Successful Immunotherapy of Acute Viral Infections with a Virus Vaccine


VIRUS diseases
INFLUENZA -- Treatment

Abstract:Since 1968, I have been providing relief in 30 min for patients with acute influenza, as well as for patients with all five types of herpes virus infection seen in my practice. Relief occurs more rapidly than from any antibiotic or anti-viral treatment available. This remarkable response has been obtained by subcutaneously injecting a small skin test determined dose of ordinary influenza virus vaccine. The rapid relief response to influenza virus vaccine constitutes the first specific and rapidly effective anti-viral treatment for any established virus infection. It is unusually safe, rapidly effective, globally available, broadly applicable, and very economical. Because there are 21 vaccines available now, and more to come, this could be the discovery that opens the door to a new era of rapid relief dose therapy with many vaccines. It is important that this be confirmed scientifically. Influenza and herpes virus infections cause much pain, suffering and death world-wide. No comparable therapy is available for any of these infections. Influenza kills thousands of people every year, and some world-wide epidemics (pandemics) have killed millions. Herpes viruses can cause painful fever blisters, eye-destroying ocular herpes, newborn-killing genital herpes, the severe pain of shingles, and the many debilitations and dangers of mononucleosis and chickenpox. Herpes viruses are oncogenic, i.e. they have a tendency to change normal cells into cancer cells. Several cancers, including Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma, and Kaposi's sarcoma, have been recently reported by many respected investigators to probably be induced by herpes viruses. Is it possible that the incidence of these cancers could be decreased by early treatment of the herpes virus before it has had an opportunity to induce malignant change? This clinical finding has revealed the existence of a simple means of calling into action a rapidly effective disease-fighting mechanism that has not been known or...

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