Un-necessary, Unreasonable Environmental Damage and Destruction

For Global Environmental r-Evolution NOW...

1. At LEAST 99% of ALL the money in the world is VIRTUAL money,

made from millivolts of electricity in a computer somewhere,


and which the Banks have FRAUDULENTLY created out of NOTHING...

This means that there is NO REAL economic reason for ANYTHING!

For example, there is no REAL economic reason why we cannot

feed, clothe, house, and educate EVERYONE on the Earth right NOW;

-and we can be fully ecologically sustainable at the same time.

2a) Any contract to commit a crime is a VOID and UNENFORCEABLE contract.


The Mortgage Contract is forcing millions of honest working people

to Damage and Destroy the Environment we all have to live in....

Therefore it is a VOID and UNENFORCEABLE contract.

2b) Furthermore, any contract to Damage or Destroy the environment

between, for example: muilti-national corporations,

and the World Bank, or the IMF, and/or any Government,

is a VOID, UNENFORCEABLE contract to commit


(maximum Life Imprisonment).

And ALL these VOID and UNENFORCEABLE contracts

are based on VIRTUAL MONEY




IS INTEREST being paid to bankers


which those same bankers

have FRAUDULENTLY created out of NOTHING;












(a) ALL POLICE OFFICERS should, proffessionally speaking, be actively committed eco-activists; and when asked politely, over 90% say they would be if they could, but have to do what they are told like everyone else, or face dimissal and consequent homelessness,


(b) Anyone who is an eco-activist is upholding the police vow of office!

6. -imagine that EVERYONE NOW KNOWS this information,

and it is in public debate... and consequently


the Global Work-Force demanding a Lawful State of Emergency

for the Global Environment, NOW !

is organised:




these six SIMPLE points

ARE becoming KNOWN to the General Public,

and a LAWFUL global uprising is taking place

which will soon halt the biggest fraud in history,

and RE-DIRECT the efforts of the global terrorists,


by confiscating all of their virtual money,

to use all that VIRTUAL MONEY

to pay the Global Work Force

to mobilise all of our amazing and splendid technology


as it was intended by its inventors,

in creating a beautiful Permaculture Forest Garden

on the Earth, HERE & NOW !

If the Western 'Powers That Be' can declare a state of emergency and send tens of thousands of people off to kill each other and impose fraudulent democracies upon foreign countries, it is quite certain that they can equally well use the same RESOURCES to HELP those people to plant Forest Gardens in their own countries.

This will set a good example for other World Powers by actively taking care of the Earth, instead of violently imposing and defending an insane, criminal, and defective way of life which is Damaging and Destroying the Entire Earth, and all its Peoples, and which is one of the Root Causes of so-called 'Terrorism' in the world today.

The first duty of anyone who cares about the future of humanity is to ensure that every woman, man and child is adequately supplied with the basic necessities fof self-fulfilment.

This is possible right now, and HERE'S HOW we CAN DO it:-


Permaculture is a system of INTENSIVE yet ORGANIC land use, in which economically valuable trees are grown in association with other crops. it is already well developed in many countries, notably Cuba, Asia, Africa and Australia.

It is practical to implement Agroforestry in almost every inhabitable part of the world. There are trees and hardy perrenial shrubs that will grow in the most unpromising terrains, such as deserts, rocky hilsides and marshes. These provide nurse conditions for more tender crops, such as fruit and vegetables.

By means of Agroforestry, a world population far higher than the present will be supplied with balanced diets, fuel, energy, fibres, building materials, medicines and the vital soul-food of beautiful environments.

Full employment for all will be assured in the work of managing agroforestry plantations and processing their products.

The resources involved are ALL renewable, therefore practically infinite, and do not Damage or Destroy the Environment.

Ugly cities and industrial wastelands are being made beautiful and healthy, and the world's climate improved.

Trees, by attracting rainwater and controling the movement of ground water through their roots, help prevent both droughts and floods. their stabilising effects also help prevent erosion and landslides.

Millions of families and small communities are becomming largely self sufficient in the basic necessities of life.

With effective leadership, members of different ethnic groups are being enabled to transcend their rivalries in improving their environment and supplying their needs.

