Winter Ailments: Colds - Coughs - Flu - Chilblains - Sore Throats


WINTER AILMENTS: Colds - Coughs - Flu - Chilblains - Sore Throats

COLDS Symptoms


Worse ACONITE Take at first sneeze or

Stuffy shiver after exposure to

atmosphere dry cold. Frequent sneezing. Hot clear water drips from nostrils. Fever, thirst, restless at night. Buzzing in the ears. ALLIUM CEPA Paroxysms of sneezing, eyes and

Fresh Air Warm room nose stream, nose and lips sore and raw. Hot, thirsty, headachy. Rawness may extend to throat and chest. ARSENICUM ALBUM Similar symptoms to above, but more

Heat chilliness, and burning extends back Warm into the fauces. Burning discharge or drinks stuffed up at night. Intense tickle inside the nose at one particular spot. Tends to spread to the chest. Extremely chilly, sensation of `ice cold' or possibly boiling water coursing through veins. Very thirsty but taken only in sips. BRYONIA Symptoms slow to develop. Much sneezing, Lying eyes red and watering. Nasal discharge down watery. Lips and mouth are DRY. Great Keeping thirst for large quantities at long

completely intervals. Tendency to spread to chest still with painful cough. Severe headaches. GELSEMIUM Influenza type headache with heavy

Heat of feeling in lids and limbs. Tearing

fire tickling cough. Nasal discharge makes nostrils sore. Nostrils obstructed in hot room. HEPAR SULPH. Follows exposure to cold dry weather. Wrapped

Least Affects ears, nose, throat and chest. up

draught Much sneezing, discharge watery at

Putting hands first, then becomes thick, yellow and

and feet out offensive. Nose swollen and painful.

of bed Peevish and hypersensitive. MERCURIUS Sneezes violently, nose drips, fluent

Both corrosive greenish-yellow offensive

extremes of discharge, nose red, swollen, shiny,

temperature sore. Throat often sore and voice hoarse. Dry, tickly cough. Pale, flabby indented tongue, moist coating and foul taste. Profuse sweats. Starts with creeping chilliness. PHOSPHORUS Begins in throat or chest. Sneezing

Going from which causes pain in throat or head.

hot room to Nose alternately blocked or running,

cold or vice or one nostril blocked and the other

versa discharging, often blood streaks on handkerchief. Nose red, shiny, sore. Throat sore, voice hoarse. Tight feeling in chest. Racking cough. PULSATILLA Persistent cold. Stuffed up at night

Coming into or in a warm room, otherwise thick

warm room yellow bland discharge, especially profuse out of doors. Pains in face and nose, chills up and down back. Possibly blood on handkerchief. Loss of appetite, taste and smell. Chapped peeling lips, cheeks hot.

COUGHS ARSEN ALB. Wheezing respiration, much frothy

Midnight to phlegm, cannot breathe freely or

2am fully. Restless and anxious, weak and exhausted to marked degree. BRYONIA Harsh DRY spasmodic cough which

COLD DRY shakes the whole body, associated

WEATHER with stitches and soreness in

Night, after chest and with bursting headache.

eating and Wants to sigh but it hurts.

drinking. Peevish, wants to be alone.

ANY Thirsty for long drinks of COLD

MOVEMENT water at long intervals, but hot drinks help cough. Holds chest and head when coughing. ANT. TART. Persistent cough with

MUST SIT accumulation of phlegm causing

UP rattling respiration. Great difficulty getting up phlegm. Sudden sensation of suffocation. Appearance of face sunken, pale or bluish, sickly. DROSERA Violent tickle in larynx brings


NIGHT on fit of coughing which seems

AIR deep down in the chest, accompanied by wheezing and gagging. Cough causes pain below ribs and calls for support by hands. Proven value in whooping cough. IPECAC Spasmodic suffocating cough with rattling respiration early in illness. Wheezing with sensation of weight on the chest. Child may become blue and go stiff. Intense nausea with a clean tongue; nausea not relieved by vomiting. PHOSPHORUS Dry, harsh tickling cough which

Any change in racks the body and is very

temperature exhausting. The tickle is in

Warm <-> cold the larynx or lower down. Cough

Lying down at causes a bursting headache and

night. Lying must hold chest when coughing

on left side. on account of pain. Tightness

Laughing, in chest, sense of weight or

talking,eating oppression in chest. Thirst for cold drinks or iced water which tends to be vomited when warmed in the stomach. SPONGIA Noisy rasping cough without

Hot drinks Talking, wheezing or rattling. Wakes

and taking singing, from sleep choking, in great


swallowing. alarm and with violent cough.

Lying with May be tough phlegm, difficult

head low. to cough up and usually swallowed.

CHILBLAINS AGARICUS Much itching and burning,

Cold marked redness. CALCAREA CARBONATE

COLD Feet are damp, sweaty, cold. PETROLEUM Burning and itching, with cracks, chaps and split finger tips. PULSATILLA Burning, especially in bed

OPEN AIR HEAT at night. May be tearful or

Letting irritable.


hang down

SORE THROATS HEPAR SULPH. Sore throat with well-established `cold' sensation of something sharp pricking in throat. On swallowing pain shoots into ears. Pain in larynx on swallowing food. Catarrhal swelling of pharynx with copious discharge. Very irritable. Sensitive to the least cold draught. LACHESlS Starts left side and later extends to right, looks bluish red. Feels as if closing up or as if there is a lump causing desire to swallow. Much rawness and burning with tendency to ulceration. Can swallow solids better than liquids, may even feel better for solids. Cannot stand any pressure on throat, e.g. from collar. MERC. SOL. Raw sore smarting accompanies

NIGHT every cold. Foul mouth, thirst despite moist mouth and much salivation. Thick yellow coating on tongue, throat feels dry and swallowing is painful, but must because of excessive salivation. PHYTOLACCA Sore, congested and dark red. Throat feels full as if to choke. Every attempt to swallow sends pain shooting through ears; cannot swallow, even water. Sensation as if a ball of red-hot iron was stuck in throat. Neck muscles stiff, glands swollen. Tonsillar lymph nodes affected. Uvula swollen and oedematous. Useful for recurrent attacks of follicular tonsilitis.

INFLUENZA BAPTISIA Very rapid prostration, high

PRESSURE MOVEMENT, fever, gastric symptoms,

even stuporous state, looks

slightest drugged, dull red face. BRYONIA Very hot, very dry, wants to lie still and be let alone. Aches all over, headache, chest symptoms, tongue is coated white, great thirst for cold fluids. Cough causes headache. Irritable and possibly delirious. `Wants to go home' when at home. EUPATORIUM PERF. Very severe pain in limbs and back. Bones feel broken, dare not move for pain. Bursting headache, shivering and chills in back. Chill begins at 7-9am. Eyeballs sore. May be bilious, vomiting, marked thirst. GELSEMIUM Chills run up and down spine, cold and hot alternately. Great heaviness and tiredness of body and limbs, especially head and eyelids. Aches and pains all over. Sneezing, hard cough, absence of thirst. Bursting headache from behind forward to eyes and forehead, relief from passing large quantities of pale urine. PYROGENIUM Severe pain in back and thighs, chilliness no fire can warm. Creeping chills in back with thumping heart, very rapid pulse with temperature not proportionately high. Intense restlessness, violent pulsation, bursting headache. Bed feels `too hard'; feels bruised and beaten all over. PREVENTION 3-4 doses of Gelsemium 30 over 24 hours, or the appropriate drug effective in the current epidemic.

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