"Definitive" Study on ACU for Cocaine Gathers Steam



Human subjects will begin receiving ear needle treatments, perhaps by mid-summer, in the most ambitious research ever undertaken on the efficacy of acu detox. The longitudinal, controlled study conducted by New York's Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) will involve three population groups: cocaine dependent methadone maintenance patients; pregnant cocaine dependent women; and primary cocaine or crack addicts.

Chief of the Cocaine Alternative Treatment Study (CATS) will be noted drug researcher Herbert D. Kleber, MD of CASA and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. His co-investigators will include most of those with an existing publication record in the acupuncture for addiction field. Study advisors include acu detox pioneers Michael Smith, MD and Mindi Fullilove, MD.

The multi-year project will proceed simultaneously at six sites (down from the eight first planned, though the subject sample will remain the original size): UCLA, UC San Francisco, University of Miami, University of Washington, Yale University and Hennepin County, MN (Minneapolis).

To assure uniform procedures in all of the sites, investigators are gathering at Yale University this month for training. Heading up the training effort will be Stephen Birch, LAc, a methodology specialist and key member of the Yale research team that has published several acu detox articles in recent years. Assisting Birch will be Lianne Audette, DC, LAc, who is an experienced acu detox clinician and operator of Pasadena's Turnabout, an acu clinic for hard core addicts.

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