Healing Modern Diseases with the Gerson Therapy: Chronic Fatigue, Candidiasis, Herpes, Lyme Disease, Salmonella, Legionnaire's..


Healing Modern Diseases with the Gerson Therapy: Chronic Fatigue, Candidiasis, Herpes, Lyme Disease, Salmonella, Legionnaire's Disease, AIDS

These days, we are hearing the names of many diseases that were totally unfamiliar or actually unknown some ten or twenty years ago. I refer to them as "modern diseases". Some, such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), are also known as "Yuppy Diseases", after Young Upwardly-mobile Professionals, those most commonly affected. The victims of these diseases are most often middle-class whites, two thirds of them women.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The volume Health Conditions, p. 616, describes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as "a mysterious infectious illness" that supposedly existed and was described in the past as "the vapors", and, after World War I, as "soldier's heart". Researchers have failed to find a single cause, but suspect it to be related to the Epstein-Bart virus infection, with candidiasis and herpes thrown in. It is almost certainly caused by infectious agents, whether one or more is relatively immaterial when we treat it with the Gerson Therapy.

According to Dr. Murray R. Susser of Santa Monica, California, symptoms can include deep fatigue, joint pain or weakness, headache, memory loss, mental confusion, digestive problems, allergies and depression. These can also include anxiety, night sweats and even irregular heartbeat. A young man (age 28) seen at the CHIPSA hospital had all of these problems so severely that he had been bedfast for many months, unable to engage in any activity. The doctors accused him of laziness and/or psychiatric problems and put him into the psychiatric ward. The drugs administered there worsened his depression and he became suicidal. At the CHIPSA hospital, with the intensive Gerson Therapy and detoxification, he was up in a little more than a week, in great good spirits and dancing with his mother! In our Gerson Healing Newsletter, Vol. 9 No. 4, Nov./Dec. 1994, we described another chronic fatigue patient who recovered completely on the Gerson Therapy. He had suffered from almost all of the above described symptoms.

The Health Conditions handbook further quotes Dr. Susser, saying that he firmly believes that CFS results from "several ongoing, simultaneous infections that weaken the immune system." In my opinion, it is probably the other way around: it is the weakened immune system (due to previous infections, antibiotic and other drug treatments, toxicity from foods and the environment) that allows various organisms to take up residence in the body. Once these have damaged the body, it is much easier for other opportunistic viruses or germs to add to the problem.

Dr. Susser also states that in CFS "we often get hidden, concomitant parasite, yeast and viral infections that are the result of a weakened immune system." Here is our cue that CFS is not a simple problem but a combination of immune deficiency diseases, including candida and possible parasites.


Candidiasis, a fungal invasion, has become extremely common. Candida is commonly found in many body areas, particularly in the gut and vagina. Candidiasis regularly develops in people who have undergone severe or long-term treatments with antibiotics. The mechanism is quite simple: since candida commonly inhabits the colon, it shares the available nutrients with friendly bacteria as well as other organisms. When patients are treated with antibiotics, these bacteria are killed off -- but the yeast (Candida) survives and is now no longer deprived of nutrients by other organisms, it has the area and the nutrients to itself. It is important to note that patients who receive antibiotic treatments are already suffering from some infection and are therefore immune compromised. The weakened immune system is then subject to a massive invasion by candida that was unaffected by antibiotics and against which the body has no defenses.

Candida really becomes a problem when it invades other tissues, particularly the nervous system. The drugs available for treatment, like all drugs, are often temporarily effective to control the candida -- but they do not heal. On the contrary, all drugs are toxic and further damage and weaken the immune system. The result is that the candida recurs if and when the drugs have to be discontinued due to toxic liver damage.

Since cancer chemotherapy also severely damages the immune system, virtually all cancer patients who were treated with chemo also suffer from candidiasis. Furthermore, even those who have not been treated with cytotoxic (chemo) drugs suffer from a damaged immune system: they could not have cancer if their immune system were functioning fully. We can therefore assume that they, too, have a degree of candida infection.


Herpes, or fever sores, have been around for a long time. Genital herpes, on the other hand, is a relatively new sexually transmitted disease (STD). Before the advent of AIDS, it was one of the more serious genitally transmitted diseases and caused much distress in young people. It, too, defies treatment Herpes simplex is described as an acute viral infection; while genital herpes is known to be caused by Herpes Virus 2. This, too, is clearly an immune deficiency disease and has been overcome by the Gerson Therapy.

Another form of Herpes, Herpes Zoster or shingles, is also on the rise. Not only does it cause extreme pain which is difficult to control, but it generally does not go away. The severity of the attack will subside, but constant and recurring problems, including pain, may persist. There is no really effective treatment to overcome and cure this herpes infection except with the intensive Gerson Therapy.

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease was first observed and described in Lyme, Connecticut. It seems to be caused by an infectious agent, transmitted by a tick, and causes various problems, including in some cases arthritis, erythema (reddening of skin), Bell's palsy, brain and possible heart abnormalities. It has been improved by the administration of penicillin, however many cases persist and develop into serious paralyses, nerve and brain disorders. We have seen only one patient who suffered from this problem. She was in a wheelchair, unable to move or control her limbs, was severely depressed and her condition was deteriorating. In only a few days on the Gerson Therapy her overall problems improved considerably. I have no follow-up in this case and am unable to report further progress.