Great programs of planting and irrigation are replacing wars in the Middle East and throughout the world; the concerted aim being to overcome poverty, humger, and disease.

see www.permaculture.org

Unifying forces are needed to overcome the egotism that divides people:

The common celebration of the great sacred rites, which gives expression simultaneously to the interrelation and social articulation of family and state is the means which needs to be employed by society to unite people.

Sacred music and ceremony arouse a strong tide of emotion shared by all hearts in unison, awakening a consciousness of the common origins of all creatures.

In this way diversity is overcome and rigidity is dissolved.

A further means to the same end is co-operation in great general undertakings that set a high goal for the will of the people; in the common concentration on this goal, personal barriers are minimised,

,just as when a ship is passing through a great storm,

all hands must unite in a joint task...


There is a Universal Law of social behaviour which always applies, to any group of creatures, at any time; in the past, and in the present, and in the future; in any place, in any possible universe.

The Universal Law is quite simply that any creatures living in a group do not, as a general rule, injure each other.

If the members of a group injure each other, then that group will get smaller and smaller, until, at the end, if the members continue to injure eachother, there is only one creature left, which is not a group!

It is quite natural in many groups for members to establish pecking-orders and during this process some injury may be done, but once the pecking-order has been established and each group member knows hir place, very little further conflict is seen.

This Law may be applied to any group of creatures, living at any time, in any place; anywhere, in any conceivable Universe.

Therefore, if we are to believe in a Divine Architect who created the Universe, this is a Universal and Divine Principle Of Law, which any religious, political, financial, or industrial leader HAS TO AGREE WITH, or look very foolish!.

Even if we do not believe in a Divinity of any kind, the principle still holds good according to both common-sense and simple logic, so atheists, anarchists, and agnostics have to accept it too...

In British Law today there is a "Duty of Care" which states that:





This reasonable standard of care,

as outlined in the "Duty of Care" above,

is applied to all persons in the UK

including the Government, the Bankers,

and the Legal System itself...

The failure to uphold the 'Duty of Care' is either:

which is doing something likely to injure your neighbour in circumstances when you would not reasonably be expected to know that the thing you are doing is likely to injure your neighbour, (this is not a criminal offence, one may only be liable for damages in a civil court),

which is doing something you KNOW is likely to injure your neighbour and yet doing it anyway (which IS a criminal offence where one may be arrested, and fined or imprisoned and be liable for damages),

which is to intend by your act or omission to injure your neighbour (this is the most serious type of criminal offence which is generally punished with the full weight of the criminal law ).

Not only is the Duty of Care arguably a Divine Principle of Law, it is also used in legal practice today to create precedent or new law. If you can show that your behaviour is "reasonable, prudent and well-intentioned" in the circumstances which you find yourself in, then you are not generally guilty of any crime even if you have broken a particular statute or statutes.

For instance, there are times when it may be seen as "reasonable, prudent and well-intentioned" to disregard a particular law "in order to serve a greater interest." Therefore we may argue that the Duty of Care is both the most fundamental and underlying principle of British law and also that it will over-ride any previous precedents or statutes in certain circumstances.

Indeed we may argue that the Duty of Care is the Law!


The Duty of Care is used in court every day to determine the guilt or innocence of every defendant who appears in the dock. Two examples will serve to clarify the point.


(a). A person is driving a car who has no mechanical knowlege, this person has had the car serviced and maintained by qualified personnel and has the service history in the glove box of the car. The tax, MoT and insurance are all up to date. This person has done all that can be REASONABLY expected to ensure that the car is safe, yet when stopped by the police in a routine road check, it is found that they have defective brakes. This is doing something which is likely to injure their neighbour yet having taken all REASONABLE steps to insure that what they were doing was NOT LIKELY to cause injury. The person is still responsible in a civil court for the payment of damages should they injure someone as a result, but they have NOT behaved CRIMINALLY.

(b). The same person is driving the same car along the same piece of road at the same speed and is stopped by the same police officer who, this time, forms the REASONABLY HELD BELIEF that the person KNEW that the brakes were defective. This time the person will very likely be tried in a criminal court for doing something which is likely to injure their neighbour KNOWINGLY, if it is found that the person DID KNOW that the brakes were defective, this is RECKLESS behaviour as such is CRIMINAL.

