Quieting the Inner Chatter of Anxiety


Life is like a tightrope walk. And once in a while, life events are going to create anxiety, just like stepping out on that rope. But we can become confident and carefree tightrope walkers of life.

Think that's impossible?

There you go, underestimating your potential. That is what so many have been socially coerced to do! The social order needs and creates a lot of worker bees. See all that morning traffic? Those are worker bees. The queen (or king) bee takes a limo from their estate. And if we are worker bees, it is in part because we are stuck in over think and underestimation of our potential, under use of our inherent intuitive capacity to dream big, and a lack of self-actualization. But we do not have to stay in that mode. We all have untapped potential. It doesn't matter what our education or handicap. The world is full of examples of people who have beaten the odds. Ready? Oh, limo driver - over here.

Here are 3 simple steps for relieving anxiety: Step 1: Quiet Awareness: Stop and be Quietly Aware of your immediate environment. Be in the moment, attentive and mindful. Step 2 (because Step 1, as simple as it sounds, it very difficult to maintain for more than a few seconds with the internal chatter starting up): Breath Awareness: Maintain the Quiet Awareness by simply noticing when you are inhaling and when you are exhaling. Stay Quietly Aware while you continue in Breath Awareness. This will help you maintain the Quiet Awareness much longer. Allow yourself to relax. It will happen automatically. Step 3: Heart Awareness. Maintain the Quiet Awareness, overlay it with Breath Awareness, and now just listen. Listen for a "wisdom whisper" from the heart. No words, just a sense of comfort and peace of mind. That's it. Call it "Q'Baha - for Quiet Awareness to Breath Awareness to Heart Awareness." Use "Q'Baha" as a mantra to keep you on this inner journey. Try it for a few days, and notice how easy it is to slip into Quiet Awareness You may also notice your new anxiety-free ability to move to action without the usual "should I or shouldn't I."

Do you have a goal in mind? Then make a belligerent commitment to go for it. Someone once wrote, "Anything less than a belligerent commitment is a curse." Think about that. Don't let anything stop you.

Especially don't let those lions of fear and doubt from your inner dialogue stop you. You can tame them. Write you goals. Visualize your goals. Then plant them in your heart. Be quiet and silent as you go about planting your garden. You will be seeding your heart with images and sensations that go with powerful visualizations. Persist until you manifest the dream, and realize your own heart's desire.


By Jeff Belyea, PhD

Jeff is an artist, writer, personal coach, and meditation teacher. He has taught the "Mystic Heart Meditation" for more than 20 years. More at his web site: www.mindgoal.com.

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