Drug Addiction


Drug Addiction

Addiction has never been more of a public health concern than it is now. The sociopolitical climate promises an escalating conflict of values, as the powerful, global movements that favor increases in privacy and in personal freedom of choice cause rises in the use of habit-forming substances and in addiction -- not only in developed countries but also, and more dramatically, in developing nations.

The best hope to stem addiction to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs is to institute private and public prohibitions. Instead, however, the growing international trend has been toward "harm reduction" -- attempting to curb some of the consequences of addictive-drug use without attempting to curb the drug use itself -- and, in developed countries, toward the "medicalization" of otherwise illicit drug use (for example, sanctioning the use of marijuana, hallucinogens, and similar drugs in user-controlled "treatments" against sundry human ills).

American Council on Science and Health, Inc.


By Robert L. DuPont

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