The Essence of Harmony

The Essence of Harmony

A soothing essence to help maintain harmony and balance in life may sound a little poetic, but this is how the flower essences are typically explained.

Naturopath and pharmacist Jan de Vries, recognized worldwide for his research in many fields of natural healing, specializes in the field of the potential healing power of flower essences. He has successfully used his flower essence formulas to treat a variety of stressful conditions. Based on similar principles to homeopathy, flower essences are liquid extracts of flowers formulated into a grape alcohol. Flowers in various forms have been used in health care by people all over the world for generations, but the use of flower essences in health care was developed and refined in Britain in the 1930s.

Be it hormonal upsets, exams, family feuds, driving or keeping up with technology and the ever-increasing demands of everyday living can be physically and emotionally draining. Being aware that our emotions have an influence on our general health leads us to understand that sickness is more likely to occur when we are mentally low or in a stressful situation.

There are many ways we can relieve stress, feel positive and be able to cope with daily challenges: exercise, good nutrition, relaxation or a good laugh with friends. But there are times when we may be alone or away from supporting family or friends, and we don't know where to turn for help.

Anyone dealing with emotional stress will find flower essences offer a natural, gentle, supportive remedy. Unlike many prescription drugs used to combat such conditions, flower essences bring no fear of addiction, side effects, overdosing or incompatibility with other treatments. The essences work well with children, helping them overcome emotional situations. Seniors who have difficulty concentrating and keeping calm in unfamiliar situations can also benefit. The most popular essence is the emergency essence combination which can be used safely at times of shock, after an accident, sudden bad news or any situation that causes a feeling of being out of control. A wide variety of essences are now available to help in conditions such as spasms of the intestine, lethargy, PMS, menopause, impotency, anxiety and all levels of nervous disorders. The essences are simple to take: a few drops can be placed under the tongue or diluted in water and sipped during the day. The essences work fast and effectively and are an ideal addition to the first aid kit in the car and at home.

For Example...

In case of panic attack or anxiety, pull out an emergency essence combination:

Camomile calms distraught emotions, soothes and relaxes the nerves and decreases inner tension.

Lavender balances the emotions and soothes frayed nerves.

Red Clover is balancer, instilling calmness and clarity.

Purple Coneflower overcomes fear in emergency situations and trauma. Restores balance when in shock and brings a sense of security.

Yarrow brings strength in emergency situations, helps to deal with problems and restores energy levels.

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By Sonya Bass

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