Alcoholism Treated Homeopathically


Alcoholism Treated Homeopathically

In homeopathy there is the means to treat alcoholism at every level, from the immediate craving to the physiological, psychological and spiritual disharmonies that made the person susceptible. It is certainly more successful in conjunction with a supportive social network, such as a twelve-step program. The individual's will cannot be ignored, and homeopathy can assist that will to come into play in the right way.

We'll first look at remedies that address the effects of alcoholism and. then take a look at several deep-acting constitutional remedies. These must all be used under the advice of a physician, especially the tinctures.

Immediate Craving:

Dr. J.H. Clark suggests Cinchona rubra (Peruvian Bark) tincture in water 2 times a day to relieve craving in people who want to give it up. If this fails, he suggests Sulphur 3C three times a day.

Dr. B. Das mentioned Strophanthus (Kombe seed) Tincture 5-10 drops twice daily, which removes the craving by crag nausea and thereby disgust for alcohol.

Dr. J.H. Clark says that in Sweden the leaves of Ladum (Wild Rosemary) were used in beer to increase its intoxicating effect. When used homeopathically in potency it has the opposite effect, antidoting the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Boericke recommends the 3rd to 30th potency.

Quercus (Extract of acorns of English oak) can antidote the effects of alcohol and will diminish the craving. Works best in a person who is pale, nervous, depressed, incapable of describing his symptoms. Giddiness and/or vertigo worse from motion. Face flushed. Diluted tincture - 10 drops three times a day. Dr. Wm. Boericke.

Effects of Alcohol

1. Delirium Tremens - (a partial list)

a. Attempts to escape - Belladonna, Stramonium

b. With delusions - Belladonna, Lachesis, Stramonium, Opium, Kali Bichromicum, Cannahis, Calc.

c. With red, bloated face - Belladonna, Crotalus H., Stramonium.

d. With excessive talking - Lachesis, Ranuneulus B.

e. Oversensitivity (to stimuli) - Nux Vomica, Coffer

g. Trembling - Arsenicum, Baryta C, Hysocyamus, Nux, Stramoalum, Cedron, Lachesis, Kali Br., Coffea.

h. Quarrelsome, fears ghosts, won't be alone - Ranunculus B.

i. Extreme restlessness, fear of death, chilly - Arsenicum.

2. Effects While intoxicated

a. Desire to strike others - Veratrum album, Hyoscyamine.

b. Desire to kill - Hyoscyamine, Belladonna, Hepar.

c. Sadness - Pulsatilla, Nux Vomica, Staphisagria.

d. Jealousy - Nux Vomica, Lachesis.

e. Morning vomiting, trembling - Nux Vomica.

f. Chronic vomiting, with white tongue - Antimonium, Tartaricum.

3. Nervous depression or exhaustion Avena Sativa tincture 5 drops every 8 hours. With twitching muscles Zincum 6C every 4 hours.
4. Insomnia
Cimifuga, Gelsemium,

Hyoscyamus, Nux Vomica,

Secale, Sumbul, Arsenicum,

Avena Sativa, Lachesis,

Passiflora, Stramonium.

Constitutional Treatments

There are many remedies which can have alcoholism as part of their constitutional picture. Here are vignettes of several remedies that are prominent for alcoholism.

Sulphur: Signs and symptoms

The raged philosopher or absentminded professor. Loves to pontificate. Lives in the abstract; the dreamer. Comes up with lots of ideas but may never implement them. Always theorizing, he can be a brilliant scholar or the party bore. Often self- taught. Lives by his own rules. The good-natured intellectual derelict. A collector, of information and things. His house is cluttered and clothes need pressing or mending. Worse from warmth, Fond of alcohol and sweets. Aversion to bathing, and worse for standing. Burning or itching sensations. Ravenous 11 AM. Insomnia 2-5 AM. In the healthy state, prodigiously creative and productive. Otherwise indolent. Drinks on the sly. Drinks morning till evening.

Lachesis: Signs and symptoms

Talkative, jumps from subject to subject. Highly energetic. Possessive, suspicious, jealous and deceitful. Slanders others. Acts as if in a competition and must win. Crafty and manipulative. Good liars. Iago from Shakespeare's Othello. Sleeps little, but is not tired. Always in conflict between passion and restraint. In the healthy state, energetic, dedicated, passionate. Abundant ideas and great clarity of mind. Can't stand anything tight, especially around neck. Worse from heat and after sleep. Left sided complaints. Better from discharges. Drinks on the sly.

Nux Vomica Signs and symptoms

Thin, chilly, nervous, irritable, impatient, and quick to anger. An inflexible authoritarian who cannot bear contradiction. A workaholic who drives himself and others, and is always striving to do more. Very sensitive to odors, sounds, lights. Fond of stimulants. Can become abusive when drinking. Wife beater, child abuser. Suffers from indigestion, constipation, insomnia from 3-5 AM. May drink steadily or abstain and then binge. When healthy he can be organized, efficient, responsible, decisive, and affectionate.

Carcinosin: Signs and symptoms.

Brought up in a home where parents demanded perfection. Throughout life he drives himself to fulfill this expectation. Stretches himself to the limit of his capacity. Excessive sense of duty, with worry amounting to anguish. Tries too hard to do things right. Takes on even more projects when under pressure. Responsible, earnest, anxious for others. Severe insomnia, great anticipatory anxiety, fastidious, sensitive to reprimands, non-assertive. Loves animals.. Worse for consolation. Better for thunder, lightning and dancing Often, history of cancer in family.

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By Alan Schmukler

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