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A Danish MD uses sunbathing and raw vegetables to reverse her breast cancer, during WW II. She then starts a successful clinic for cancer patients. See www.angelfire.com/ia/trikay/nolfi.html.

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by Kristine Nolfi, M.D.

That I, a physician, began the consumption of exclusively raw fruits and vegetables was a consequence of a personal illness: a case of cancer of the breast.

As usual, the illness was preceded by a period of poor nutrition and wrong habits, particularly during my twelve years of hospital training when I suffered constantly from intestinal stasis and gastric catarrh. At one time I was on the verge of dying of a hemorrhage due to a gastric ulcer.
At this point I dropped meat and fish from my diet, but not until much later did I begin to eat raw fruits and vegetables, increasing the quantity gradually. I obtained a better digestion this way and was healthier, but I was not yet completely well.

At the end of about ten years of a diet consisting of from fifty to seventy-five percent raw fruits and vegetables, I was unable to diagnose any definite disease. In the spring of 1940 I discovered, quite accidentally, a small tumor in my right breast. But in spite of my fatigue, I disregarded it. Therefore, I was horror-stricken when, five weeks later, I discovered, also accidentally, that this tumor had grown to the size of an egg and had grown into the skin. Only cancer acts in this way.

The usual treatment of cancer is only a make-shift, since we do not know the cause of cancer. I decided at once that I should not submit to that treatment. But what then? I simply had to take some serious steps, otherwise I would soon die of cancer. I felt it almost natural that I should have to live on a 100 percent raw vegetable and fruit diet. With my own life at stake, I was forced to prove the value of consistent diet of this kind.

I started immediately, going to a small island in the Kattegat where I lived in a tent, ate raw vegetables exclusively and sunbathed from four to five hours a day when weather permitted. When I felt too warm, I plunged into the sea.
My fatigue continued throughout the first two months, and the tumor in my breast did not diminish. But then my recovery began. The tumor grew smaller as I regained strength, and I felt better than I had for several years.
I had previously consulted the well-known Danish physician Dr. Hindhede, who agreed that I had cancer but advised me definitely not to submit to a trial mocroscopy. We both knew that it would open up the blood vessels and cause the cancer to spread. So I gave up that idea.

After I had been feeling normal for about one year on a 100 percent raw vegetable and fruit diet, I adopted Dr. Hindhede's suggestion that I return to my previous diet, supplemented by fifty to seventy-five percent of raw vegetables. But this proved unsuccessful. In three to four months I began to feel sharp pains in the breast, in the scar tissue left by the tumor at the point where it had originally adhered to the skin. The pains increased in strength during the following weeks, and I suddenly realized that the cancer had become active again! Once again I returned to the 100 percent raw vegetable and fruit diet, whereupon the pains quickly disappeared as did the fatigue which had preceded the recurrence of the trouble. But on this occasion, the cancer was more extensive in the skin of my breast.

What next? I was a physician, so now I had to utilize my experience. My husband and I built a solarium at home large enough to accommodate four or five persons during the next summer. We all ate raw fruits and vegetables, and the patients recovered. Then we sold our house in the suburbs of Copenhagen and bought a property "Humlegaarden", south of Elsinore, where we established a health resort which we have now operated for eleven years.
During these developments the medical authorities began to take notice of my natural treatment for its good results, and they did not like it!


Thus ended completely my treatment of patients with drugs.
Since that time, I have been treating all my patients with natural methods - namely, by living food -- with astonishing results.
My sanatorium "Humlegaarden" always has a waiting list. I do not regret severing my relations with the medical profession, and I am happy to have entered the field of nature cure. Thanks to this persecution by my former colleagues, my reputation grew immensely in all Scandinavian countries. This kind of advertisement was worth more to me than money could buy. Thus my former colleagues acted as my free press agents, and I have received free publicity in all Scandinavian newspapers.

During the persecution by the medical doctors, I was called a charlatan doctor; but now the doctors have changed their minds about me. They tell their patients who report to them the good results they got in my sanatorium that I am a good psychologist and personage.
They do not wish to admit, however, that living food has caused the good results.

I will die, but be sure: living food will live, will be spread all over the whole world, and will help to save suffering humanity from all diseases, both of body and mind, and thereby create one world!

Kristine Nolfi, appr. 1952, Copenhagen, Denmark

See www.angelfire.com/ia/trikay/nolfi.html.


A California doctor uses exercise and raw vegetables to reverse breast cancer, a tumor in the lung, and other cancer hot spots.

