Dr Yoshihiko Hoshino

New Book by Japanese Professor Who Healed His Own Cancer - and Then Healed 12 Patients Using the Gerson Therapy

In Gerson Healing Newsletter (Vol. 13 No. 2, March/April 1998), we published a letter by Dr. Yoshihiko Hoshino, Professor at the northern Japanese Fukushima Medical College, who told of his recovery on the Gerson Therapy from colon cancer with liver metastases, diagnosed in 1992. He also announced his forthcoming book describing his recovery. The book has just arrived and we were most delighted that it not only includes the story of his own recovery but it also includes the stories of 12 additional cancer patients who were also cured with the Gerson Therapy. Unfortunately, we have no further details at this time as his book is only available in the Japanese language.

Professor Hoshino is considering the possibility of having it translated into English, but if an English version of his book is produced, it will be some time before it is available. We will of course notify our readers if this happens. In the meantime, there will be a few copies of the book available from the Gerson Institute in early September. These copies will only be useful to those readers who can read Japanese.

The Gerson Institute.

Japanese MD marks 11 years with Gersonism

CANCER -- Treatment
COLON (Anatomy) -- Cancer
LIVER metastasis
LIVER -- Cancer
HOSHINO, Yoshihiko

Abstract:Reports on the therapy introduced by the late Max Gerson against colon, breast, liver, ovarian, prostatic, pancreatic and bladder cancer and malignant lymphoma. Remarks from Yoshihiko Hoshino, an individual diagnosed of colon with liver metastasis; Overview of a letter sent by Hoshino to the Gerson Institute.

FIRST person narrative
NARRATION (Rhetoric)
WATAYO, Takaho
Geographic Terms:SAN Francisco (Calif.)

Abstract:The article relates the authors' encounters with Japanese surgeon Takaho Watayo during his visit in San Francisco, California. According to the authors, Watayo play a significant role in the Gerson Therapy, he was one of the two Japanese Professors of Medicine who are doing long-term scientific studies of the Gerson Therapy in Japan. In addition to being one of Japan's top surgeons, Watayo is highly respected and with a great appreciation for scientific method.

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