From Angina to Anaheim: Successfully Treating Heart Disease with Chelation Therapy

Last year Hedley Rendell fulfilled a dream and went to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios in California and delighted in all the thrill-seeking rides that any fun-loving, fit individual would. Many of you would, perhaps, be happy for Hedley but may feel there's nothing really extraordinary about a man going on a holiday and enjoying himself.

However, just a few years earlier Rendell could barely walk 25 feet without gasping for his breath and aching all over from a serious heart condition; his arms ached, his legs ached, even his teeth ached. He didn't go anywhere without his angina medication. Now, after regaining his health and avoiding the surgeons knife by undergoing chelation therapy, the energetic 72 year old HANS member has challenged himself to spread the word about this highly successful, yet medically frowned-upon procedure for cardiovascular disease.

In 1990, the then 66 year old Rendell underwent an angiogram after his doctor told him his heart problems were genetic; his father died at 53 and his mother at 64, both of heart conditions. The tests revealed that he suffered from a serious heart condition with severe atherosclerosis; two of his arteries were fully blocked and three others were up to 90% blocked. He didn't know it at the time but there was a team of experts in the next room ready to do an emergency operation if anything went wrong during the test.

The results of the angiogram indicated that a quadruple bypass operation would be necessary. The thought of such major, invasive surgery frightened Rendell. He asked if that was the only option. The cardiologist informed him that considering the severity of his condition, yes, that was the only option available to him that was medically proven.

Even though he didn't know much about it, he queried his family doctor about chelation and whether it might help. The veteran physician paused, looked down at Rendell and informed him that chelation was not medically proven and in his opinion he'd be wasting his time and money. He best go home and wait for a bed to become available. He was advised to avoid strenuous activity, get plenty of bed rest and was prescribed an array of medications while he waited for his operation.

In retrospect Rendell is now grateful that there was such a long wait for beds; in some cases people were waiting 18 months for operations and even going to the US. He was called in three months because of the urgency of his situation, but to his physicians dismay Rendell told him that he wanted to wait awhile because he already made another decision to try chelation first.

The doctors were shocked as they cautioned him that he was so critically ill that if he refused the operation he could be dead like both his parents; he was like a walking time bomb.

During his three month wait, as fate would have it, Rendell met someone who had taken the controversial chelation infusions 10 years before. Then two others approached to extol the benefits of this medically unproven and maligned therapy, one who had undergone treatment 30 years ago (chelation has been available and used successfully to treat heart patients for over 40 years). Each of these people were healthy and active individuals years after receiving treatment.

That was it. Even though he was reluctant to pay for the treatments out of his own pocket ($100 per treatment at the time) and wondered whether it would work for his deteriorated condition he reasoned that he didn't have anything to lose. There were virtually no side effects and he could always reconsider the bypass surgery if it didn't work. Chelation, which has shown to reverse heart disease in 80% or better of cases, was going to get a fair trial notwithstanding his skepticism.

Without changing his diet or lifestyle, Rendell started twice weekly intravenous treatments of the amino acid compound, ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA). This synthetic amino acid has the unique and valuable property of being powerfully attracted to ionic calcium (plaque build-up) to which it binds itself. The EDTA-calcium complex is then excreted through the kidneys into the urine, and finally passes out of the body.

After 15 infusions Rendell was able to cut his medication for cholesterol, angina and blood pressure in half. After 25 treatments he didn't need any medication at all - chelation was working! A full course of 30 treatments was completed and Rendell excitedly realized that his energy had returned, his pains were gone, his brain power increased, his reaction time improved and his legs and feet were warm once again. Symptoms of Rendell's heart condition had disappeared!

Since the success of the therapy, which 8,000 - 9,000 BC residents have taken, Rendell has changed his diet considerably (cutting down on fat, salt and processed foods and seeking out organic produce), exercises consistently and regularly takes vitamin and mineral supplements including oral chelating agents.

During his hallmark trip to Anaheim last year he didn't hesitate to run across busy streets dodging cars, remembering the days when it was an effort to achieve tasks that required even a fraction of the physical exertion.

In spite of his 72 years, he is still working part time in the field of electronics in a company which he started years ago. He has turned public speaker in his spare time, sharing his story at information meetings about how his life and vitality were restored by chelation therapy and without the trauma of major surgery.

Health Action Network Society.


By Cathrine Gabriel

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