Homeopathy at Home: Fears, Anxieties and Phobias


Homeopathy at Home: Fears, Anxieties and Phobias

Fear and anxiety are emotional reactions to perceived threats and are helpful for survival. It is when these fears and anxieties become uncontrollable as phobias that there is reason for concern. Anxiety is disruptive to our lives on both a physical and emotional level and homeopathic remedies can help.


Two homeopathic remedies in particular help the grieving gain some control over the severe anxiety which may overwhelm them. The person does not bypass the mourning process, but rather works through it with less anxiety.

Ignatia is indicated for the initial stages of grief. The person has usually identified completely with the lost one and feels that he or she cannot exist alone. The bereaved is at a complete loss and feels empty.

Another remedy, Sepia, is indicated for the grieving who experience extreme fatigue and/or irritability. He or she also exhibits emotional apathy, indifference to friends and may withdraw completely.

Stage Fright

Argentum nitricum is for those who suffer from anticipatory anxiety before speaking or performing in front of an audience. They often experience trembling and/or diarrhea. Another remedy, Gelsemium, will have a calming effect for those who feel weak in the knees and who may even experience dizziness. And Lycopodium is for those who over-prepare and feel apprehensive, but once they begin speaking, perform well.

Fear of Heights

Argentum nitricum is also best for those who have a fear of heights combined with an impulse to jump. Borax is used in the case of vertigo, looking down and having the sensation of falling. And Natrum muriaticum is indicated for reserved people who conceal their anxiety of heights in order to avoid the concern or sympathy of others.


Homeopathic remedies can help people who experience extreme anxiety when in public or crowded spaces. Aconite is used when a patient is afraid of fainting or even dying while shopping or simply outside the home. Arsenicum album is used for agoraphobics, perfectionists, and those who dislike spontaneity and experience panic attacks with shortness of breath.


Acute anxiety about being in a tunnel or an enclosed environment in general, along with a feeling of suffocation, is typical of those suffering claustrophobia. Pulsatilla is best given to those who feel worse in an environment which is hot and stuffy, who are afraid of being alone, weep easily and need a lot of reassurance. If the fear is intense enough to cause diarrhea, Argentum nitricum is best. This is also the remedy to use when the person has low self-esteem, is excitable or worried.

Should any of these remedies match your symptoms, it is best to take them in a 6c strength three times per day up to 10 days. In emergency situations, the remedies may be taken in a 6c strength every two hours for up to 10 doses. Discontinue the remedy when the symptoms subside. If the anxieties are long-standing conditions coupled with other health problems, seek constitutional treatment with a homeopathic practitioner.

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By Pam Nori

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