Dr Jennie Burke

ACTIONS & defenses (Administrative law)
BURKE, Jennie -- Trials, litigation, etc.
MEDICAL thermography
AUSTRALIA. Competition & Consumer Commission
Geographic Terms:AUSTRALIA

Abstract:Reports on the lawsuit filed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission against Jennie Burke of the Sydney-based Australian Biologics for misleading or deceptive conduct. Efforts of Burke to generate funds for litigation purposes; Achievements of Burke; Information on thermography introduced by Burke.

DISEASES -- Risk factors
IMMUNE system

Abstract:Cancer may be induced through multiple factors. These include environmental factors, carcinogens, as a factor of ageing, genetic mutations, immune system disorders, poor diet and by some viruses. There is a long history found in the scientific literature implicating bacterial infection as cancer induction. For over 100 years scientists have cultured varying bacteria from tumours and in many cases have cured cancer by treating such infections. This area of science has been ignored and at times actively discouraged from full investigation. Bacteria known to induce cancer are neither routinely screened in patients nor routinely treated.

MUSCLE cramps

Abstract:The article explores the causes of allergies which are described as abnormal immune reactions to everyday things and intolerances or sensitivities which are reported as the result of immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies becoming sensitised to certain foods. It highlights the symptoms of both allergy and intolerance or sensitivity reactions which include sneezing, dry mouth and muscle spasms. Suggestions for treating allergies and intolerances are offered.

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