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Beating Cancer & Injury the Natural Way - Dr. Ruth Heidrich's Story
Raw-Fooder Triathlete proves her philosophy: You can do just about anything you want

Breast Cancer Comes and Vanishes
This wasn't the first time I had to bounce back. In 1982, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The lump the doctors had been watching had, all of a sudden, seemed to have doubled in size overnight. The now golf-ball-sized tumor galvanized the team of doctors into action, and I was rushed into surgery. After the tumor was removed and examined, I was so sure that it couldn't be cancer that I got a second, third, fourth, and even a fifth opinion. There was no disputing that it was a moderately fast metastasizing cancer. It was such a shock — as a 14-year-runner and marathoner, I was the healthiest person I knew. But I kept on training, knowing the many benefits of running, which included stress relief. One of the doctors warned me to stop, saying,"Lady, forget it; you're a cancer patient; you need to rest, take it easy."
Then, just two weeks after the cancer diagnosis, I saw an event on TV that changed my life: the Ironman Triathlon. This involved a 2.4-mile swim, followed by a 112-mile bike leg, and then a 26.2-mile marathon. With a sly chuckle, I decided to add biking and swimming to an already heavy running schedule. I found the more I did, the better I felt, and in 1984 I completed my first Ironman Triathlon! In 1986 I was invited to compete in. both the New Zealand and Japan Ironman Triathlons, winning age-group firsts and setting national records in both.
At the same time I started training for the Ironman, I investigated the role of diet in breast cancer and the research of Dr. John McDougall. I enrolled in his clinical research study that required a vegan, low-fat diet. My cholesterol went from 236 to 160 in just 21 days. It later went down to 127 and eventually even lower. There were a lot of other benefits, too. I was running faster and enjoying it more. I also beat the cancer, it seemed, because all the hot spots indicative of spread to the bone had disappeared, and the tumor in my left lung stopped growing and seemed to be walled off. This led to my philosophy. "You can do just about anything you want."

My Diet
The diagnosis of breast cancer in 1982 shocked me and told me that I was not doing enough diet-wise. That was the motivation to go vegan. I followed a vegan diet for almost eighteen years. That was a major step towards glowing, good health. The final step to raw came about primarily for convenience. It's so natural and makes so much sense that now I can't imagine eating airy other way. It's just so darned easy! I started immediately feeling lighter, cleaner and faster and, of course, by all the medical tests, I was free of cancer. I started the raw diet in 1998, mostly because of my speaking and racing schedule, which involves heavy travel.
One of the most important things I've learned over the years is that plants are the proper fuel for the human body. Animals as food not only clog up the circulatory system and suppress the immune system; they are responsible for most of the diseases humans are subject to. I gave grains up primarily because they are deficient in so many nutrients and their preparation takes too much work. Dr. Bill Harris and Doug Graham assured me that I was better off without grains. I rarely eat nuts and seeds because of their high fat and high protein content and the risk of rancidity. I keep a "sprout garden" in my kitchen with a continuous supply of mung bean sprouts by my sink. Regarding supplements, I don't feel they can give me anything that I can't get in fruits and vegetables.
My average daily diet entails "grazing," which means I have no special meal times. In general, my first meal of the day comes after a two-hour workout and consists of greens, a carrot, a banana, and a mango all cut up and mixed with blackstrap molasses and nutritional yeast. I've been eating this breakfast for years now and find that it is easy and satisfying and gets me ready for the rest of the day. I usually get hungry every two to three hours, so I will snack on carrots, greens, tomatoes, apples, cabbage, and dried fruit, such as prunes and cranberries. These ingredients also make up my lunch and dinner with the addition of thinly sliced fresh raw ginger. I also love raw corn on the cob. For dessert, I eat berries of all kinds. Fruits are my favorite foods. Greens are extremely important, I think, because of their high nutrient-per-calorie ratio.

I run, bike, swim, and lift weights almost every day, and I frequently have trouble backing off. For example, you're supposed to "taper" before a major athletic event, and I say to myself the day before, "I'll just go for a short, easy run," but then I find myself saying, "Just one more mile and THEN I'll quit!" Most other athletes I know don't have trouble with tapering.
I'm now 68, about five feet eight inches tall (I've lost no height as most people do by this age) and weigh about 125 pounds. My body fat percentage is 14 % (the average college age female's is 30 %), and people frequently guess that I'm in my forties.
Now my health and energy are fantastic! I've done events such as three marathons in three weeks and a total of 67 marathons. I've raced thirty-seven miles to the top of Haleakala on Maui, from sea level to 10,000 feet in seven hours and won an age-group First Place trophy. I've done an Ironman Triathlon one week and set a new State Record in the 25K race the next week. I've won more than 800 First Place trophies in races consisting of triathlons, road running, biathlons, pentathlons (I hold the State record in that one), and much more. I love racing!

