Medications and Placebo Effect

It is strange and almost comical when as soon as you take an aspirin it seems the headache goes away instantly. Well, I have also noticed this with virtually every medication. Is this effect due to the actual physical effect? Or does it go deeper? With this knowledge, might we make medications which merely trigger that placebo effect without needing to make them so harsh? I remember the first time I took an anti-psychotic medication, and it put me in a stupor before 3 minutes. Might this have been some psychic registration? Our minds are more than our bodies. Is there a reason why people should take the same chemical to stay balanced every day when it seems to do the same thing as long as you 'think' you have it in your system? I consider these anti-psychotics similar to headache medicine, in many ways.. but worse than taking an aspirin every day....likely.

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