(c). The same person is driving the same car along the same piece of road at the same speed and is stopped by the same police officer who, this time, forms the REASONABLY HELD BELIEF that the person was AIMING TO HIT someone. This time the person will very likely be tried in a criminal court for doing something which is likely to injure their neighbour INTENTIONALLY, if it is found that the person DID INTEND TO HIT SOMEONE WITH THE CAR then this is obviously a SERIOUSLY CRIMINAL matter.

It may be seen from the above that not only does there have to be an unlawful ACT (the 'actus reus') COMMITTED (i.e. driving the car with defective brakes); for a defendant to be found guilty of a crime, the MENTAL STATE (the 'mens rea') OF THE ACCUSED PERSON HAS ALSO TO BE OF A CRIMINAL NATURE.

(2). The other example is rather heavy, but it does prove the point:

In the case of Micheal Ryan, who you may remember shot around 30 people at Hungerford a few years ago, and then shot himself (rest his soul!); if a REASONABLE, PRUDENT, and WELL-INTENTIONED person had been present and had shot him, (to prevent him from shooting anyone else), they would NOT BE FOUND GUILTY OF A CRIME, even if the person had had to use REASONABLE FORCE to take a gun from someone else or from a shop. In ordinary circumstances, a person who stole a gun, and then shot someone with it would (almost certainly) be found guilty of assault, battery, theft of a firearm, unlawful posession and use of a firearm, and murder, and would receive a heavy gaol sentance (around 30 years).

It is therefore apparent that:-

(1). From the first example: For a defendant to be convicted of crime there has to be both:

(a) an unlawful act or omission, (the 'actus reus') AND

(b) the state of mind (the 'mens rea') of the accused has to be of a criminal nature,

(2). And from the second example that:

Reasonable, Prudent Well-Intentioned Behaviour is not criminal, (notwithstanding any acts of parliament, previous case law, or common law).

Or to put it another way, if a person can show that they upheld the Duty Of Care In the circumstances they found themselves in, then they are not guilty of a crime.

There have been many cases which are relevant on the eco front, the most dramatic of which was that of the Ploughshares Women who broke into British Aerospace and damaged combat aircraft which were to be exported to the Indonesian Government in order to subjugate the natives who were (and still are!) trying to resist the encroachment of western hotel complexes (etc etc) into the forests which are their home.

Normally, to break into British Aerospace and damage combat aircraft would, I believe, be a treasonable offence which is still punnishable by death. However, when it was found that prior to this action the women had taken all REASONABLE steps to make their point known (they wrote petitions and staged peaceful demonstrations etc), and it was realised that the matter was genuinely felt to be of sufficient urgence to justify such an action, the women (after serving seversl months remanded in custody) were found NOT GUILTY of any crime.

Another case in point is that many thousands of eco-activists have been arrested under the Criminal Justice And Public Order Acts, eg. for "Criminal Damage" to GM modified crops, yet only a very few have been found guilty of any crime.

This is because it is unarguably the case that in the face of the threat due to UUEDD being of a similar magnitude to the threat that a war would pose, it is REASONAVLE, PRUDENT AND WELL-INTENTIONED to take NonViolentDirectAction on Environmental Issues.


Bearing in mind the huge increase in public awareness of UUEDD over the last five or ten years, it is no longer possible for anyone in a position of responsibility to claim that they are unaware of the threat of UUEDD to the nation's (not to mention the planet's) well-being and security.

Therefore, any acts or omissions leading to further UUEDD, committed by person(s) in positions of responsibility are done in the full knowledge that such acts and omissions are already injuring all of us, on a massive scale, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.






It would appear that successive British Governments have (knowingly) both acted, i.e. passed illegal acts of parliament (which are supposed to be enactments of the law) to allow UUEDD, and have omitted to control it, which they ought to have done according to law.

Therefore it would appear that the British Government is manifestly reckless by act and by omission in it's duty of care for us and our environment.

The British Government is voted in, and paid, by the British People to serve the best interests of the British People. To this end therefore the Government is the servant of the British People, and the People are the Masters of the Government.

