The Cause & Cure of Breast Cancer? The Total Load


The Cause & Cure of Breast Cancer? The Total Load

As you probably know, there is something fishy going on. Breast cancer is almost epidemic. The chance of getting it increases every few years at an alarming rate. And, depending upon the type and the extent of it, usually the prognosis is not comforting. Especially when you realize that the cancer survival statistics count a cure as any survival after 5 years.
So if you die of breast cancer after five years and one day, you are a statistical success case. And with the push on early diagnosis, it increases the chance of 5 year survival all the more, even though the overall medical progress of the disease is not at all encouraging and the prevalence is increasing at an alarming rate. If that were not enough, the victims are getting younger, too. When I was in medical school 25 years ago, cancer itself was rare, not to mention breast. Now it is so common that it is rare for anyone not to know someone who has had it. And the victims are younger all the time. It used to be women over 45, now they are 29, 31, etc.

But, take heart, for if you know anyone with the disease, you should have them read Anne Frahm's autobiography, A Cancer Battle Plan (Successful Living Products, P.O. Box 832, Baldwinsville NY 13027-0832, $15 covers cost, tax and shipping). Anne, at the tender age of 35 developed breast cancer. She dutifully had a mastectomy, but the cancer recurred. She had chemotherapy, then radiation and it still continued to viciously spread, as it ate its way into most of her bones, causing spontaneous fractures. As a last resort, she was offered a bone marrow transplant.

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This procedure, which costs in excess of $100,000, gives a 1:3 chance of dying of the procedure itself. For what they do is remove some of your bone marrow through a very large and painful needle. They then store your bone marrow in a refrigerator while they proceed to literally kill your body, and at the same time, hopefully kill the caner as well. This is done with extremely nasty chemicals and radiation. Meanwhile, you have never felt so bad.

When your body is nearly dead, and hopefully the cancer, your stored bone marrow (what you had remaining in the bones was destroyed by the treatment) is painfully injected backs into the marrow cavity of your bones. Two-thirds of the time it works and it starts growing back and you do not continue to die. However, because you are so near to death and do not have any cells with which to fight normal infections, you must be in reverse isolation. In other words, everything you touch must be sterilized so that no germs on it could launch an infection in you. For with no defenses, even the most harmless of everyday bugs can be fatal. Anyone visiting you must be gowned, gloved and masked, for their bugs could also kill you. Your visitor's common cold would be fatal for you at this time, as you are literally defenseless to the entire world of bugs, as you have absolutely no antibodies to anything.

Meanwhile, when everything that modern medicine and surgery have to offer had failed for Anne, she was offered the bone marrow transplant. She suffered through it, and it was a failure. Her body had been too destroyed by the chemotherapy and radiation to rally. Her doctors told her she had less than 2 weeks to survive, and that they also needed her hospital bed for another candidate, so she was asked to go home to die. After all, they reasoned, why continue to spend hundreds of dollars a day on reverse isolation when you are going to die regardless of all measures, within a few days?

There is not a physician in the world who could have offered her any hope; bald, emaciated, with no immune system, and at death's doorstep. But when she arrived at home, she began a program that she could do at home, requires no prescription, and hardly costs a thing, compared with what medicine had to offer. Within 5 weeks of her program she healed. She transformed herself back to a beautiful and active, totally healed woman.

The program she used? It's in our latest book, Wellness Against All Odds (Prestige Publishing, Box 3161, Syracuse NY 13220, 1-800-846-6687, $22.50 includes all). And, surprise! It has nothing to do with macrobiotics.
It is no longer "a mysterious virus" that causes all cancer. It is a known fact now that dietary fat plays a major role, especially animal and dairy fats. They cause stagnation in areas that then, as a consequence, receive reduced nourishment and antioxidants. These areas of weakness become perfect target organs for the rest of the total load to come in and complete the scenario. (Very low fat diet found beneficial in breast cancer management, Int Med World Rep, 8:20, 1, 14, Nov. 15-30, 1993).

And environmental chemicals also are part of the set-up to allow cancer to occur. It is known now that even the chlorine in drinking water is a carcinogen [Raloff J, Chlorinated products linked to cancer, Sci News 1993, 143:343]. That is part of the reason you use glass bottled spring water when you are trying to heal something very difficult like chemical sensitivity, cancer, lupus, or any other "incurable" disease.

But chief among the chemical class that is known to be able to initiate breast cancer is the most ubiquitous and carcinogenic class, the pesticides. Numerous studies show that biopsies of cancerous breasts have higher pesticide levels than normal breasts. Likewise the tissues of cancer victims in general have higher levels of pesticides than do people without cancer. And the carcinogenic effect of pesticides is well-known, although rarely discussed in lay or medical literature. (Wolff MS, Toniolo PG, Lee EW, et al., Blood levels of organochloride residues and risk of breast cancer, J Natl Cancer Inst, 85:648-652, 1993).

And as you know, a major factor which determines whether the fats and pesticides actually do combine to initiate the process for a cancer to begin is how much anti-oxidant defense one has on board to challenge the deleterious effects of this chemistry. These 3 parts of the total load, dietary fats, pesticides, and other chemical exposures, and insufficient anti-oxidant levels combined with compromised detoxification capabilities, are all improved by a nutrient-dense diet, which is why so many have reversed cancers of all types by reversing and healing these areas. First, you eat no fat, so the extra fat is gotten rid of. Now a better blood supply is available to the tissues and higher levels of anti-oxidants and repair nutrients are available due to the high nutrient density of this diet.

And as you get rid of the fat, you simultaneously get rid of the pesticides that are stored predominantly in the fat. And, because it is a diet of whole nutrient-dense foods, the levels of anti-oxidant nutrients is higher, thus allowing healing to take place. The efficacy of the diet is even further improved upon if you simultaneously measure blood levels of nutrients and deficiencies are corrected.

And the accelerated detoxification procedures in the book also further facilitate real healing. For example, coffee enemas, juicing, colon cleansing, gall bladder flushes, accessory nutrients, and careful attention to the total load, including the spiritual, are what it takes to heal the impossible. But when you understand how it all works and see the hundreds of scientific references that explain why it should work, it is too logical and makes you wonder why we did not see it long ago. But the answers are here. It is fully referenced for doubting Thomases, and proves once again that there is always hope, regardless of how bleak things appear, and always the possibility of Wellness Against All Odds.

Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients.
By Sherry Rogers

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