A Natural Alternative for Treating Anxiety and Insomnia


A Natural Alternative for Treating Anxiety and Insomnia

The problems caused by normal daily stress are widespread. It's well known that high levels of stress can affect digestive functions, blood pressure, the ability to sleep, even mental processes. As it's not easy for many people to escape stress totally, they need to reduce it or at least learn to live with it.

Workers can evaluate their place of employment and, if necessary, find work elsewhere. City dwellers can relocate from the hectic bustle of urban centers to more rural settings. Students can budget their time more efficiently in order to avoid last-minute deadlines. And everyone can dedicate a few minutes more to the act of eating.

Unfortunately, such lifestyle changes are rarely adopted. Rather than switching jobs, employees often carry on for years though totally displeased with their position. City dwellers put up with great levels of stress in order to partake of the attractions of their city. Students of all ages tend to procrastinate and suffer the consequences of all-night study marathons. And judging by the increase in drive-up fast food sales, more and more meals are consumed behind the steering wheel.

In short, the goal of reducing stress is difficult to achieve. That leaves the other possibility of stress reduction, learning to live with it. Unfortunately, this is of little appeal to most people, whose tolerance of stress is quite low. Too often they opt for pharmaceutical relief from tension from a wide selection of medications. Many are among the bestselling drugs on the market, though they may produce strong, wanted side effects.

For example, diazepam, used for managing anxiety, is associated with a host of possible adverse effects: drowsiness, fatigue, ataxia, constipation, headache, urinary retention, vertigo, and blurred vision. It also carries the risks of habituation and physical dependence.

A popular medication for relief of insomnia, temazepam, lists the following adverse reactions: drowsiness, dizziness, and lethargy. Care must be taken to avoid dependence and overdose.

Alprazolam, another drug widely used for management of anxiety, may cause light-headedness, drowsiness, dryness in the mouth, constipation or diarrhea. It also has the risks of overdosage and dependence.

Other widely used stress busters are coffee, tobacco, and alcohol, substances which are frequently abused with serious health consequences.

A safer pharmaceutical means of dealing with uncomfortable levels of stress needs to be considered. Fortunately, there is one, a biological remedy known as Valerianaheel(R). This is a complex homeopathic liquid formula indicated for treatment of:

- insomnia

- restlessness

- nervous exhaustion

An examination of certain of the ingredients contained in Valerianaheelr will illustrate this preparation's chief areas of effectiveness.

Valeriana is derived from the root of the plant valeriana officinalis. It has been used for centuries by herbalists in treating restlessness with compulsive motion, insomnia, and the consequences of overwork.

Humulus lupulus, from the hops plant, is used homeopathically for insomnia at night and drowsiness during the day.

Chamomilla, a well known herb, has a tranquilizing effect on cases of nervous agitation. It's also useful for hypersensitivity to pain, as is often seen among highly stressed people.

According to William Boericke, M.D., avena sativa, or wild oats, acts to quiet the brain and nervous system. It also helps headaches accompanying menstruation and sleeplessness.

Kalibromatum (potassium bromide) is indicated for trembling, nervous hands and general restlessness.

Altogether, the formula of Valerianaheel(R) acts as a natural sedative. It works safely, without side effects and offers a fine alternative to the problem of stress management. Importantly, Valerianaheel(R) is absolutely non-habit forming.

People who cannot escape the stress in their lives can help control it naturally, with Valerianaheel(R).

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