This is a topic that has to be treated separately, and is not really a "modern" disease. It has several forms ranging from mild to severe gastro-intestinal inflammation all the way to serious food poisoning. Other species of salmonella are the causative agents of paratyphoid and typhoid fever.

The reason salmonella must be included under "modern" infectious is that in its food poisoning action, it is now killing an increasingly large number of people in the U.S. annually. The number of salmonella cases reported in Los Angeles last year, for instance, increased ten times (from just over 100, to just over 1,000) over the previous year.

The culprit, to a large extent, is the chicken industry. We talked about "The Case Against Chicken" in the Gerson Healing Newsletter, Vol. 9, No. 1, (May/June 1994), but this discussion did not include any of the many infectious agents found in chicken due to current automated, high-volume, profit-oriented processing. Surely many of our readers saw the article in Time Magazine (Oct. 17, 1994) titled "Something Smells Fowl", and describing the horrendous and unsanitary conditions found in today's chicken processing plants. Aside from salmonella, chicken are generally infected with Camphylobacter, E. coli or other micro-organisms, according to the Time article. "Each year at least 6.5 million and possibly as many as 80 million people get sick from chicken, and some 1,000 people die, according to conservative estimates". Although cooking the meat properly will generally kill the infectious bacteria, any kitchen surface or implement that the infected meat touches can also become contaminated and potentially dangerous.

In discussing the damage done by consuming chicken, neither our own May/June issue, nor the Time Magazine article touched on the treatment of the animals while they are alive. The incubated eggs are injected before they hatch, since they would otherwise not even produce live chicks. Chickens are heavily treated with hormones and antibiotics to keep them alive -- and they must generally be slaughtered at a very early age (for chickens) -- or they die of disease. Yet, with intensive advertising, the immense (7 billion chickens are slaughtered in the United States annually) and profitable chicken industry has convinced much of the American public that eating this septic, decaying, sick and chemical-laced meat is healthier and preferable to eating red meat because of its lower fat and cholesterol content. I am by no means advocating the consumption of red meat, pork or veal -- none of which are the slightest bit healthful. I am instead pointing out that eating chicken is not a reasonable choice for a person wishing to maintain good health.

The above material is presented to give the reader background information on the increasing dangers of "modern" sources of infection. But, in my opinion, all these modern diseases are really only symptoms of the seriously decreased resistance and damaged immune systems of our current population. In all these cases, infectious are involved, and in many of them (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candidiasis, Genital Herpes, Lyme Disease), there is no cure by drugs or other orthodox methods. Yet the Gerson Therapy has been shown to help people overcome these diseases. This shows that the Gerson Therapy strengthens and restores the immune system and thus helps the body to overcome these "incurable" ailments.

Legionnaires' Disease

Among "modern diseases," Legionnaire's Disease should also be mentioned, especially in connection with impaired immune systems. This "mysterious new disease" was first described in a number of cases which afflicted members of the American Legion who were attending a convention in Philadelphia in 1976. The disease is a serious type of pneumonia, yet is often carried without producing disease. According to the text Current Medical Diagnosis, Legionnaires' Disease is caused by an opportunistic germ (meaning that it attacks weakened or defenseless persons) and generally affects the elderly, smokers and people on dialysis or who have been given organ transplants. The latter, of course, must be treated with immune suppressant agents or their bodies would reject the transplants. In other words, their immune systems are severely and intentionally depressed, and they become susceptible to opportunistic infectious.


No discussion of "modern diseases" would be complete without mentioning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. This, as the name indicates, is the ultimate failure of the immune system. It stands to reason, then, that since the Gerson Therapy restores the immune system, it could well overcome this problem, too. At present, it is difficult for me to claim that the Gerson Therapy will cure AIDS. Due to restrictions imposed by the Mexican health authorities, we are not allowed to accept AIDS patients. As a result, we have not been able to follow AIDS patients to observe results. We have seen good recoveries in two cases of patients who were treated for HIV infections on an outpatient basis. I feel uncomfortable making any curative claims for the Gerson Therapy on the basis of such a small sample. Yet, one cannot help but assume that, with the improved immune response produced by the Gerson Therapy as with so many other diseases, AIDS should respond very well.

Dr. Gerson was aware very early in his career that his Therapy was able to improve and restore the immune system -- since he was able to cure tuberculosis of all types well before the advent of antibiotics. I even remember a case of infantile paralysis in New York that was reversed almost immediately with the Gerson Therapy. Obviously the immune system plays an extremely important role in the treatment of cancer. The restored immune response is largely credited with helping the body break down and dissolve tumor tissue. Conversely, since all the above diseases are on the rise, we also have to understand that, due to modern agricultural methods, food processing methods, damage to our bodies with toxins, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, with medical drug treatments, etc., our immune systems are more and more seriously damaged or paralyzed. In order to heal -- anything -- we have to work to restore the whole body, and with it, the immune system. And since the Gerson Therapy does just that, it has been able to heal both `ancient' and `modern' diseases.

The Gerson Institute.


By Charlotte Gerson

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