The Crystalline Matrix Symposium

Telluride, Colorado

Is it 95 or 94 days until the power of the human spirit?

P.S. It starts when it starts and will never end.

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Patrick McGean
International Director
Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study
Body Human Project est. 1999

Participants include:

Cindy Nelson the rock of the Matrix,
Forrest “Chopper” Smith and
Steven and Beth Daniels of Quantum Techniques
Benjamin Dupre’,
Colleen Scott ,
Richard Forish,CN,, ,
Brendan Feeley N.D, .
Hesh Goldstein, MS,
Louisa Williams ND,
Ian Pettett,
Richard Clark CN,
Joe Lasky, Lasko Peri-gum Michael Rebeck,
Michael Polland,
Seven Nelson M.D. Ph.D, ,
Robert Nelson, Ph.D,
Christie McCelland ,
Beth M. Ley Ph.D.,
David Gregg, Ph.D,
Darwin Long,
Dean McClain,
Phillips Gallery,
Wally Richards, ,
Billy Crystal,
Jim and Ron at Wolcott Optical,
Ron Howard, “Cocoon” the sulfur story,
Jackie Pickham, healer,
Grace and Dwight,
Clinton Ray Miller, Advocate,
Michael Circuit, holistic realtor and Dr. Hack from Vegas,
A. True Ott, Ph.D, Dr Allen Hartwll ,
Beatrice’s Valley Selected Foods,
Paul Marshall,
Scott W. Cameron Esq., Peggy at 48 Street Hair, ,
Daniel Perlman,
Mandy Potemkin singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow,
Michael Saftler”s Chocolate,
Senator Al Franken will “stand up,”
Cindy Van Valen, CHT,
Sandy Plass,
Esthetist, Leftenant Tom Lloyd,
Elvis Presley is dead and sends his regrets, more as confirm.

Entertainment is by invitation, Melodramus, Bob Dylan, Jame Taylor, Seal, Dave Mathews Band, Steely Dan ( Donald Fagen ) Sal Rapasardi

The Tech Festival held as usual 30 July to August 2

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