Healing with Homeopathy: Treating Alcoholism with Homeopathy


by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW and Robert Ullman, ND

Paul, a 39 year-old lawyer, was being consumed by his addictions to tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol. Though he was well-educated as to the adverse effects of these substances, he could not help himself. His smoking habit, which began in high school, was now up to a pack a day. He habitually drank half a bottle of wine every night unless he forced himself to abstain. Drinking helped Paul loosen up at parties and offered him "a false sense of optimism." Even the scare of blackouts was not sufficient to persuade him to kick his drinking habit. His close friends and colleagues who were aware of his alcoholism tried to convince Paul to attend A.A., but the idea sounded humiliating to him. He began his day with three cups of double-strength, black coffee, perked himself up with a latte mid-afternoon, and washed down his evening sweet treat with a cup or two of espresso. He had avoided physical examinations for years for fear they would reveal the physiologic effects of his addictions.

Paul gave the appearance of being energetic and in control, yet inside he was losing it. He felt "as if he were dying." He feared that he lacked the willpower and motivation to overcome his addictions even though he knew they would probably kill him eventually. If he changed, he might have to feel, which he had guarded against by numbing himself with addictive substances. He now felt extremely out of touch with himself.

Paul had three brothers and a sister. He was raised on a farm in rural Minnesota. His father, a lawyer, also drank heartily. He tried to be the perfect son until high school, when he ran around with a wild crowd and began to drink. Ever since childhood, Paul was very concerned about how he appeared to others. He would try on being one way for awhile, then another, but was never sure who he really was. Paul had been living with a woman for the past year and a half. They drank together and supported each other's mutual denial about their alcoholism. His sexual energy was very high. He preferred sex daily and, if he didn't get it, he'd masturbate. This was his longest relationship to date. His previous intimate relationships were numerous and short-lived. He was drawn to women out of sexual attraction, then eventually got bored with them. He wasn't sure he had ever really loved a woman.

Paul was quite chilly and loved the heat, "the hotter the better." He wore lots of layers of clothes. He slept a lot when he felt depressed. His axillary perspiration was offensive if he was under stress. His stamina and concentration weren't what he'd like.

Paul had very few physical complaints. A year previously he suffered from a persistent rash due to a new detergent. He had become very concerned about it and convinced himself it was skin cancer. He experienced frequent offensive flatus and bloating and occasional flareups of external hemorrhoids. Paul had a history of condylomata, but not other sexually transmitted diseases.

He loved grains, bread, pastas, sweets, salty, and fats. He was averse to shellfish and had to force himself to eat fruit. When asked whether he liked to chew on ice, he said he had regularly for the past two years, but was trying to break the habit because he worried it would cause throat cancer. Both of Paul's parents were still healthy.


By Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman

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