In law, it is illegal for a master to employ a servant to commit a reckless act ( the vicarious responsibility of a master for the act of a servant ); so if the British Government is reckless in it's duty of care for the environment, then it is illegal for the British People to employ -i.e. pay tax to- the Government as long as the Government continues to be reckless.

Our intention is not to persuade people to withhold their taxes (desirable as that may be to a great many of us); to do so would hardly be seen as reasonable, prudent and well intentioned.

It is our intention to inform the people of this country of the facts and thereby to exert as much political pressure as we may upon the Government to cease their apparent recklessness.

The only way the government can cease this apparent environmental recklessness is to provide:


-anything less being an omission which is reasonably foreseeable as likely to cause further physical, emotional, mental and spiritual injury to us, the neighbours of the apparently reckless government.

The question which then arises is `What are these -all reasonably available resources?'

When asked, most people will agree that the threat of UUEDD is of a similar magnitude to the threat of war, therefore, we may assert that the resources reasonably available to fight such a threat are of similar magnitude to those which would be made available if we were to have to fight a war.

In other words, it would appear that according to law we should declare a state of national emergency in order to mobilise (without unreasonable financial constraint) our collective resources to fight this most serious threat to our well-being and security; after all, we cannot have a healthy economy when our workforce is suffering from the effects of an unreasonably unhealthy environment!


The 'Divine Right of Kings' was a doctrine which asserted that the King at any given time was naturally God's Representative on Earth.

As time went by the Kings started to abuse their powers and this gave rise to discontent in the country and eventually the King's ministers grouped together and over-ruled the King, forming the first Parliament and thereby ending the Divine Right of Kings.

The original purpose in creating a Parliament was thus to end the Divine Right of Kings.

Therefore, even though we do not have a written constitution in Britain, it would seem that it must be unconstitutional for Parliament to assume what would appear to be a “Divine Right of Parliament” by enacting: the Public 'Order' Act; the Criminal 'Justice' Act; and now the Anti 'Terrorist' Act, which effectively say that Parliament can now make up any further acts they choose, and we are only allowed to protest against the acts if the Government allows us to do so.

Spirit Versus Form

Spirit and form are in relationship with one another: they cannot be separated. When one emerges, the other recedes, and if this dance is continuous and balanced, we experience beauty in both, and accept the changes each brings to our lives. Spirit unbalanced by form brings chaos. It unleashes energy without direction or the power to move with an intelligence that is harmoniously purposeful for the unity of the relationship. Form unbalanced by spirit stifles life. It controls unmercifully in an attempt to prevent change, and ultimately extinguishes the breath of life that once gave birth and meaning to it’s existence.

Issues of imbalance arise when people start to question and examine the social and religious codes of behaviour which are used as rules and sanctions for relating to other human beings. When social and religious laws reflect the wisdom of universal laws mixed up with human fallibility, it’s up to human beings to distinguish between the two. Sometimes truth and error are little more than that which is continuous and permanent versus that born of human limitation which is temporary. These distinctions need to be made in any examination of established forms of behaviour and rituals when people wish to replace or change them.

When forms of behaviour persist beyond the spiritual message they were intended to convey, the life of a person or a nation will dim, and the evil side of form will take it’s place as people lie, steal and kill in order to preserve their status, authority, and cherished institutions.

Likewise when existing forms are too rapidly destroyed without purposeful direction and wisdom to replace them, chaos may come to prevail over co-operation. When spirit is manifest without form, it’s evil side comes forth as madness.

Unifying Forces are needed to overcome the egotism that divides people.

The common celebration of the great sacred rites, which gives expression simultaneously to the interrelation and social articulation of family and state is the means which needs to be employed by society to unite people.

Sacred music and ceremony arouse a strong tide of emotion shared by all hearts in unison, awakening a consciousness of the common origins of all creatures. In this way diversity is overcome and rigidity is dissolved.

A further means to the same end is co-operation in great general undertakings that set a high goal for the will of the people; in the common concentration on this goal, personal barriers are minimised,

just as when a ship is passing through a great storm,

all hands must unite in a joint task.


