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Charlotte Gerson visited Toronto on November 11, 2000 and spoke before a packed auditorium about the Gerson Therapy. If you haven't met and talked to Charlotte Gerson personally, make sure you do at our next Total Health convention. With over 50 years of experience working with cancer patients and people with chronic degenerative diseases, Charlotte knows what she is talking about, and in particular she knows what works and what doesn't work in cancer therapy.

Cancer is the most severe and deepest degenerative disease in the body. Thus her father, Dr. Max Gerson felt that if he could cure cancer, all the other diseases would fall into place. Some of the cancer patients he treated in the 1950's are still alive and healthy today. That's what counts.

Experience has taught her that salt, animal fats and excess protein make tumours grow. Vegetable oils (except cold flax oil), deoderants, most cosmetics and household chemicals, and processed foods should not be used. Cancer patients, Charlotte says, should not eat chicken or eggs (they are severely infected) or milk products (which are too high in fats and proteins).

Although sugar does not stimulate tumour growth, it does damage organ systems.

She told us that long before cancer tumours show up, all the body organs have become toxic and that if you have a healthy liver, you cannot get cancer. Every prescription drug is liver toxic (check the Physician's Desk Reference). There is no test for liver toxicity, so you don't know whether your liver is functioning at a level of 90%, 60%, 40% or less. Below 35% functioning, all kinds of chronic degenerative diseases can occur.

Charlotte maintains that stress does not cause cancer. We are all under stress -- it is how we manage our stress that counts.

Charlotte also talked about aspartame, which is extremely toxic. It has been known to be a causative factor in lupus and multiple sclerosis. Note that Ritalin causes brain damage and brain disorders in children and is a highly toxic stimulant chemically similar to cocaine. Many children known to commit criminally violent acts have been on Ritalin.

There are two factors which lead to disease: deficiency and toxicity. So we have to overcome both, avoiding toxic substances and flooding the body with nutrients. This is how the Gerson therapy works. It's not easy, but it does work.

The Gerson Therapy has been proved to be effective for multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus as well as cancer. It has excellent results with melanoma. It is less effective for Parkinson's disease and central nervous system diseases and ALS although it does create some improvement.

For more information about the Gerson Therapy, brochures, books and audio and videotapes, please call Consumer Health Organization at 416-490-0986.

BOOKS: A Cancer Therapy, by Max Gerson $30; The Gerson Handbook $30; Doctor Max $23

VIDEOTAPES: The Gerson Therapy for Healing Incurable Illnesses Vol. 1 Overview $30; Vol. 2 4-hour double tape Doing the Gerson Therapy at Home $85; Vol. 3 Food Preparation $45

AUDIOTAPES of Charlotte's six-hour lecture and workshop on Healing Incurable Diseases with the Gerson Therapy on November 11, 2000 is available at Consumer Health for $19.95.

Note: If you are interested in sponsoring Charlotte Gerson at Total Health 2001, please call us. Any money donated toward her plane fare and expenses would be tax deductible. We are also looking for a sponsor for Nick Begich author of HAARP (atmospheric modification and modern weapons of warfare). This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile cause which interests you.

The Gerson Therapy

CANCER -- Treatment
BREAST -- Cancer -- Surgery
CANCER -- Patients
COLON (Anatomy) -- Cancer
DIAGNOSIS, Laboratory
LYMPH nodes

Abstract:This article focuses on the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy for the treatment of various types of cancer. Bronwen King arrived in Mexico in April 2003, suffering from metastasized breast cancer in the lymph nodes and in the liver. Her doctors told her that her case was hopeless. She reported on her good condition and excellent vitality one and a half years later after using the Gerson Therapy. Voshihiko Hoshino, a teaching physician at the Fukushinia Medical College in Northern Japan, developed colon cancer in 1992. During surgery to remove an intestinal blockage, it was discovered that he also had liver metastases. Hoshino followed Gerson's treatment as described in 1958 and recovered. Carmen Wheatley, a recognized biochemical researcher, became interested in the basics of the Gerson Therapy.

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