Homeopathy at Home: Fighting Sinusitis


Homeopathy at Home: Fighting Sinusitis

Facial pain and headaches can have many causes. A common one is sinusitis, an infection in the sinus cavities. Most people run for nasal decongestant and aspirins for such a stuffy-nosed infection, not realizing that there are safe, natural homeopathic remedies that can help you feel better quickly.

How Sinusitis Happens

There are eight sinus cavities in the bones above the eyes and around the nose. During a cold or an allergic reaction, the membranes lining the cavities may swell and produce excessive mucus. The openings from the sinuses into the nose can become blocked by the swelling, leading to pressure from both the air trapped inside and from the build-up of mucus. The result is stuffiness or fullness in the face

In a sinus infection, bacteria enter the blocked sinus cavity and multiply. Inflammation increases and pus is produced.

Symptoms of sinusitis can include throbbing and pressure in the forehead, aching teeth, a face tender to the touch, pain when bending or stooping, thick yellow-green nasal discharge, fever, headache and fatigue.

Homeopathic Homecare

Use 6C or 30C potencies of these remedies for sinusitis relief:


This is the most common remedy for sinusitis. It is indicated when pain or pressure is worse above the root of the nose and when discharge is thick, stringy and tough. Pain may be in the forehead, often above one eye. Symptoms begin in the morning, get worse by noon, and go away in the late evening. Kali-B(1) works best for people who are worse with cold weather, stooping, motion, and better with pressure, warmth and warm drinks.


This remedy is great for pain around the eyes. Pain is worse at night, in a warm room and when raising the eyes. Pulsatilla is indicated when the person is better in the morning and with cold pressure. Nausea and indigestion may be present and there is intermittent nasal obstruction. The nasal discharge is often thick and yellow or green.


A chronically stuffed nose is an indication for this remedy. There is improvement with pressure or the person wants to wrap the head tightly and use warm application. The pain is worse with cold, mental exertion, stooping and light touch.


Try this remedy for throbbing pains in the front part of the head that come and go suddenly and frequently. Belladonna is always associated with red, hot skin, flushed face and glaring eyes. This remedy works for people who are worse when lying down, with noise and for those who feel better in a semi-erect position. The discharge may be blood-streaked.

Euphorbium Nasal Spray

This spray is helpful when used with the appropriate remedy, especially when there is burning pain.

Treating a more chronic, recurring sinusitis is beyond the scope of this column. For those suffering from such a condition, I recommend that you seek a personal consultation with a trained homeopath.

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By Judith E. Snider

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