Many years ago, the only way to transport wealth was to place it in a strong-box and guard it while moving it from one castle to another. As time went on the risk of it being robbed grew to such an extent that one day, somebody, somewhere in a castle, who owed a debt to somebody else in another castle, had the bright idea of writing a letter to the person who was to receive the gold. The letter would have been roughly as follows:-

Dear Friend,

In view of the continued and increasing activities of the thieves & pirates who are stealing our cash, I am writing to you to suggest that I keep the gold here for safety, and that I write you a note promising that the gold is now yours; after all, the risk of a single person with such a note being stopped by these reprobates is much less than if we were to have a large and heavily guarded convoy carrying a big box full of gold bullion. I will have to charge you a small amount to pay my guards to keep the thieves out. If you are in agreement with me on this matter then please write back and let me know.
Yours etc.
H.M.Blackguard. Esq.

In due course the friend wrote back saying that (s)he was in agreement and that (s)he was looking forward to receiving the note.

Well, the person who had written the note had now paid the debt (on paper) but they still had the gold! This person also owed a similar amount of gold to another friend in another castle so (s)he wrote another letter promising the same gold to the second friend who also agreed that it was a good idea, not knowing that the gold was already promised to someone else.

The person writing the notes had now doubled their material wealth by doing absolutely no work whatsoever! This is how the first bank was formed.

Since then, the banks have increased their wealth in this way more than thirty times, and they are also charging interest on any loans which they are gracious enough to grant to the working person (subject, of course to status)


Ten or twenty years ago most of us were very much less aware of the damage we were then doing to the Earth. Many of us were quite willing under those circumstances to agree to a mortgage contract binding us to work for many years in order to own a home for our family.

Now that it has come to our attention that our employment is causing so much harm to the Earth we find ourselves returning from work to be confronted by our children saying things like: "Daddy I hate you, you're destroying the Earth and I'm the one who's got to live here for the rest of my life!"

In an ideal world we would have taken more care to find a more environmentally friendly job in the first place (if indeed there was one available), yet it is hardly reasonable in the face of our parents, our teachers, and the many other pressures upon us at the time that we could see how we were being so misled into the situation we presently find ourselves in.

If we do not continue in this reckless employment, there being little or no employment available which does no UUEDD, we cannot pay the mortgage, and our family and ourselves will be made homeless.

The situation is that having agreed to work for thirty years or so in a job which would improve our standard of living and that of our family, we now find ourselves being unduly influenced or coerced by the mortgage contract (or the rent agreement) knowingly (i.e. CRIMINALLY) to cause Un-necessary and Unreasonable Environmental Pollution and Damage to the planet earth upon which our neighbours, our families, and we ourselves have to live.

In Contract Law it states quite plainly that “Any contract which unduly influences or coerces a person to commit a CRIME is a void contract and as such is unenforceable!!”

You Can't Have A Legally Binding Contract Which Forces A Person To Commit A Crime!

This is to say that when enough of us get together and make enough reasonable, prudent and well-intentioned noise about this issue then the money-lenders will not be able to repossess our houses when we refuse to destroy the Earth in order to 'pay' for them.

Enough of us must get together and lobby our MP's, our solicitors, our mortgage companies and bank managers; buttonhole our friends, our acquaintances and our relatives. -If we are to become effective against those who would force us to destroy our precious planet we must form groups and protest.


Extremely high levels of stress are being induced in many people due to the ripping tension we feel when we realise that in our efforts to pay the mortgage we are literally having to destroy the Earth we live on. In order to counteract the symptoms of this stress doctors are prescribing anti-depressants and sleeping pills on an unprecedented scale. The facts are that: (1) many of these drugs are highly addictive, (2) they have some very unpleasant side effects, and (3) prescribing such drugs does not solve the problem!


Any person who is conscious of the serious threat due to UUEDD cannot lawfully be available for any work which causes UUEDD on the grounds that to take such work is to act knowingly in a way which will likely injure their neighbour, which is reckless and therefore criminal. Furthermore, in the face of the most serious threat due to UUEDD, one can only make one's self available for work which is of benefit to our common environment on the grounds that to fail to take action on this most urgent matter is an omission which will beyond reasonable doubt very likely cause further injury to one's neighbour.