Healthful Habits & Greater Awareness
I usually get about five to six hours sleep a night. I get to bed around midnight, and I'm up by 5:00 or 6:00 a.m., raring to go. I enjoy much clearer thinking, greater awareness of my environment, and total empathy for animals, especially those that most people call "food."

The Future of Humanity
I think we have no choice but to go raw in the future. I believe it is easier to eat a raw diet today than it was years ago, mostly because there are a few more people leading the way. We certainly can't keep on doing what we're doing, for many reasons. We can't afford the health care costs; there soon won't be any more rain forests to cut down to graze cattle; and our rivers, streams, and oceans will get so polluted that we won't have any clean water to drink.
We humans have often gone down the wrong path. So far, we have been able to recognize it, back up, and change direction to the right path. This is where we are now. The scientific evidence is very clear that most of our diseases are diet-related and can be reversed by changing our diet. I believe that the Natural Hygiene teachers are the leaders in the health movement, teaching healthful habits at a time when humanity most needs to hear this message.
The planet is also in big trouble which, again, can be reversed by giving it a chance to revive; and of course, we need to realize that we are not the only creatures on this planet that have the right to live peacefully.

Dr. Ruth Heidrich

Web sites:"Ask Dr. Ruth:"
Book: A Race for Life: From Cancer to the Ironman by Ruth E. Heidrich

We received the Heidrich story in an email. - "Adapted with permission of the author and publisher from Raw Knowledge II by Paul Nison, available from Living Nutrition and www.rawlife.com"


A California MD uses spirituality and raw vegetables to reverse breast cancer - visible as a grapefruit-sized tumor.

From Dr. Lorraine Day's website:
"Dr. Lorraine Day, an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. In 1992, Dr. Day developed breast cancer, biopsy-proven, that become so severe it was eventually diagnosed as terminal. But she refused chemotherapy, radiation and mutilating surgery because of their dangerous side effects and chose, instead, to get well by a totally natural Ten Step Health Plan. She continues to be totally well and cancer-free a full twelve years later."

"Yes, I did reverse my life-threatening, end-stage cancer by totally natural methods. (You can see the pictures of the huge tumor I had, as well as my biopsy reports at my web site (www.drday.com) Yes, I did refuse chemotherapy, radiation and mutilating surgery because, as a medical doctor with years of experience, I saw thousands of cancer patients die, NOT from their cancer, but from the painful, maiming, destructive treatments we doctors give them. And Yes, I am TOTALLY WELL and Cancer-FREE a full 10 years after my tumor first appeared, and EVERYTHING I used to get well is totally free, except for food, and almost everyone has to buy that anyway."

Lorraine Day, M.D.

producer of Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore, You Can't Improve On God, and other videos.


A vegetarian uses emotional healing and raw vegetables to reverse basket-ball sized timor in the uterus.

From Brandon Bays' website:
"Well, having spent 20 years in the alternative health field, the last thing I ever expected to happen was to end up diagnosed with a basketball size tumour in my uterus – after all, it seemed I was doing everything right – eating fresh, vibrant vegetarian diet, drinking only filtered water. Living in tiny cottage by the sea in Malibu, I was breathing fresh sea air while working out daily. I'd done every emotional and physical cleansing process I'd ever heard of. I was feeling emotionally fulfilled in my marriage, career and family life. It seemed my life was at its peak. And so, when my belly began to swell, I just didn't want to believe it was happening. I begged the surgeon to give me some time to try to handle it naturally, on my own – to give it my best shot. Reluctantly, she agreed to one month and I agreed that, if at the end of that time it wasn't healed, I would let her remove it surgically.
So, I bought myself one month's time. I realized I'd been given a 'wake up call'. I was being invited to go beyond what I'd previously learned and experienced, and I was absolutely catapulted on a remarkable, profoundly healing, and ultimately freeing healing journey. Ultimately, the healing journey took me to the deepest part of myself, to my very essence, my soul. It was as if a flashlight was turned on inside, and I got to the root core of what was stored in the tumour. My inner being revealed both the old issues and memories that were stored in the cells, and what the tumour had to teach me – what lessons my soul was trying to give me.
Once the old issues were resolved, completed and cleared out, and the lessons learned, my body went about the process of healing itself quite naturally, without my having to do a thing.
Six and a half weeks later, I checked into the highly respected Cedars Sinai Hospital and underwent every graphic test available. 43 pictures were taken and I was pronounced textbook perfect clean – completely tumour free, without drugs or surgery."

