SAMDA Healing Energy is 80%more Powerful than the Reiki.

As we know that the Reiki is powerful and so famous but after doing SAMDA I realized that SAMDA Healing Energy is the World’s most Powerful Healing Energy. I am doing the the World’s Most Powerful Healing Energy SAMDA Course from Zheel Sciences Institute and totally satisfied. I found many changes in me. You can visit at The Founder of the Zheel Sciences Institute is Professor Dr. Abdul Samad Musafir. He is acclaimed as the Prince of Healing and is recipient of Quaid-e-Azam Gold Medal Award. He Wrote many books , one of his book is The Secret World Of Healing Energies .This book will be available soon at every shop of Pakistan. He is really a great person one thing which I love in the personality is his aim. He wants to be in the heart of the people and this aim is very difficult in this era. You can also watch Prof. Dr Abdul Samad Musafir Live daily on Vibe TV at 10:30 A.M, 07:00 PM and 01:30 midnight. I really love the way he explains to us. Below is also the link by which you can get some more details about the Zheel Sciences. For more details you can also attend the Intro Lecture every Thursday at 07:00 PM Add: 605 Clifton Centre Nr. Schon Circle, Blk 5 Clifton, Karachi Pakistan. Tel: [092-21] 5444457, 0321-5444457, 0333-5444457 email:

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