Any attempt by the authorities or others knowingly to unduly influence a person or persons to take work which either causes UUEDD , or which fails (i.e. omits) to be part of a remedy for the present untenable situation, would surely be unduly influencing or coercing such persons recklessly to breach the Duty Of Care.

Such an attempt by the authorities would therefore be an undue influence or coercive, and therefore criminal in itself.


Every police officer in this country takes a vow of office, arguably the most important part of which is:


The most serious threat to life and property and the most serious breach of the law are both arguably due to acts and omissions leading to UUEDD.

Therefore, in the face of the threat due to UUEDD every police officer in this country promises to be an eco-activist.

Conversely, anyone who is, or who becomes an environmentalist, is protecting life and property from the most serious threat due to UUEDD, and is upholding the law which says that “you must take reasonable care to a void acts or omissions which you can reasonably foresee would be likely to injure your neighbour”.

Our present government claims to be in favour of law and order. When there are jobs which benefit our environment instead of destroying it we will all feel much better and there will be much less crime as a result.


Permaculture is the most environment-friendly way to use the Earth, it is highly labour-intensive and therefore by it's implementation in a ‘national emergency’ (as outlined above) there will of necessity be housing made available for large numbers of people on the land.


Genetic engineering is surely a case where it must be seen that mutations due to the NEAR-CERTAINTY of inter-species cross fertilisation taking place, will more than very likely cause what may reasonably be termed as horrific injury; in the same way that injury was seen to be done years ago by the Welcome Foundation in the infamous THALIDOMIDE cases. Only a WORLD WIDE BAN on the practice of genetic engineering can possibly avert this hideous threat to the well-being of the eco-system on Planet Earth.


Millions of us are working to support families in jobs which we know are damaging and destroying the environment our families have to live in.

This is clearly insane! It is also illegal.

Animals living in groups do not as a general rule injure each other - if they did, the group would not survive.

Animals were living on the earth according to this law of social behaviour for millions of years before humans ever existed.

In British law today the duty of care says you must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions you can reasonably foresee would be likely to injure your neighbour. To knowingly fail to uphold this reasonable, prudent, well-intentioned standard of behaviour is called recklessness.

The duty of care is used in law today to make new law. If you can show that your behaviour is reasonable, prudent and well-intentioned then you are not guilty (there are times when it is reasonable, prudent and well-intentioned to break the written law).

Acts or omission leading to Unnecessary or Unreasonable Environmental Pollution & Damage (U.U.E.P.&D.) are not only likely to injure the neighbours of those responsible for the damage, they're already injuring all of us on a massive scale, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Acts and omissions leading UUEDD are therefore reckless in law.

Most working people have mortgages which force them to do jobs which cause U.U.E.P.&D. These mortgage contracts were entered in good faith, however the consequences of UUEDD are now becoming more obvious. Parents are returning from work only to told by their children that the work they are doing is destroying the environment they will have to live in for the rest of their lives.

Anyone who refuses to work under these conditions would seem to be in danger of having their family’s house repossessed by the mortgage company; however it would seem that the mortgage contract is a contract unduly influencing or coercing millions of people to commit recklessness in their daily work.

Therefore, the mortgage contract is void, and unenforceable: The mortgage companies have no right to repossess in these circumstances.

Your countryside needs you!

We lawfully assert the right to work together to make the environment better for ourselves and our children, - instead of being forced to destroy it by people who never laid one brick on top of another, yet claim to own the houses our forebears built for us.
The green movement - protecting life and property and upholding the law!


Friends, humans, countryfolk,
Lend us your ears;
We come to change our Government,
Not to praise it;
To disempower the shirking element
Who on their backsides sit,
While gathering our taxes
Who say they're doing their bit.

Our Environment was heaven-sent,
Did you see where it went?
It must be bent, It must be negligent
On the part of the Government
To authorise so much harm
To this world which has such charm!

So while the Government continues
To fail to provide the resources we need
To prevent this suicide,
We'll pay no more tax-revenue
To continue down this avenue
Of destruction and disaster
They're our servants,
We're their masters!

It's illegal to pay a servant
To commit a negligent act.
The Government are civil servants;
We, their masters pay them
That's where it's at!
So it's illegal to pay a tax
To this Government that's lax
In it's duty of care
For the Environment we all must share!

