Cured: No More Allergies, Insomnia, Digestive Disease


Cured: No More Allergies, Insomnia, Digestive Disease

My health struggles began early. I was one of those unfortunate babies who was not breastfed.

I was told I was a happy, smiling baby. however, and I guess my innately optimistic spirit carried me along through the subsequent health challenges I've had to face. There've been many.

At age three I developed celiac disease and was put on a hypo-allergenic diet for a year. Amazingly enough I was an active child, maybe just because youth provides the energy for the things kids love. For me it was sports. But allergies plagued me from as early as I can remember. I later learned that both celiac disease and allergies are characteristic of children who were not breastfed.

The Drug Cycle

In later years, I suffered from eczema, fungal infections of my nails and chronic sinusitis. Of course the only option my parents knew was Western medicine and the doctors my mother consulted prescribed drugs pretty freely. At various times I was on topical medication for eczema, oral antibiotics, allergy medication and antacids.

In a fortunate turn of events, my mother became aware of the importance of nutrition and supplementation. At 19 I began a nutritional program that identified the numerous deficiencies in my system and gave me limited relief, but still the chronic health problems continued. At 25 I regularly used a nasal inhalant for my severe morning allergies.

Two years later, in 1987, I developed food poisoning. Later that summer my weakened system succumbed to mononucleosis and gastritis. I was immobilized for one month and never really recovered.

Symptoms Worsen

For the next 10 years I suffered from everything: candida, severe digestive problems and insomnia. I was prescribed sleeping pills which I used regularly. I had extreme sensitivity to temperature as well as foods and some natural remedies.

Perhaps the worst problem was the chronic insomnia. Lack of sleep robbed me of all energy and natural enthusiasm for life. But it didn't take away a belief that I could get well. I was depressed, but I never gave up hope entirely.

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I had tried and rejected Western medicine. I now consulted the whole range of alternative therapists available in the San Francisco Bay area where I was living. They included chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, hypnotherapists, bioenergetic therapists, qigong healers, iridologists, and so on. Some gave me a little relief, but each treatment seemed only a "band-aid." Nothing was radical enough. Nothing went to the root of my problems.

I was hoping and praying for a miracle. I visualized my healing in the form of an injection into my body that would help re-start my system. I often felt "unplugged" or disconnected in some way.

In 1995, my wife and I moved to Vancouver and I continued my search for healing. I visited the naturopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists and healers but, again, only temporary relief. I even experienced severe, negative reactions from some therapies.

A Positive Step

Then I read about Frank Ludde and his success using metabolic therapy to treat chronic ailments. Hope does seem to spring eternally -- and I tried once more. I began treatment in June of this year and within days I began to notice changes in my body. I could eat foods like wheat, potatoes, avocados and tomatoes that I hadn't been able to touch for the last 10 years! My digestive problems virtually disappeared.

It was a rigorous regimen of a controlled diet, mega-supplements and daily intramuscular injections, but I followed his program carefully. The result was that I further improved my already "good" diet by substantially increasing my protein intake (mainly in the form of chicken and eggs) and eliminated all sugars. (My sugar intake was only fruit, anyway, with perhaps a small amount of sweetener in bread, and the occasional healthful "treat." For years I had followed a candida-control diet.)

The residual symptoms of candida seemed to vanish. I was able to walk on the beach in a breeze and sit in my home with the windows wide open while the wind blew. These simple pleasures I hadn't experienced since moving to Vancouver because of my extreme sensitivity to wind and cold. I began to feel a stronger pulse of life energy inside me. The color returned to my face and the sparkle to my eyes, but most significantly, I was finally able to get off sleeping pills. That was what really turned the comer for me!

Strict Regimen

Daily I consumed chicken broth (which I made myself) along with a protocol of vitamins, minerals and enzymes -- the enzymes are very important. For 12 weeks I visited Frank daily for an intramuscular injection of a mixture of vitamins and herbs that he developed himself. My 12-week program is now complete and I'm well, but finishing the program is only the beginning. I continue to follow the diet and supplement regimen. I still struggle with my sleep patterns and I probably will until my system recovers from 10 years of sleeping pills and sleep deprivation. But the significant change that I have already seen gives me incredible hope for the future.

I hope that stories such as mine will draw attention to the need for real help for people with chronic degenerative diseases, people who've been turned down by every other system, and to a program that does not just treat or manage disease. It cures! And we've got a right to be cured.

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By Eric Dartmouth

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So how old is this article/account? And did the successful treatment cost an arm and a leg, since I'm sure insurance would not have paid for the procedures you describe that finally brought relief.

I'm in your boat, I think. Can a 50 year old man please find peace?