"If emotional issues remain unaddressed over long periods of time, sometimes they can manifest as physical blocks or disease. Yet it is my experience that, to have complete healing, you have to go somewhere deeper – beyond both mind and body: to the very essence of your soul. There your inner wisdom can reveal what’s really going on, and it can also guide you to release, let go of and complete issues stored inside. Once your body has let go of the blocks, your natural body wisdom (the same part of you that makes your heart beat, your eyes shine and your hair grow) can go about the process of regenerating healthy cells."

"Very often we can have what I call ‘surface emotions’, like, for example, anger or anxiety. But the truth is that these ‘surface emotions’ are really a cover up for something much, much deeper – perhaps unaddressed hurt, or the feeling of unworthiness stored very deep within."

"Well, if we are lucky, life gives us a wake-up call where, for a moment, we actually crack through that hardened veneer, pierce through the layers of much and uncover the radiance, the shining diamond at our core. We discover a largeness, a potential beyond our imaginings that is capable of manifesting anything our hearts desire. Then, if we are very lucky, we roll up our sleeves, clear out the muck, the blocks and begin living life from the limitless potential of our inner being."


Raw Food Treatment
of Cancer
by Kristine Nolfi, M.D.

Booklet - 42 pages

This book tells of the importance of raw vegetables in the diet of healing and general good health. Dr. Nolfi was a physician in Denmark for over 50 years.

In Dr. Nolfi's words:

"Before I realized the actual importance of raw vegetable food, my attitude was exactly the same as that of other physicians—to treat the symptoms of the disease without thinking of preventing it. It ought to be the duty of the medical profession in future to find means of preventing to a much higher degree than now, instead of attempting to cure later on.

That I, as a physician, went in for exclusively raw vegetable food is due to the fact that I became ill, even seriously ill, myself. I developed cancer of the breast. The disease had, of course, been preceded by wrong nourishment and wrong habits in the course of my twelve years of hospital training, when I suffered from sluggish digestion and catarrh of the stomach all the time, disorders which are still of quite common occurrence among hospital staff members. Since that time no change of the hospital diet has taken place in Denmark in this very important domain. On one occasion I was in a dying condition because of a bleeding gastric ulcer. This made me abandon meat and fish, and I became a vegetarian. Later, I took to eating a good deal of raw vegetable food. In this manner my digestion became regulated, and I felt better, though not completely well. In the winter of 1940 to 1941 I was exceptionally tired and dull, but I was unable to ascertain any specific disease. At that time I did not understand what was wrong with me, but in the course of the spring I discovered a small node in my right breast.

Tired and dull as I was, I did not pay any attention to it until five weeks later. I discovered that the node was the size of a hen's egg. It had grown into the skin—a thing only cancer does. As a physician I had seen enough to be unwilling to submit to the treatment of cancer generally employed. I consulted my good friend, Dr. M. Hindhede, who dissuaded a trial microscopy. It would open up the bloodstreams and the cancer would spread; so I gave it up. And then I felt it as quite a natural thing that I would have to carry through a one hundred percent raw vegetable diet.

I went in search of nature, lived for some time on a small island in the Kattegat, took sun baths from four to five hours daily, slept in a tent, bathed several times a day, and lived exclusively on a raw vegetable diet. Later I introduced this habit of life at the sanatorium "Humlegaarden."

But I was still tired and continued to be so for the first two months, and during that period the node in the breast did not diminish; it remained unchanged.

But then the improvement came. The node diminished, my strength returned, apparently I recovered, and felt better than I had for many years. When I had experienced good health in this manner for about a year, I tried by way of experiment (and urged to do so by Dr. Hindhede) to revert to a vegetarian diet supplemented by fifty percent of raw vegetable food.

But it was no good. In three to four months I began to feel a stinging pain in the breast, in the sore-like tissue which the cancer had left where it had originally adhered to the skin. The pain increased much during the weeks that followed, and I realized that the cancer had begun to develop again.

Once more I reverted to pure, raw food, which caused the pain to subside rapidly and the fatigue to become less pronounced. But, being a doctor, I realized that I would have to use the experience I had gained to help my sick fellow creatures."


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