Because the common-law says
You must be careful in your ways
Not to injure your neighbour:
A clean Environment we need
To sow our daily seed,
And a World without health
Is a World without wealth!

You Law Lords in our House of Lords
Must force negligent companies
To cease their pollution immediately
And to use the confiscated property
For the benefit of our Ecology!

Yes, the collectors of tax
Have been getting very lax
Upon the peoples' backs,
Can you see the cracks
In the makeup?

If this country went to war
Of resources we'd want no more,
Yet the sickness from pollution
Needs a grand solution,
Resources at least as great
To save us from this fate!

So we will pay no more tax
Until the Government acts
To facilitate the Nation's
Environment salvation
Only true respect for Creation
Will save us from damnation!

So now that we may use
The resources we need to choose
To redress the balance between
The order and the Chaos that we've seen.

Before Earth's Spirit's all burned,
Her gifts gratuitously spurned
We'll take the lessons we have learned
And create the World for which we've yearned.

If you can call yourself a blade,
Then live for Mother Nature's glade;
Trees infused with Sunlight-
Useless fears from peers take flight!


- is damaging or destroying any property with intent to endanger life or being reckless as to whether life would thereby be endangered. (MAXIMUM LIFE SENTENCE)






Dear _____________________ , on this day, the ___ of ________ 1999, we, the undersigned, have made a Citizen’s Arrest on ____________________ being [an] accessory[y] [ies] [before] and/ [during] and/or [after] the fact to the offence[s] listed below:- AGGRAVATED CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO THE EARTH, -that is damaging or destroying any property with intent to endanger life, or being reckless as to whether life would thereby be endangered. The list of offences includes:- 1._____________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________ 5._____________________________________________________ 6._____________________________________________________

We have asked the accused (Name)_______________________________ to accompany us to:
(a) [ the Police Station at ______________________________________ -this being the nearest available Police Station ] or
(b) [ you ( -Name ) ____________________________ ( & No. ) -being the nearest available police officer ] with a view to having the accused person(s) arrested and charged for the offence(s) outlined above.

Building new roads is damaging and destroying thousands upon thousands of acres of what is often prime agricultural land, people’s homes, areas of outstanding natural beauty, of special scientific interest or all of these combined; this (predominantly unnecessary and unreasonable) damage and destruction is being done in the course of building roads which (according to a Royal Commission Report) are demonstrably endangering lives on an unprecedented scale through (for instance) much increased pollution and road traffic accidents.

If recent history is any guide at all then it may clearly be seen that as road travel has been made more convenient, there has been a consistent and corresponding rise in the number of cars on the roads.

It would seem obvious that the more cars there are on the roads then the more road accidents there are likely to be, and this has indeed proven to be the case. Another selling point for the Roads Lobby is the reduction in noise and pollution levels when (for instance) a bypass is built around a town.

Now it may be true that the noise and pollution levels may, for a while, be reduced in that particular town; what is not so well advertised though is that a “better” road here will also serve to take yet more traffic to another town or community elsewhere, maybe yours!

It has been said time and again that what we need is NOT more roads but better Public Transport to relieve commuter traffic in particular and all traffic in general.

We quote the British Medical Journal 1990 in which it says that "The most effective way of ensuring clean air in our lungs is to lower our dependence upon cars and lorries".

Widespread international surveys have shown repeatedly that the instance of asthma is by far the highest near to major roads.

Asthma is a very debilitating disease, and our children are the nearest to the car exhaust-pipe by simple virtue of their height.

Unifying forces are needed to overcome the egotism that divides people.

The common celebration of the great sacred rites, which gives expression simultaneously to the interrelation and social articulation of family and state is the means which needs to be employed by society to unite people.

Sacred music and ceremony arouse a strong tide of emotion shared by all hearts in unison, awakening a consciousness of the common origins of all creatures.

In this way diversity is overcome and rigidity is dissolved.

A further means to the same end is co-operation in great general undertakings that set a high goal for the will of the people; in the common concentration on this goal, personal barriers are minimised,

,just as when a ship is passing through a great storm,

all hands must unite in a joint task.


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