed new, unfriendly groups of cells throughout its circle of influence. The thymus found itself trying to protect the body from the inroads of illness created by the thought-form and attempted to destroy it.

Like an international crisis, a war began. The protectors of the body control things the first few years, but it's tough going. Then, it appears the invaders pick up additional help (new angry, thought-forms), and the tides of war shift. The thymus becomes weaker, uses every defense possible, then beats a retreat, and the lymph tissue begins to suffer. Trying to defend themselves, the glands become larger, but are unable to stem the tide. The war creates acidity in the body, and the immune system is further depressed. Finally, the thought-form seems to be winning, and we see lymph nodes enlarging, and different cells being formed. The patient, the whole body, becomes ill. Finally, the diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease is made, followed by radical treatment.

What happened with our patient, after he arrived here? In the counseling part of his treatment, he was willing to let go of his resentment about his child having been killed. The enemy, the thought-form, the cause of the trouble, was eliminated. The patient arrived at a point of peace in his mind. He already knew how to give happiness to others, and now began experiencing happiness within himself. His massages, castor oil packs, music, dancing with colored sheets in the sunshine, and his dreams, all contributed to enhancing the immune system.

On the second night, he started taking an Alka Seltzer tablet three times daily, and his fever and profuse sweating reversed. He began to feel like a new man. His hip pain of three years disappeared. His cough was gone and his appetite was voracious. All this happened within a period of eight days.

The war was over, peace was established, and the rebuilding by that same immune system had begun. The healing forces had won in a human being who recognized his divine nature and applied it.

Edgar Cayce often said that all healing is a divine event within the consciousness of the cells and the very atoms of the body. I would also say, we can look at it as though it all dealt with the movement of consciousness in the earth.

We are on a return visit to the earth, finding an opportunity behind every illness to learn how to love. We experience a difficult illness, but often still have trouble accepting that there is a rich dividend to be gained by living out this event and its healing process.

We can choose to be frustrated and perhaps bitter about having such an illness, or we can accept what is happening and -- through the course of events -- learn how to be gentle or forgiving or patient as we are healed. And sometimes we don't realize that we are choosing grace instead of karma.

The readings tell us that there is no karmic debt from any sojourn that cannot be set aside in "Lord, have thy way with me!" His way is love, and that is our ultimate destiny, so we must come to the manifestation of love sooner or later. Why not now?

William A. McGarey.


By William A. McGarey

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