Get to the Heart of Insomnia


Get to the Heart of Insomnia

Recently, I've had trouble with insomnia. How can it be alleviated?

From TCM's perspective, insomnia is related to heart qi. The heart controls blood circulation, and performs several other important functions: Known as the "king" of the internal organs, the heart acts as a "master switchboard" -- receiving, processing and transmitting all energy messages flowing through the body. It also houses the shen, or spirit, so the heart is responsible for emotional and spiritual dimensions, as well as consciousness, including intelligence, thought, memory and sleep. When the heart's energy is balanced, these functions operate smoothly. If its energy is weak or unbalanced, or if it suffers from insufficient blood, many symptoms can occur: Palpitations, anxiety, depression, cloudy thinking, lapses of memory, dream-disturbed sleep and insomnia. Emotional problems, like chronic sadness, can also disturb the balance of heart qi.

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By Nan Lu

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